What to make of glass bottles: a vase, a lamp, a candlestick, a shelf and not only

What to make of glass bottles: a vase, a lamp, a candlestick, a shelf and not only


    Unusual ideas for using glass bottles

    Not many people think about how you canuse empty glass bottles in interior decoration. In each house, empty bottles from various drinks periodically appear. As a rule, most people simply throw them away, and only creative, creative people can make real works of art out of these, at first glance, completely unnecessary things.

    Glass bottle vase

    Vase is the most popular use of bottles inthe interior, since even a person is far from creativity, and, moreover, in any house there is a use for this subject. The easiest way to make a vase from an ordinary glass bottle is to paint it with acrylic paint. The painted bottle can be left unchanged, and you can continue to decorate it further using different techniques. Flowers look good in ordinary colored, undecorated bottles. If the glass of the bottle is of an unusual color, this will play a decorative role. Glass bottle vaseGlass bottle vase

    Candlesticks and lighting

    From glass bottles of dark shades without muchLabor can make original candle holders. For this, it is necessary to cut the bottom off glass bottles with a high neck, grind the base of the lamp with a grinder, and fix candles in the neck. Glass Bottle Candle HoldersGlass Bottle Candle Holders Various chandeliers andfixtures from empty glass bottles. Such lamps can decorate the interior in a rustic style, as well as in modern styles such as high-tech or modern. In the kitchen or in the dining room, a multi-tiered chandelier will look stylish, and the walls of the corridor or hallway will be decorated with small sconces. . A multi-tier lamp from glass bottles can also be made by yourself. To do this, you need bottles cut at an angle, which will serve as shades. Such plafonds are fixed to the ceiling using the canopy of the rod. It is better if the plafonds are cascaded. If desired, the bottles can be painted with matt paints. This chandelier is perfect for interior in high-tech style. Glass bottle chandelierGlass bottle chandelier To make your desk lamp yourswith your hands you will need a lampshade sufficiently stable glass bottle. You can take the lampshade as ready-made, or make it yourself from a wire frame and fabric or cardboard. First you need to drill a small hole in the bottom of the bottle in the bottle. Then you should stretch the power cord through the resulting hole. On the neck of the bottle you need to fix the cartridge and attach it to the wire. It remains only to screw in the lamp to install the lampshade. Glass bottle lampGlass bottle lamp From glass bottles you can make an excellent garland for the New Year holidays. Glass bottle garlandGarland of glass bottles

    Original bottle pots

    Interesting flower pots can be made from bottles,which will become a real decoration of the balcony, porch or conservatory. Such flower pots are great for drip irrigation of plants, and the use of such flower pots can perform two tasks at the same time - practical and decorative. Glass bottle potsGlass bottle pots

    Glass bottle bookshelf

    If desired from glass bottles and plywood sheetsor chipboard, you can build an unusual bookshelf, whatnot. To do this, cut holes of the same diameter in the plywood sheets in order to thread a bottle neck in them. It turns out that the base of the bottle is on the lower shelf, and the neck of the bottle is threaded into the upper shelf. Such a shelf can be used for decorative purposes. On it you can arrange your favorite photos in beautiful frames and souvenirs. Glass bottle shelfShelf of glass bottles. We also recommend viewing:

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