A shawl of rubber bands is ice cream. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

A shawl of rubber bands is ice cream. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Iridescent rainbowloom rubberies have long subduedthe hearts of many needlewomen, because crafts from them come not only the most diverse (from miniature toys or trinkets to interior and clothing items), but also very bright, cheerful and cheerful. For example, such a figurine of rubber bands, like ice cream, will become an original suspension for the phone or keychain, just a beautiful and stylish accessory, a decoration element for toys.

What to choose and what to prepare?

Depending on the chosen design and the desired appearance of the future product, you will need different tools, materials and, in fact, different ways of weaving.

  • To make an appetizing horn with twoballs of rubber, will need a special machine. If you have a set of rainbowloom, then the machine should be there in the kit. For the horn itself, prepare forty-two rubberies of light brown color, and for ice cream balls - thirty-one pink and twenty-seven white. Take also three red ones to make cherries on top, and ten brown ones for chocolate fudge.
  • If you want to make a seal on a stick,you can use it for weaving with a slingshot or conventional forks, and some loops simply crochet, a little helping yourself. So, with the tools here it is clear, let's deal with the materials: a stick for filling is woven from seven rubber bands (can be any color), then there is a creamy layer (usually white) - nine elastics and the base of the filling - thirty-four rubber bands also you can choose at will).
  • Getting Started

    For weaving ice cream on the machine, pushforward its central row. Turn the machine so that the notches of the pegs are facing you. Weaving should be started from above, with a horn, then add ice cream pink, followed by white, and at the end decorate with chocolate syrup and cherry.

    All the rubber bands are dressed in pairs, only occasionallyThe ring must be single, and sometimes twisted twice. Use the hook to expand the ice cream balls and fasten the cherry. With it, you will get a three-dimensional beautiful figure. In the process, check with a photo or video of the master class so as not to be mistaken. The preparation of a seal begins with his wand. First you will need a hook on which you need to make a chain of rubber bands in three links. Then, with the help of two forks, begin to weave the extension. When you remove the finished product from the forks, tighten all the knots and give the ice cream the desired shape. Such handicrafts will also become fine small souvenirs that you can give to friends and family on a hot, hot day.