How to weave a kitten from the beads step by step, diagrams, master class / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

How to weave a kitten from the beads step by step, diagrams, master class / Toys yourself, patterns, video, MK

Pussies and seals from beads - one of the mostcute and funny crafts that can become wonderful gifts, multifunctional accessories (stylish suspension on a gadget or bag, etc.) and just wonderful toys for a child.

How can we weave seals?

Schemes for weaving cats there is a lot -some very light, which are suitable for beginners, others are slightly more complicated, but they can be gradually mastered if desired. There are also various master classes that describe this or that technique of beading. However, you can change them to your liking, fantasize and add new details, because there is no limit to creativity. Moreover, the more diverse the kittens will be, the better and more interesting. The most popular are:

  • scheme of bulk weaving;
  • parallel weaving technique;
  • monastic weaving or "cross-stitch" technique.

Before you weave a toy, think of itfuture image. How do you see your cat? Here, too, a lot of options: perhaps it will be a nice little kitten Gav or a funny kote from a cartoon about Shrek, or a pretty fashionista kitty kitty, etc.

Master class for the production of a fur seal

To get a voluminous kitten from beads, you will need to prepare something:

  • two balls (you can take small balls or simulate a piece of papier-mache) - for the head and trunk;
  • acrylic paint (by the color of the beads);
  • line and wire;
  • scissors and glue;
  • beads of different colors and larger beads (for example, to create a peephole two green beads, for the nose - three pink, and for the mouth - three red).

If you want to weave a black and white cat, paint the ball in gray or black, sketching a small circle white (this will be the tummy). Weaving can begin after the paint has dried.

  • Weave the chain according to the scheme by a cross in a circleball-torso. You can fasten it with a fishing line to make it more convenient and tidy (pierce the cross crosswise, and drag the line through the ball with a long needle).
  • Twist the girdle immediately in two directions, not forgetting the white tummy of the kitten. If the series will get very wide, try to reduce one bead, only do it in a dark tone.
  • Then you need to take care of the paws and tail. To simulate them, you need to fold a piece of wire in half, and on its middle to dress bead on the color of the paws. Twist the design, leaving small tails (2-3 cm). You will also need an additional 2 cm from the length of the legs that you want to make (then with this piece you can twist them).
  • Make five such blanks: short identical segments will be paws, and the longest - tail. Then you can attach them to the body. To do this, stretch the wire through the bead in the right place, wrap its remainder around and trim the excess. Remember the symmetry and proportions.
  • When everything is attached, you can braid the tail and pawsbeads. To make the first row, follow this pattern: hitch it for the beads of the trunk and braid it with a mosaic band, using 3 beads for the base, and then 5. When you get to the edge, take the beads and beads of white color. Fold a large bead to the end of the foot with a cross. The rest of the paws and tail are done exactly the same.
  • Now see the master class on making the head of the seal. The ball for the head needs to be prepared and braided, as well as the trunk. True, you do not need white beads here.
  • If you want, you can give the cat a smallheart. To create it you need to weave two canvases cross: one side will consist of five crosses, and the other - of three. Stitch the heart on the sides, and to make it more voluminous - put a bead inside. Then sew to the paws.
  • To make a cat eye, sew symmetrically on the muzzle of two green beads. Then weave a mouth and a spout between beads of a muzzle.
  • To create the ears, you need to thread a corner on the wire and weave the remains. And to get a mustache - pass through the muzzle a couple of pieces of fishing line.
  • You can attach your head to your body. To do this, along its lower circumference (where you intend to make a neck), weave another row of crosses. Sew up your head and tighten tightly, and thread the ends.
  • Bulky cat

    Master class on the creation of a kitten named Gav

    This cat will also be voluminous, and the technique of weaving is similar in many respects to the manufacture of the previous toy. You will need to prepare:

    • beads (the main color is yellow, brown beads of two shades are needed to create paws, tail, ears and muzzle, and light yellow for the inner surface of the ears);
    • details (17 black beads for a spout and an eye, 24 blue and 2 white for an eye, 2 red for a mouth);
    • all other tools (fishing line, wire, glue, needles, etc.).

    kitten GavIn the master class of manufacturing a voluminous sealtold how to make blanks of marbles. You can make them from plasticine, pasting paper, painting or marking yourself with a pencil, where the color of the beads on the muzzle should change. The eye and ears are weaving on the technique of hand weaving, so for beginners this task can be difficult. The body and legs of this kitten, in contrast toprevious, is stuffed with cotton wool or other filler. After the braiding of the head, just continue to weave the ranks with the additions. Laps should be made with mosaic weaving, and then attach them to the trunk. Next, you will weave only the back, and from the side of the paws the beads will not be needed. The back to the tail will gradually narrow, and when you reach the base, you will need to fill the kitten with cotton and finish the body to the end. kitten Gav-2It only remains to attach the tail and make a mustache from the black line. kitten Gav-3

    Master class on "monastic" weaving

    Monastic Weaving-2Materials and tools are almost the same asand in previous master classes, however, beads for such a kitten should be chosen small and opaque, at least - two different colors. In addition to small beads for the eyes and nose, you will need more beads a little more, from which you will make pads on the hind legs.

  • First it is necessary to weave the muzzle. Start with a bead-nose - it will be central, since it will go the weaving of the whole head. Pass it through two pieces of fishing line (take sufficient length). For muzzle you will need two colors of beads: in the lower part light will be used, and in the upper part - dark (it needs more).
  • So, to the bow-bead, thread four beadsthrough one line and two - through the other. Tangle the second row so that they are connected to one ring. Between them you will need to add one more bead, and as a result, two tips of the scaffolds will come out along the sides of the central bead in the middle of the three lower ones.
  • The muzzle swings in a circle "in a cross". Mark in advance where the eyes should be located, in order to weave in the places the beads of the desired color. It's the same with the spout.
  • The ears will be large and triangular. The occipital part connects to the muzzle on the sides.
  • The body of such a kitten has a cylindrical shape, its size is determined to your taste. Begin to weave the trunk directly from the head, gradually turning to the back and reducing the beads at the same time.
  • The ponytail and legs are woven along circular technique. To make the paws more beautiful and realistic, take four large pink beads and surround them with a number of large beads that will exceed the size of the main beads. So you get the fingers of the seal.
  • Monastic WeavingAs you can see, with a little effort and patience, you can create your own masterpieces yourself and please your dear ones with beautiful original gifts.