How to weave an owl of rubber bands on a machine or fork. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

How to weave an owl of rubber bands on a machine or fork. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Owl made of rubber bands can become not just anothercrafts for decoration of the room, but also a beautiful talisman, bringing good luck and wisdom in complex matters. Presenting such a present to your family, you will show sincere care and love. Weaving on the machine allows you to engage in creativity even for young children. This is possible thanks to the following diagrams, using which you can avoid the most minor errors. To get started, you will only need the gumany color, machine and hook for weaving. If you have never used such methods of needlework, take the gum of the same color to start. Once you confidently string them on the machine, avoiding mistakes, you can proceed to weaving with elastic bands of different colors. With the above diagrams, you cancreate not only a flat, but also a very voluminous and beautiful toy. Weaving on the machine is also good in that, when an error is made, it is always possible to untwist the series and start working again without serious consequences for the craft. More skilled and skillful in this technique, the wizards can try to weave an owl on ordinary forks or with a single hook.

Owl on a fork or slingshot

If you do not have a special machine for weaving, the usual fork will come to the rescue. Such an article does not take you much time - it is quite possible to keep within half an hour. For work we will need:

  • gum of several colors (if you want to make an owl of natural color, use white, brown, black or any bright colors);
  • Crochet hook for a suitable size;
  • two plugs, turned the back side to each other and fastened together.

First of all it is necessary to makeimprovised fork machine. Using adhesive tape, we fix two forks of the same size. In order not to get confused, we mark the front side of the future craft with a red rubber band. We put on the fork of a rubber band, as indicated in the master class. First, the elastic bands can be worn by hands, then - use the hook. The video lessons detail the order of weaving toys. Such an article can be a pleasant gift for a child or girlfriend. Attaching a carbine to the toy, you can use it as a suspension on your phone or keychain. You can make an original set of earrings with cute soviatami.Nuzhno only tie two identical figures and fasten them on shvenenziWorking a shovel from rubber bands is a great way to spend time with benefit and get a lot of positive emotions!