Wedding decoupage of bottles with champagne is not a complicated decoration with the help of simple materials

Wedding decoupage of bottles with champagne is not a complicated decoration with the help of simple materials

Wedding decoupage of bottles with champagne -The thematic decoration, which will decorate the table of the newlyweds, will add a festive atmosphere. It can be done absolutely by every person, because it is not difficult at all. In the article you will find one of the ideas how to decorate this holiday drink. Moreover, the time for decoupage will take a little. Champagne is an amazing drink. Without him, not one holiday, no solemn event. Especially if this event is a wedding. Given the solemnity and its special significance, even bottles of champagne should be unusual, decorated in a completely different style. To help in this case, such a technique as decoupage will come. It will allow you to decorate in a suitable style. Wedding decoupage of bottles with champagne can be done with any material. the ideal option will be decoupage cloth. The beautiful decor of wedding bottles will become actual at the moment of an unforgettable event. And in the future it will be a pleasant reminder for the family, which evokes warm feelings and amazing emotions. In this article, you will learn about one of the options for this decoupage, which consists of two parts. This decoupage of the bottle-groom and decoupage of the bottle-bride. First, we will do a decoupage of the bottle in the form of a groom's suit. Wedding decoupage of bottles with champagne. Photo №1 For work we need to take:

  • any bottle of champagne;
  • a small piece of cloth of black color, the texture of matter does not matter;
  • a piece of white cloth (you can apply a shred from an old shirt, pillowcases and so on);
  • a piece of satin from which we will make a waistcoat (for this purpose, for example, an old unnecessary tie);
  • tape made of white silk for collar;
  • tape of black silk for a bow tie.

After all the materials are prepared, we will proceed to the very process of decoration in the technique of decoupling a bottle of champagne. Wedding decoupage of bottles with champagne. Photo # 2 From the very beginning, we will remove the measurements from the bottle, andnamely, its height and circumference. According to the sizes obtained, we will make a pattern and then transfer it to the fabric. We need to steam off the fabric (use an iron with steamer), bend the edges of the part and again iron it with the same iron with steamer. Now we need to make a collar. For his tailoring we need a silk white ribbon, which we carefully sew to the so-called jacket - a rectangle of black cloth, cut out earlier, whose length we have about forty-seven centimeters. We will need to twist the part so that the lining (black cloth) is inside. On the other side of the future jacket we will need to sew a shirt. The edge left free, we will carefully iron, wrap and sew. We should form a very smooth edge. Now we will turn the whole workpiece to the wrong side. When we add the item, we must break the fabric of black color into sixteen centimeters. We sew on the sides of the jacket (rectangle of black color). On both sides (on the free edges) we sew part of the satin fabric, which will become for us the details of the waistcoat. For this part of the suit, the waistcoat, you need to cut four pieces, which we will sew two by one. Now take a beautiful button. For this purpose, the most common button, fitted with a piece of the same fabric, from which we made the waistcoat, will do. By means of this small detail we will carefully connect the two shelves of the future waistcoat. After that, turn the workpiece. Let's take a black ribbon and make a butterfly out of it, an interesting tie with zavyazochkami. We put the resulting clothes on a bottle of champagne, well level all the details, extra edges carefully refill inside. That they were not visible. It remains to insert a shirt and tie a necktie in the form of a butterfly on the neck. The suit of the groom, dressed on a bottle, we decorate with a small elegant buttonhole or brooch. For greater effect, you can make a cylinder out of colored cardboard. Decoupage of the first bottle with champagne is over. Now let's proceed to the second part of our work - decoupage of the bottle-bride. For decoupage of the bottle-bride with champagne, except for the bottle itself, of course, the following materials will be needed:

  • a small piece of white cloth, or more precisely, its size should be sixty-five centimeters by eighteen centimeters;
  • ribbons for the hem of the dress are white;
  • white lace for the top of the bottle;
  • a piece of tulle, you can guipure for making veils;
  • a small piece of lace (necessary to decorate the veil).

Now let's start making decor. Wedding decoupage of bottles with champagne. Picture №3 To begin with, as in the previous case, we domeasurements. We need the height of the bottle, its circumference and the intended length of the dress. According to the received sizes we cut a white fabric, which has a rectangular shape. We need to steam it well. This will be the base of the dress. Each of the edges is wrapped two times and sewed. From above it is necessary to sweep the edge, but so that the folds on the skirt are eventually distributed evenly. Now we need to pull the same edge together. Should be the width corresponding to the width of the bottle - twenty-three centimeters. We spend all the stitches on the typewriter. Now you can start making a corset. For this we need to take the lace. Its length should be sixty centimeters, and width - five centimeters. Next, the skirt needs to be turned on the wrong side, and then to its upper part sew the lace (its center). Thus, we will join the two parts of the dress - a corset and a skirt. At the top of the corset we sew a thin lace. Its length should be twenty-three centimeters. On the hem of the dress, carefully, in several layers, we sew lace. On the top layer we can make the decor with the help of sequins. If you want to make the dress more saturated details, then make more and decor corset. For this purpose, you can use lace, beads, rhinestones and so on. To get a veil, we need to take a piece of tulle, sweep it around the edges and tie it in a bundle (in a circle). Then the bundle, which as a result we have formed, it is desirable to decorate with a thin lace. For the same purpose, you can use and beads, for example, or straziki. The wedding decoupage of bottles with champagne is almost complete. It remains to add a small touch. We take a satin white ribbon and connect two bottles of champagne in one complete composition. We'll tape the tape, in our case we chose two hearts, although you can make your choice. Wedding decoupage of bottles with champagne. Photo №4 As you can see, by simple manipulations and for a fairly short period of time, we made by ourselves a thematic decoupage of bottles with champagne.