How to weave a flower from rubber bands on a slingshot or fork. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to weave a flower from rubber bands on a slingshot or fork. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Each time brings their own hobbies. Surely, you yourself or your children have repeatedly faced with products woven from small bright rubber bands. Surprisingly, the beauty and cheerful energy of products from such iridescent rubber bands conquered simultaneously many countries and continents. What just do not make of this stuff! We create bracelets, rings, necklaces, souvenirs in the form of flowers, angels, even bags and clothes learned to weave from rubber. We offer you a master class for beginners, in which you can gain experience and create a simple, but very nice flower.

Where to begin

Of course, you need to buy a set of rubber bands. Most often it already has a hook and a slingshot. But you can buy them separately in the same place, where the gum itself was ordered. If you conceive to weave one flower or bouquet, then the gum should be chosen for the petals in one color, and for the leaves and stems - green. Piester colored rubber can be used, but in this case the flowers will be more fabulous, fantastic and not like real ones. To create a complex necklace or figurine you need minimal experience, and such a sweet flower or even a bunch of them is simply and quickly rattled. Machines are not needed here, even fasteners are not necessary. Only gum, the simplest slingshot, the hook and your fingers.

Process description

The work is carried out according to the following principle: gums of the right color and in the required amount are put on the slingshot, then with the help of a hook and additional rubber bands are fixed in one petal. Weaving 5-6 petals, we get a ready inflorescence, which is united by one rubber band, collected in the center and removed from the slingshot. After the flower itself is woven, it's time to determine its place:

  • place on the stem;
  • collect in a bouquet, adorned with a braided bow;
  • simulate the growing in a pot bushes of violets;
  • attach to a hair clip;
  • make a flower ornament on a bracelet or a little bag for a mobile phone.

So, in a few minutes you have purchaseda wonderful experience and independently cultivated a delicate flower. It remains the most pleasant - to decide the fate of your product: give, exchange with the same amateurs, collect entire collections.