What can be made from burlap: examples, ideas, photos

What can be made from burlap: examples, ideas, photos

Burlap - the fabric is simple, rough, you can evensay that rustic. Some of their lives from things from burlap have only seen bags of potatoes, and nothing more. But if you like rustic interiors and if you want to add some elements of rural life to your apartment or home, then burlap items in the interior are just what you need. And if you think that it looks rude, wretched and not suitable for modern interiors, then look at this selection of burlap decor from homemade things made with Etsy.

Set1: DIY Handmade Burlap Crafts

Inspiration of the day - cute burlap craftsInspiration of the Day - Cute Burlap Craftsin the center - a garland of flags for the decor of the fireplace. Further in a circle: 1. Notebook and pen made of burlap; 2. Vintage clothes hanger with burlap roses; 3. The option of seating cards for a wedding or anniversary; 4. Pillow made of burlap and lace in a rustic style; 5. Decor of chairs for a wedding; 6. Flags for a wedding garland - street decoration; 7. Decor of glass candlesticks; 8. Burlap curtains for rustic interiors; 9. Socks for Santa Claus from burlap.

Set 2: What Can Be Made From Burlap

The use of burlap in interior decorationUsing burlap in interior decoration Bcenter: Gift bags for wine from burlap. Further in a circle: 1. Wind music for street garden decor; 2. Making cutlery from burlap and lace; 3. A wreath on the door made of branches and burlap; 4. Beautiful Christmas trees; 5. Another wreath on the door; 6. Homemade Inca mask made of papier-mâché and burlap; 7. Bed set - a bedspread and pillows from burlap; 8. A picture with a letter from buttons; 9. Festive tablecloth with shuttlecocks.

Set 3: Photo of Burlap Home Items

Burlap items for a rustic interior and moreBurlap items for interior in rusticstyle and more In the center: Roses from burlap in a vase. Further in a circle: 1. Bags for gifts or storage of trifles; 2. Painting on the wall; 3. Multi-colored paths on the table; 4. Pillow with an owl from burlap (more ideas); 5. Pillow with an inscription for a rustic interior; 6. A book for notes or photographs; 7. The path to the table from lace and burlap; 8. Baskets for storing things; 9. Glass decor - for a wedding or as a gift. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!