What snowman to make with children and how to do it (40 photos)

What snowman to make with children and how to do it (40 photos)


    What a snowman to make with children

    One of the main attributes of winter and New YearHolidays, in particular, is a snowman. Having fun while sculpting a snowman can unite people of different views, ages and interests. And leave only positive memories and impressions of the time spent. It would seem a trifling matter to mold a snowman. But it turns out that in order for the result to live up to all expectations, it is necessary to know several rules. Of course, any snowman resulting from the work will not diminish the emotions and good mood, but a positive result of the work carried out with the children can become a real decoration of the yard.

    Snowman Design Ideas

    So that the snowman doesn’t turn faceless,it must be decorated. And this is not an easy task. An ordinary snow woman with a bucket on her head and a carrot instead of a nose can no longer surprise anyone. There are several ideas that can help you dress up a little learned snowman: • First of all, a snowman needs to make a face. An integral part of any snowman is a carrot nose. Carrot for the nose should be smooth, neat, and in no case lethargic. Eyes and mouth can be made of embers, buttons, pebbles or small twigs. • As hands, you can use branches that are inserted on the sides. Only branches need to be selected of the same length, thickness and similar shape. • The snowman also needs to be dressed. The traditional bucket on his head can be replaced with an old hat or hat. And decorate the two lower balls with a number of pretty buttons. • If there are things that are gathering dust on shelves and at the same time it is a pity to throw them away, they will perfectly complement the appearance of a snowman. So, for example, the snowman will have legs, if you put old shoes or sandals at the base of the lower ball. • To make the snowman look complete, you can add accessories to his image: a broom, spade or broom. DIY snowman decorationDIY snowman decoration

    Abundance of colors

    In addition to a set of standard decor items,a snowman can also be decorated. Even a child can cope with this task. For work, ordinary gouache is suitable. Although the snowman will look brighter and prettier, if it is painted with paints from spray cans. There are a huge number of options for painting a snow friend. It all depends on the imagination of the artist. A Hollywood smile or blush may appear on the snowman's face. You can simply paint each ball in a specific color or draw unique patterns on a fur coat. Hand painted snowmenHand painted snowmen

    Themed Snowmen

    Children will like to sculpt more than ordinary snowa woman, and some thematic snowman. Moreover, children can come up with an image of a snowman themselves. If you arm yourself with all the necessary accessories and colors, you can get a princess, a ballerina or a pirate from a standard snow woman. The main thing is a little effort, imagination, as well as the necessary decor items. For example, a crown is needed for a princess snowman, a pack for a ballerina. Themed snowman figure skaterThemed snowman figure skater

    Other snow figures

    In addition to the snowmen, there are many more ideas for creatingfrom snow of various animal figures, which even a child can make. The smallest ones with joy will help to blind the caterpillar. To do this, you need to mold several snowballs, put them in a row, and arrange one of the extreme snowballs in the form of a head. To make the eyes, nose and mouth of the caterpillar, small twigs or berries are suitable. Horns can also be made from twigs. A slightly more complex snow figure is a turtle. First of all, you should make a round shell, for this purpose you can use a round metal or plastic basin. From small snowballs make head and legs. It remains only to arrange the head with pebbles and the turtle is ready. If you add small ears to an ordinary snowman and make a mustache from a thin twigs, you will get a snowman-kitten. With older children, you can make a bunny figurine. To do this, you need to put a large oval-shaped snowball on four small snowballs that will be legs, this will be the body of a bunny. On the one hand, a small snowball (tail) is attached to the body, on the other hand - a larger snowball (head). To the head you need to attach the ears and draw a muzzle. Snow bearSnow panda If as a result of working with children he has surpassed everythingExpectations, there are several ways that will help keep the figurine or snowman a little longer. To do this, gently sprinkle the entire surface of the crafts made of snow with water. So on the surface of the figure from the snow you get a small ice crust, which will not allow the snow friend to melt quickly. The snow figurine will last longer if you pour it from the bottle on a frosty evening. In the cold, the water will freeze in a few minutes, and the craft of snow will delight the gas for a long time.

    Snowmen and snow figurines photo

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