Kit is a soft toy. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Kit is a soft toy. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Surely, you have repeatedly noted for yourself that things,made by their own hands, differ from their purchased "colleagues". They may not be so perfect, but they surely contain a part of your soul, warmth and love. That is why it is worth considering the independent manufacture of a pillow, because this is the very thing that is responsible for our dreams. If you want them to be bright, bright and kind, then for work.

Soft and cozy pillow - a reliable guide to the world of dreams

It's no secret that pillows canperform not only one function: some we use for sleep, others - for rest, others serve as decorations or decor in a certain style space of your house. Today on sale you can find so-called pillow-toys - they amaze your variety, originality and beauty. As models, any items are used: animals, birds, fish, fruits / vegetables, transport, etc.). However, you can sew the same and even better by connecting your own imagination, skill and imagination. Moreover, you have at your disposal a huge variety of ready-made templates and patterns that you can orientate on. Before you start making a pillow-toy, you will need to come up with its future look: how you see its shape, color, what material you need to sew product, perhaps, what will be its purpose? Soft toy whale Having answered all these questions, you will make almost a third of the work:

  • for example, for a baby who can not choose,with which toy he sleeps, it is worth sewing a cushion-splyushku - soft and comfortable, on which he will dream the best dreams in the world (use for such products only pleasant to the touch and soft fabrics, like flannel or fleece, and do not forget that on they should not be made solid or too prominent parts that can interfere with the person to be pressed, - replace them with inserts of felt);
  • in the road there will be simply an indispensable pillow of a semicircular form, because it can be put under the neck, it is convenient to get settled and fall asleep;
  • You can also sew a wonderful cushion, which is well placed under your head and under your back (ideas for such a toy will become images of snakes, dachshunds, trains);
  • if you or your child like to sit on the floor, do something there, then you will fit large outdoor cushions.

The perfect solution will be a soft toy,made by hand in the form of a whale. The sea giant can be tried to sew, and like a cushion-spuslyushka, and as a cushion for sitting (on a chair or on the floor), that is, more flat, and as a three-dimensional product for the games and fun of children. Soft toy whale

Miracle-yudo fish whale at your house

So, what will be your whale, you decide. When choosing a material, it is better to stay on dense fabrics (you can use even jeans). The color scheme is preferable in marine tones, after all, you are sewing a whale: for the back is saturated or dark blue, you can blue, and for the abdomen - white or gray colors. The glas is better made of felt, although small buttons will also be nothing . However, no one canceled the flight of creative imagination, and if your whale turns pink, in polka dots, in a flower or strip, it will only add to the toy of individuality. Besides the chosen fabric, accessories and sewing accessories, take care of the filler. It's good that the toy does not turn out to be heavy, it's easy for the child, and also remember that it will have to be washed, so choose either holofiber / sintepux, which are easy to clean and wash (quickly dry, squeeze well), or polystyrene - ball filler, which is often used in pads. Next, you will need a pattern or template. You can find ready-made whale toy templates, or draw a pattern yourself, since it's very simple. Then get to work.

  • Transfer the pattern to the fabric and carefully cut out all the details of the template. You should have: a backrest in two parts, a tummy in two parts, a tail in two parts and fins in four.
  • Now you can fold the same parts together and fasten them (so far with the help of pins). Remember, you need to do this face-to-face.
  • Next, you will need to draw a seam line along the perimeter of each part.
  • Do all this with the back, belly, tail and fins of the future whale.
  • You can tidy up the details. Start with the tail or fin. After stitching, unscrew the parts on the front side and iron them. Then fill with filler.
  • Then along the lines that you designated for yourself, spend your tummy, making small folds of tissue.
  • Then you can move to the back. Attach the back and stomach together. Then sew the tail and fins to the body. Do not completely sew a whale, because it itself will also need to be filled with filler, but only after that everything is tightly sewed.
  • Sew whale eyes from felt or cotton, or embroider them with thread-mulina.
  • You can also decorate your new friend with sequins, paillettes or other small ornaments.
  • Here you have a nice sea whale with your own hands, which can be both a soft toy and a pillow. Soft toy whaleAnd you can make a comfortable road cushion in the form of the same giant.

  • The pattern for such a product will be slightly different from the previous one, because here you will have to deal not with individual parts, but with two ready-made whole templates.
  • Transfer it from the paper to the fabric (fold it twice so you both sides will be the same, just make sure that the pieces lie on the wrong side to each other).
  • Sew a kitty eyes from felt, you can also make him a nose and a smile.
  • Then you can connect parts of your whale. Both sides should be the wrong side up. First, mark yourself with pins, and then squander.
  • From the edges leave about half a centimeter of the stock of fabric and do not forget about the untouched area for the subsequent filling of the product.
  • Smooth the whale and you can start filling. You need to start from the tail, evenly distributing the filler on the toy, and adding it as needed. When you see that there is enough, stitch.
  • That's all. So in your house will settle one more cute pillow-toy in the form of a whale, made by own hands. Good for you on her dreams!