What can be done from wine corks: DIY craft bottle craft ideas (100 photos)

What can be done from wine corks: DIY craft bottle craft ideas (100 photos)

I have long been wondering what can be done fromwine corks, and for all this time a lot of material has gathered, photos of crafts from bottle corks that I want to share with you. You yourself have already seen something, but some ideas may come to your head after this article. The only point is that some people simply don’t know where to get the wine corks, since you yourself can collect them from large crafts for a very long time. Alternatively, you can just walk around the bars and restaurants in your city and ask around there. Or on Etsy, where the ideas of these crafts came from, you can just buy wine corks, the prices there are from 300 rubles. What can be made from wine corks photoWhat can be made from wine corks photo Winecorks, wonderful material for unique and original crafts. Since they are made from natural oak species, hand-lovers will appreciate them widely. Using wine corks in crafts, you will be able to create exclusive, modern and incredibly valuable things. In this review, we have collected the most unique ideas for creativity. Content

    Wine cork letters and numbers

    The easiest and most popular thing to dofrom wine corks are volume letters for a decor of your interior. All that is needed for this is corks, glue and, possibly, ribbons or something else that you want to decorate your letters with. You can either make one large initial letter of your name, and hang it on the wall, or several - and make up an inscription from them that can be put on the table or on the windowsill. Similarly, bottle numbers can be used to make numbers, for example, for a festive decor for a birthday or anniversary. Here's what it looks like: Wine cork letters. The inscription for the dining room photoWine cork letters. The inscription for the dining room photo Traffic jam letter D Letter C made from traffic jams Cork letter M Letter B made from traffic jams Letter S made from traffic jams. Letter K made from traffic jams Wine cork figure Cork letter B

    DIY wine cork house

    An interesting gift idea - you can make a house out ofdo-it-yourself wine corks. A very cute element of interior decoration is made a little more complicated than letters, but it also looks more aesthetically pleasing. In order to make it, you can do only wine corks, but you can use plywood. DIY wine cork house photoDIY wine cork house photo Cork House Plywood and cork Small house Make a house Cork House Moss on the house

    Christmas trees from cork for New Year's decor

    A simple way to decorate your home for the new year ismake Christmas tree cork pendants. They are made very simply, and you can either put a Christmas tree, or attach a ribbon to it and hang it on a wall or window, or use it to decorate a real Christmas tree. Moreover, after making the craft, you can paint it, the Christmas tree in green, the hat in red, and so on, or you can leave the natural color. DIY Santa Claus hat and do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of wine corksDIY Santa Claus hat and do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of wine corks Cork tree Wine cork tree DIY Christmas trees Fir-trees from traffic jams Read also:

    Wine cork pendants and figures

    If you liked the idea of ​​making New YearChristmas tree from corks, you can come up with other ideas of figures and pendants from the same material. For example, you can make a bottle of wine from corks and hang it on the wall, like a picture. Similarly, you can make a pumpkin for Halloween, a heart for Valentine's Day, a star or a figurine of any other shape. You can also add a chain and jewelry, and you get a beautiful pendant on a bottle or decoration for your home. Do-it-yourself pendants for decorating wine cork bottlesDo-it-yourself pendants for decorating wine cork bottles Cork bottle Bottle decor Cork pendant Cork pumpkin Traffic star Room decoration

    We make a heart from wine corks with our own hands

    You have already read that wine corks can be madevarious figures for home decor, but one of the most popular of them is the heart. Moreover, the “heart” figures are used not only on the day of all lovers (February 14), but also for everyday home decoration. How to do it - it seems obvious that there are only a couple of ideas: the edges of the corks can be painted pink or red, and also - use some unusual corks or patterns. Beautiful heart made of wine corks with your own hands photoBeautiful heart made of wine corks with your own hands photo Traffic jam heart Beautiful heart Pink heart Purple heart Making a heart out of cork Little heart Colorful heart Paint the heart in pink

