Weaving beautiful hearts from rubber bands on photo and video lessons

Weaving beautiful hearts from rubber bands on photo and video lessons


Continuing the theme of weaving with elastic bands, we suggest you weave a figurine in the form of a heart. These lessons will help you learn how to make the heart in many ways.

Materials for work

Here such a wonderful heart made of elastic bands can be weaved with the help of various techniques.
For some weaving methods it is not requiredTo acquire auxiliary tools. You will perfectly cope with needlework if you have ordinary household plugs, two or four, depending on the chosen model of the heart. This technique is quite simple and convenient.

But there is an opportunity to do even easier, andWeave the heart out of colored rubber with your own fingers. Such needlework is sometimes done just for spending time, being out of the house, where there are not even forks. This is the most primitive kind of heart weaving, when only fingers are involved in the work. This technique involves the production of a limited number of heart models, because it is impossible to use complex circuits or knots, as well as the use of a large number of rubber bands, which narrows the possibilities of needlework.
There is a technique of needlework with the help ofPlastic slingshot, which frees up your hands, and allows you to manipulate them freely. In this case, the choice of the scheme is limited solely to the fact that the slingshot has few pegs for weaving. Many needlewomen prefer to weave the heart with hooks, which also somewhat restricts the choice of scheme, but is extremely convenient, because it allows you to work anywhere outside the home. It's enough just to take with you suitable metal or plastic tools. The most complex volumetric models of hearts from elastic bands weave on a special machine. In this case, you can freely choose any scheme, with the most complex nodes, without limitation. The whole point is that the machine is equipped with many bases in the form of columns, the number of which varies according to your desire. This greatly expands the possibilities of needlework. In this master class, we will try to consider how to weave a heart of elastic bands using some of the most popular techniques.

Video master class weaving keychain hooks

The technique of needlework that thisVideo master class, used by craftsmen for braiding the heart of rubber bands very often. It will take two hooks and a clip, which will help us in our work. Instead of a paper clip, any pin is perfect. The fact is that the technique of weaving involves the manufacture of two halves of the heart. When we finish the weaving of the first half, it is placed on a paper clip, and then knit the second part of the product. The first two rubber bands are put on the eight on both hooks, then through the right half we stretch two more irises. The same actions are performed when weaving the other side of the work, resulting in a symmetrical workpiece. Break the symmetry, and throw the loop from the left side to the right. Now through two loops of three we extend two details, and again we will get three loops on the right, with which we will continue the process of weaving.
At this stage of the work, the loop to the right is transferredLeft, to recreate the symmetry of the workpiece. Then we add the details to the instruments, and again we move the left loop to the right, breaking the symmetry. The color of the iris changes depending on the desire. Having finished the first part of the heart, we transfer it to the clip, and similarly to the second heart. Having formed the second part of the product, we will arrange on each hook a half, and combine them together in such a way that is shown on the attached video. To join together the two halves, you need to use a few extra elastics, not only connecting the parts, but also forming the last pointed zone of the heart. At the end of the needlework, the whole heart is transferred to the column, and fixed with a bundle of the last iris.
Video: Flattering colored hearts with hooks

Heart of rubber bands on the slingshot

The next stage of training we will consider,How to make a heart of rubber bands on a mini slingshot machine, because it is as close as possible to a classic machine. Prepare twenty-five elastics, a slingshot and a hook. The first part is wound in three turns on the slab on the right. Then two irises will throw on both pegs of the slingshot, and raise the lower elements, and place them in the center of the upper ones. We continue the weaving, putting on two units on top of the work, and lifting the lower ones up to the center. When the number of used rubber bands reached ten, we transfer both sides to a column, and put the last free loop on the second peg. Next, weave a heart, using the next ten irises, and applying the same technique of needlework. We continue to work, performing all those actions that we see in the lesson. Moving from the wide zone of the figure to the narrow, tighten the very last gum. This loop will be the final and fixing. We got a beautiful heart, which can become an excellent key fob.
Video: Weaving heart

How to weave a heart of rubber bands on a machine

In conclusion of the lesson, it is necessary to understand howWeave a heart of rubber bands on a classic machine. First we will prepare a working place, a machine and seventy five rubber bands. We put the first rubber band in four turns, and put it on the peg. On top of her, we put on two more pieces, and the bottom we throw the top.

The next elastic band is folded in half, and we put on two neighboring pegs, which are on the same line.

We perform this first node according to the scheme.

Further we continue to work on the same scheme and with the same technique.

To ensure that the weaving does not fall apart into separate parts, it is necessary to perform fixing knots at the extreme points. Having finished the needlework, carefully remove the finished heart from the pegs.

As a result, you will receive such voluminous hearts.

In order to better understand the weaving of the heart from the rubber bands on the machine, you are invited to consider a video lesson with detailed explanations.
Video: Volumetric heart from rubber