How to weave a flower from a rubber band in many ways

How to weave a flower from a rubber band in many ways


In recent years, young people and especially childrenOften acquire sets of colorful rubber bands to weave a variety of jewelry, things, funny figures of insects or animals. The rubber bands are called Rainbow Lum, and are used for weaving bracelets, rings, purses and cases, as well as small charms in the form of ridiculous figures. Any of these items will look even better if you manage to weave a flower from a rubber band, and decorate them with a bracelet, carrying case or purse. Therefore, this lesson will be devoted to the production of colors from multi-colored rubber bands. You can weave a beautiful flower with different techniques. The most common technique is weaving on a special machine. But there are such circumstances when the machine is not at hand, but you really want to take up this fascinating handicraft. Now you can learn how to weave a flower from rubbery hands, that is without the use of any tools or improvised means.

How to weave a flower on your fingers without a machine

For those of you who have not yet learned how to weave a flowerOf rubber bands, the easiest way to manufacture it without using any tools is offered. We will be able to weave a beautiful flower from the rubber with the help of our own fingers. After studying this technique, you can proceed to a more complex method of weaving using a special machine. So, here's what a multicolored flower we'll start to weave with now.

Let's start the work by preparing different bandsShades, lilac, pink and yellow. For correct positioning when weaving, first clench your fingers in a fist, and then separate the fist from the fist and the middle, lifting them vertically upwards. First you need to take a pink gum, put it in the shape of a figure eight, and place it on the phalanx, slightly higher than the fold.

We will arrange the next two units above, but withoutFolding them with a figure eight. Then the elastic that was below, it is necessary to pull, pull and place at the top. After that, the second half of the rubber from the other finger should also be lifted upward, and placed in the center.

As a result of these actions, you will receive a figure in the form of a bow, as seen in the step-by-step photo.

We continue the weaving, and on top we put on the bowThe third detail, without twisting it. Next time after time, we perform actions to add new elements and to raise the bottom gums upward. As a result of these manipulations, you will receive such a pigtail.

This is how the very first petal of yourA flower made of rubber. Now we must continue to work on placing new elements on the phalanxes, and lifting up those rubber bands that are currently below. The braided pigtail will gradually increase in size. When its length is sufficient to form a petal, leave the last two gums and move them to a pencil or pen.

On the body of the handle are two loops withThe first side of the weave, and two more from the second side. Now it is perfectly clear that we have the first pink petal for a flower. Then, with the same technique, we perform the following pink petals in the number of three, as well as two lilac petals. In process of manufacturing we put on all petals on the handle, alternating pink and lilac.

After this, prepare four units of yellowColor, and execute a chain of them. For this, the first lemon gum is passed through the second, forming a knot. As a result, we should get such a weaving.

At the end of the needlework, the petals from the pencil body are neatly transferred to a new chain of yellow elements.

Now it remains for you to form a circle of petals, and fasten them together with lemon loops.

Weaving of a flower with a machine

This video master class will teach beginnersNeedle-makers weave flowers from rubber bands on the machine. After the end of work, these flowers can be worn as rings, or you can form a bracelet by combining them together. For the lesson we will need a special machine with pegs, a conventional hook and rubber bands of three shades (white, pink and yellow). The machine is assembled in two rows of columns, in which the voids are directed in different directions. We do not need the third row of columns, so we remove it. Only six bars will be used to weave the flower. On the machine you can simultaneously weave several colors, then you use all the bars. For a flower, six pegs are needed, although it's all twenty-four. We take an elastic band, and we put it on six bars, twisting on each of them. Then we take four parts of white color, and put them on pegs in the form of triangles, as shown in the video.

Next, put on a pink detail on six pegs,Forming a rectangle. After that, the lowest pink elastic band starts to be lifted up, placing it above the upper one. As a result, there will be two white and pink details on the pegs. We received a certain blank, below which we place a white rubber band. With its help, we remove the two upper white details. We arrange the gum in such a way that the bottom is a detail of a pink shade, which we translate upward. Now on the columns there were only white elements. Finally, a green rubber band is put on six bars, on which the last white elements are dumped. The needlework ends with the transfer of all the green loops of a single column. Now they are carefully transferred to the last green rubber band, which is tightened in the loop. This completes the work, and the ringlet can be considered as an example.

Video: Flowers from bright rubber bands