    How to make a picture of wine corks

    If you want to create something original, you canmake a picture of wine corks. Here, everything is limited only by your imagination, for example, it can be a glass case with corks inside, a picture laid out of wine corks, chalk board, background for jewelry and anything else. Wine cork pattern and chalk boardWine cork pattern and chalk board Wall decor Picture "wine" from corks Picture from corks and jewelry Traffic picture

    Cork and hot stand from wine corks

    You can try to do it yourselfstand for cups, glasses, as well as hot, from wine corks. They are made in different ways, but the most popular ones are to glue whole or half corks onto some kind of substrate. You can make both square and rectangular, and round stands. Another option is to use the mold and place the plugs vertically or simply fasten the round stand of vertically placed plugs with a metal or plastic screed Do-it-yourself coasters for hot and under glasses of wine corks photoDo-it-yourself coasters for hot and under glasses of wine corks photo Round hot stand Framed Coasters Round stand with screed Set of cork coasters Square Hot Stand Cup and cup coasters scarlet round coasters Cork Stand

    Do-it-yourself wine cork door mat

    Another popular wine cork craft idea- This is a door mat. In fact, this is a slightly complicated stand. You can do it in several ways. Firstly, plugs can be placed vertically or horizontally. Secondly, they can be folded together close to each other (like bricks) or you can leave the distance between the corks and use a wire for fastening. Here's how it would look: Carpet of cork Original rug Making a rug from corks Cork Mat Read also:.

    Wine cork wall board

    In a similar way to rugs, you can make a wallthe board is all from the same wine corks. What for? To such a cork board it is very easy and convenient to pin various postcards, letters and leaflets with notes with pins or pins - everything will always be at hand. An interesting option is to combine a cork board with a chalk board or a writing board, so that, if necessary, you could also write something down and not forget it. Three in one: chalk board, note board and cork boardThree in one: chalk board, note board and cork board Here is a brief photo instruction on how to make a similar board from corks on the wall: We cut and glue corks Fasten the paper buttons How it looks on the wall. Here are some more ideas.various cork wall boards, their design and decoration options, shapes and sizes. For example - there are round boards and a funny wall board in the form of ducks: Square board Round board Cork board Rectangular board Cork board Large board on the wall As a duck From corks and caps

    DIY wine cork photo frame

    You can also make a wine cork framefor photos. Moreover, you can both make a photo frame from scratch, completely do it yourself, or simply decorate with a bottle stopper some simple and uncomplicated frame from the store. Cork photo frames decor Cork photo frame Cork photo frames

    Wine Cork Seating Card Holders

    It's very easy to make wine cork holdersfor seating cards - for a wedding, anniversary or any other holiday with a large number of invited guests. The easiest way is to cut a slot in the plug into which the card is inserted. For greater stability, you can use not one but three plugs connected together. And if you want something more stylish - make spirals of wire and stick them in traffic jams. Do-it-yourself card holder with three corks and a ribbonDo-it-yourself card holder with three corks and a ribbon Cork and wire Simple card holder Beautiful card holders Cute seating cards

    Miniature Wine Cork Flower Pots

    A beautiful idea for home decor is to make winecork small flower pots and plant succulents in them. Next, you can either hang them on a wall or put them on a table or on a windowsill. It is not difficult to make them, you just need to carefully make a hole in the cork, put the soil and plant succulents. You can still cover with moss on top. If you stick a magnet - you get the original "living" magnets on the refrigerator. Here's what happens, and the photo instruction: Wall decor with succulents in wine corks photoWall decor with succulents in wine corks photo Make a hole Glue a magnet We lay the ground Cover with moss We put on the table We hang on the refrigerator

