What color to make the ceiling, if white tired?

What color to make the ceiling, if white tired?


    What color to choose for the ceiling, if white tired?

    The traditional white ceiling is no longer consideredthe only right decision when repairing a room. And if you are a supporter of innovations, then you are probably considering the option of using a different color for the ceiling surface. So what color do the ceiling in the living room and other rooms? What color to choose a ceiling?What color to choose a ceiling? Remember that the right shade will help to have a certain effect on people in this room. With its help it is also possible to hide some of the shortcomings of the room or, conversely, to emphasize certain nuances of the interior. Therefore, let's move on to discuss the effects of a particular color on our mood and well-being. Red ceiling in the bedroom photoRed ceiling in the bedroom photo Brown ceiling in the kitchenBrown ceiling in the kitchen

    Classic white ceiling

    First, consider the classic version -snow-white ceiling. This is a fairly versatile option that can easily fit into almost any interior. Moreover, unnecessary attention will not be concentrated on him. White color acts as a standard of freshness, neatness and novelty. Only here the use of a white ceiling is appropriate in rooms whose color of the floor, furniture and decor elements are rather dark. In these cases, the ceiling appears to be higher. The white color of the ceiling in a white room is a bad ideaThe white color of the ceiling in the white room is unsuccessfulidea Interior designers believe that installing a perfectly white stretch ceiling in a room with light walls will cause a fairly significant visual expansion of the space. As a result, you may get the impression that you have got into some kind of hospital ward. In children's rooms, excessive use of white is not permissible. So you can make this room cold and austere. White ceiling color in the living room with dark interior detailsWhite ceiling color in the living room with dark interior details

    Blue and purple color of the ceiling

    Already quite often, our fellow citizens usepurple or blue colors on the ceilings. This is a good solution, but pastel shades should be selected. They are not too bright and quite harmoniously fit into the interior. The soft blue ceiling in the bathroom is right. A good idea is to make a blue or purple ceiling in the dining room. Blue ceiling in the dining roomBlue ceiling in the dining room Purple ceiling in the dining roomPurple ceiling in the dining room But notuse it in your office as it causes a state of relaxation. In the living room, you can try to paint the ceiling in some shade of purple. This is an additional incentive to creativity, giving us additional vitality. For the bedroom, try using blue colors. Such shades are considered peaceful and calm. Blue color of the ceiling in the bedroom photoBlue color of the ceiling in the bedroom photo

    Brown ceiling in the interior

    In the study, the ceiling can be painted inBrown color. So you can give the interior an additional feeling of confidence, stability and constancy. Although such solutions are best not to be used in a residential building, since the brown color in many causes associations with old age. The dark ceiling visually becomes slightly lower. This should not be forgotten. Brown ceiling photoBrown ceiling photo

    Green, red, yellow and orange color of the ceiling

    To improve mental activity are usedgreen, orange, yellow and red. Ceilings of such shades should be created in meeting rooms, children's rooms and in your home office. To give the interior more optimism, it is worth painting the ceiling in orange. Need more fun and joy? Then you need yellow. But for relaxation, you need pink. Red color has an exciting effect on us. Ceiling greenCeiling green Pink ceiling colorPink ceiling color Red color of the ceiling in the living roomRed color of the ceiling in the living room Ceiling orangeCeiling orange

    Black ceiling color? Why not!

    And finally, let's talk about using blackcolors. Yes, and such ceilings are quite interesting. However, this is not a simple plane, but a multi-level design with additional lighting. At the same time, it should be enough, since the dark ceiling almost always looks gloomy. Black color ceiling photoBlack color ceiling photo Do you like this article? Share on social networks!