What to make from cans and glass cans: ideas for crafts and decor (32 photos)

What to make from cans and glass cans: ideas for crafts and decor (32 photos)

Original features and a special touch to anyoneThe interior can be imparted through various details. Attributes such as beautiful vases, exquisite lamps, stylish candle holders can become an accent in the design of any interior, or emphasize its aesthetics and style. However, they are often not cheap, and despite the huge variety of choices on the shelves and shop windows, it is not always possible to find what is really to your taste and liking. That is why many people wonder how and most importantly what they can make the very details that brighten up the interior with their own hands. This article presents the ideas for the decor of ordinary cans, which through handmade can turn into amazing original gizmos that bring beauty and comfort to your home. It’s not difficult to make them at all, you just have to stock up on free time and the necessary materials at hand, but there’s plenty of such kind as glass and tin cans of various shapes for translating ideas into reality. Decor cans will make them original and useful gizmosDecor cans will make them original and useful gizmos

How and what to decorate glass jars

There are truly a lot of ideas how to decorate glass jars. Let us dwell on the most accessible and interesting.

  • Creation of original nightlights and candlesticks

To create extraordinary candlesticks andnightlights, you can use glass jars of various shapes, as well as old glasses, wineglasses and wine glasses. The bottom line is to make them beautifully and then place a candle on the bottom. Creative glass jar candle holdersCreative glass jar candle holders with thisThe following decoration methods can be used as a goal: - painting cans with multi-colored paints (such candlesticks will look especially original if the banks differ in size). Painting cans with multi-colored paints will help create a unique design and stylePainting cans with colorful paints will helpcreate a unique design and style - a way of sticking napkins with an original pattern or a beautiful ornament onto a jar (this technique is called decoupage). Decor of cans using decoupage techniqueThe decor of the cans using the decoupage technique is to wrap the jar with threads or tie a beautiful ribbon. - stick lace or any beautiful fabric on the jar. Beautiful pieces of fabric - a great option for decor anokBeautiful pieces of fabric are a great option for decorating cans - put a knitted cover on the can. This way of decorating cans will appeal to lovers of knittingThis way of decorating cans will appeal to lovers of knitting Decor jars with knittingThe decor of the can with knitting is to make beautiful nightlights by painting the cans on the inside with special light-accumulating paints. Light-accumulating paint will help to create magnificent nightlightsLight-accumulating paint will help to create magnificent nightlights

  • Using cans as storage for photos

This is truly an unusual way to showcase family photos. Banks with photos can decorate any chest of drawers, sideboard, nightstand, windowsill or fireplace. This original way of storing photos will appeal to many. This original way of storing photos will appeal to many.

  • Creative flowerpots from cans

In this case, you can decorate the banks in the same ways as in the case of the candlesticks described above. Such an original decor of a jar, acting as a flowerpot, emphasizes the beauty of flowersSuch an excellent decor of a jar acting as a flowerpot will undoubtedly emphasize all their charm and beauty

  • Convenient organizers for storing trifles

In such organizers, you can store anything, whatever. This can be as cereals in the kitchen, and nails, threads, needles, beads, pencils and much more. To create such an organizer, it will be enough to get jars with lids and all kinds of improvised means with which you can decorate these cans. Beautiful pieces of fabric, original stickers, colored paper, ribbons, lace are perfect. Decorated cans can be used as storage containersDecorated cans can be used as storage containers

  • Living area in the bank

Such an idea of ​​decorating cans will surely refresh any interior. Eco style cans decorEco style cans decor

Tin Can Decor Ideas

Can Decor Ideas Can Be Applied Not Onlyto glass jars, but also to tin. They have special advantages because they are more durable, you can easily make holes in them if necessary. In this situation, there are also many ways to decorate cans:

  • The most ordinary buttons can create a beautiful ornament on the jar, turning it into an original flower pot.

Buttons are great for decorating cansButtons are great for decorating cans

  • Such a decor of a can, as in the photo, will turn it into a beautiful and convenient storage container, while allowing you to put it in the most prominent place in the kitchen.

Decorated cans can be used to store cereals in the kitchen while decorating the interiorDecorated cans can be used to store cereals in the kitchen while decorating the interior

  • To create a country style vase, you will needalso a tin can, in which you first need to make a hole to drain excess water, and a jute rope. In this situation, the bank is sequentially wrapped with a rope, creating an original coating. Such vases adequately emphasize the rustic style.

Country VaseCountry Vase

  • Having made simple openings and patterns in a tin can, and painted it in any color, you can easily turn them into romantic lampshades.

With the help of holes, cans can easily turn into lampshades and lampsWith the help of holes, cans can easily turn into lampshades and lamps Romantic tin can lampshadeRomantic tin can lampshade

  • A great organizer for storing little things can come out of cans, no less attractive than glass cans.

Tin can organizerTin can organizer Tin can organizerTin can organizer

  • To beautifully decorate a jar with beads and beads, it is not necessary to have beadwork skills. Just gently put them on the glue.

Beads are perfect for tin can decorThe beads are perfect for tin decor.cans This is how ordinary glass and tin cans can make amazing little things that will brighten up your interior. It remains only to make a choice which of the ideas to implement. Elvira Goleva for Decorwind.ru We also recommend viewing:

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