    Inscriptions for plants at home or in the garden

    If we continue the theme of plants, then from wineTraffic jam is very easy to make labels for plants in your home or in a small garden. For the house, you can cut round beads from corks, write letters on them, put them on toothpicks and stick them in a flower pot. For the garden - we make from whole corks, attach to twigs, write inscriptions, put on beds. Labels for plants in a wine cork gardenLabels for plants in a wine cork garden Wine cork signatures for indoor plantsWine cork signatures for indoor plants

    Wine cork candle holder

    Beautiful idea - decorate with wine corksglass candlestick inside or out. Outside - it's easy, just glue the glass corks. From the inside - we will have to try, as it is important for us that the flame does not touch the candle (corks burn very well). For this we use two glass flasks placed one on top of the other. In a small one, a candle will burn, and fill the empty space between them with traffic jams. And the simplest thing is to put corks in a glass vase, and put a candle on top. An easy way to make your own wine cork candlestickAn easy way to make your own wine cork candlestick With traffic jams outside With traffic jams inside Cork candle Cork candle holder

    DIY wine cork wreath

    To decorate doors in the west, traditionallythey use wreaths made of a wide variety of materials, and we are gradually adopting this idea in Russia. Here are some ways you can make a wreath of wine corks with your own hands. The simplest is to string alternately bottle caps and bright beads on a thread and close the circle, and then decorate with ribbons or flowers. More difficult is to glue the corks together, until you get a wreath of an unusual shape. It takes longer, but it looks more impressive. How to make a beautiful wreath of wine corks photoHow to make a beautiful wreath of wine corks photo Volumetric wine from corks Wine cork wreath Little cork wreath A simple wreath of cork. See also:

    How to make a cork ball

    A very beautiful element that can be decoratedthe interior of your house is a ball of wine corks. To make it with your own hands is elementary, you just need to know a little trick: there is a plastic ball inside it. Your task is to find a small plastic ball or ball, and then simply glue it evenly over with wine corks. Here is a short instruction with a photo of what you will end up with: We make a ball of wine corks with our own hands: photo instructionWe make a ball of wine corks with our own hands: photo instruction We make a ball of traffic jams Wine cork ball Cork ball Cork balls

    Wine cork furniture and furnishings

    If you wanted to make wine corkssomething completely non-standard - here are a couple of ideas: a chair completely assembled from corks, and a mysterious floor lamp made from a drum from a washing machine, and decorated with bottle caps. If something is simpler, you can make a hanger or a housekeeper, also using traffic jams. Cork floor lamp Cork chair Cork hanger Cork Warden Read also:

    DIY wine cork decorations

    From bottle caps you can do more thanthings for the home, but also decorations for yourself. It can be pendants and pendants, beads, key chains, earrings, bracelets, brooches and cufflinks. Moreover, you can leave the cork as it is, or you can varnish it. In addition, for the manufacture of jewelry, you can use as whole cork or half, and round. For decor - any elements of jewelry. Here's what you can do: DIY pendant wine cork pendant photoDIY pendant wine cork pendant photo Cork pendant Cork pendant Cork bracelet Cork necklace Cork earrings To store jewelry Cork garland Cork & Leather Bracelet Wine cork beads Cork Keychains Cork pendants Cork pendant Cork pendant Cufflinks Wine cork earrings Vintage pendant

    Funny sculptures from wine corks, wire, paper clips and other improvised materials

    If we talk about crafts from wine corks, thenI can’t help but share the funny sculptures that Terry Border makes, and which, by the way, allows him to earn a living from his favorite hobby — these are such funny crafts from what is at hand. Couple in tango Dancing couple Gift mouse Photographer Knights and ghost Strong bodybuilder

    More wine cork home decor ideas

    And finally, I have a few ideas forhow else can you use wine corks to decorate the interior of your home. For example, you can just take transparent glass jars, pour corks there and make beautiful covers - here you have the finished element for decorating your home. Another idea is a cork for wine from corks. You can decorate cork bag and even clothes, or trim cork apron in the kitchen. Good luck Jar with jams Jams in the kitchen Wine cork Cork bag We also recommend viewing:

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