What can be made of hemp for the interior with their own hands - 50 photos

What can be made of hemp for the interior with their own hands - 50 photos

An interesting and rather unusual trend -The use of tree stumps in interior design, appeared just a couple of years ago. She was rapidly gaining momentum, and today stumps are no longer just an actual trend, but a sign of style and taste. Today, stumps are incredibly popular, and at the same time inexpensive and environmentally friendly material. The content of the article:

Furniture from stumps

Stumps are often used as furniture forat home, it helps not only to renew the space, but also awakens thoughts about our place in nature. As a rule, the result exceeds all expectations and is inexpensive, beautiful and unique. Coffee table from snags A table from the cut of the tree Hemp like coffee tables

Table stump do it yourself

Especially often - in the interior stumps are used inas table, bedside and coffee tables, as well as bathroom furniture. Stump is natural. The easiest way to use the stump in its original form as a table, just sanding it a bit so as not to get a splinter. Painted stump The stump painted by gold paint (from a cylinder)looks great in its natural form, but you can give it even more originality by painting it in any color, apply patterns with a brush or using a stencil. For bathroom If to process a stub water-repellent impregnation- then it is suitable for a bathroom. Stump for a bathroom will become a very original decor. It can be used as a table, with bath accessories placed on it, or candles when you want to arrange an evening of relaxation. Table with glass The simplest use of a stump is to make a coffee table out of it. From above it is possible to adapt a glass table-top for more elegant look. The stump can also be put on the legs or wheels, which will result in a very convenient mobile table. An ordinary stub will look great in the role of a bedside table. You can decorate it at its discretion. Table with glass Table on wheels

Stumps as chairs

Stumps make excellent stools. On top of them you can put small pads, to be softer to sit. Hemp can also be used as decorative chairs, which will be an excellent addition to the interior. Having a backrest will make the stump chair even more comfortable. If you contact the workshop, you can make the original author's chair or stool.

How to handle a stump for the interior

To create a table or side table, you need to find a suitable stump and properly handle it. Bark can be removed with a chisel, or leave it. Cut the size you want Remove the bark from the stump. Cut off the stump with a sandpaper and then remove dust from the stump. Treat with a layer of primer and open the stump with several layers of varnish for wood. Sand the stump with the pelt Apply water-repellent impregnation If the future table is intended for the bathroom, you need to apply water-repellent impregnation.

Other methods of stump application in the interior

Small hemp can be used as a flower stand, so the home greenhouse will look very aesthetic. A rotting flower stump Flowerpot for flowers Flowerpot of birch hemp Vases from stumps will bea great addition to any interior. Moreover, the bark of the tree can be left for a more natural, natural appearance. Hemp can even be used as unusual lighting fixtures. Inside the stump you need to put the LED lamps emitting warm light. You can decorate the wall with cuts sawing hemp on a lot of rings. It is possible to arrange sawn through the entire wall, or its fragment, in the end you get a unique panel. For this, the cuts are simply attached to a clean, flat surface, with glue for wood. Great solution for the living room Wall decor with wooden cuts. You can glue a mirror treated with a cutter to smooth layers of wood, and thus get an original mirror.