Where to place trinkets: Niches in the interior (40 photos)

Where to place trinkets: Niches in the interior (40 photos)

Currently immensely popular withthe design of the premises is gaining niches. They represent a recess, a recess in the wall, which can play a decorative, or functional role. Niches in the interiorNiches in the interior Initially, niches appearedin a natural way, due to the lack of thoughtfulness of architecture in the construction of residential buildings, or to perform a certain function. Such niches can be observed today, and the owner of such apartments has to figure out how to beat these indentations with the greatest benefit. It is so important that they fit seamlessly into the interior of the room. Now, increasingly, niches are being created by artificialby way. This is done to give the room a more attractive appearance, and expression of personality. With their help, you can create all kinds of architectural compositions. Today, many niches are laid at the design stage, as they are very popular and functional. But everyone can create a niche if he has a desire. Usually, drywall is used for this. If you plan to fill out a niche in the load-bearing wall, then you need to get permission from the competent authorities to avoid problems in the future. Niches create a special cosinessNiches create special comfort Niches will help to winspace in small rooms, giving them functionality. Or visually increase the size of the room, which is achieved by the correct design selection of colors. Everyone can make a recess in a non-load-bearing wall. However, this work requires certain calculations and the presence of a specialized tool. Therefore, if possible, it is better to turn to specialists who will help to realize all your desires in the best possible way. They will advise where it is better to do it, how to design it, what colors to use to achieve the desired effect. Niches are a universal design solution that is suitable for absolutely all rooms. Content

    Niches in the bedroom interior

    Photo of bedroom interior with niches in the wallPhoto of the bedroom interior with niches in the wall Allbedroom furniture using niches is becoming very popular. They can carry a decorative function to create a cozy, or romantic atmosphere. After all, the main purpose of this room is a complete rest. Therefore, the design should be aimed at maximum comfort for the owners of the apartment, and usually very individually. With a harmonious lighting design of the niche, it will complement the room with soft light and give comfort. In addition, you can give niches functionalappointment, depending on the size of the room. In small rooms you can often find a niche that is located at the head of the bed and serves as a shelf for various little things. There may be photographs, books, porcelain figurines and pictures. Niches can also hide various engineering communications without attracting attention to them. In large rooms in niches, you can put a wardrobe for clothes, decorating it under the general interior. You can also use other large furniture. It can be a chest of drawers, bookshelves, or even a bed. In order for a niche to decorate a room, it is important to choose the right location for the niche and the color scheme. Designers who know all the features and subtleties of this work will help you find the right option.

    Niches in the living room

    As in the bedroom, in the living room niches are oftenused as an element of decor. However, if in the bedroom they usually prefer the classic design and the creation of comfort, then in the design of the living room it is possible to show imagination and boldly experiment. Depending on how you want to see this room, cozy and calm, or dynamic, bright, the design of niches is also chosen. Niches in the interior of the living room for home decorNiches in the interior of the living room for home decor Nowgaining popularity placement in the niches of the living rooms TVs. Thanks to this, space is freed up, because there is no need to use a special stand, and all wires are also hidden, which gives the room a neat appearance. If the room is large, then you can arrange a bookcase in a niche, or simply arrange shelves for books. Depending on the type of premises, which niches to use are selected: horizontal or vertical. Horizontal ones are mainly used as shelves for placing photographs or books. After all, it looks very modern and stylish. Harmoniously, this niche fits into rooms that are decorated with low oblong furniture. Correctly place it will be above the level of furniture, to achieve the integrity of the design. Vertical niches are a real find for apartments with low ceilings. Harmonious placement of them visually raises the ceilings and creates a feeling of additional space. Vases with flowers, or various figures are often placed in them.

    A variety of niche shapes

    You can use in the design, not onlyThe classic version of niches, rectangular or square. To implement their ideas, designers are increasingly using the most bizarre and unimaginable forms, while round, triangular, oval and polygonal, are the simplest among them. To achieve the desired visual effects, designers create compositions using niches of different sizes and shapes. To obtain harmony in the interior, niches of the same size are used and placed symmetrically. To give dynamism and personality to the room, they use various forms of niches, placing them asymmetrically at different levels. Increasingly, just such decisions can be seen in a contemporary style. For various effects, usediverse design of niches. Creating contrasting combinations in colors, textures. For this, wood, metal, glass, decorative stones and their combinations are used. By choosing the right color for the niche, you can harmoniously fit it into the design of the room, or focus on it. The main thing is not to use darker tones, otherwise it will create the effect of dark dips. Use of calm light shades will create a cozy atmosphere and comfort. And painting niches in bright colors and their contrasting combination will emphasize and become the central element of your design.

    The use of niches in the interior of the bathroom

    In the bathroom, the use of niches, often wearsfunctional in nature. Basically, shelves are installed in such a recess, on which it is convenient to fold various household trifles. If the niche is located directly above the bathroom, then it is more rational to put shampoos, gels and other means for washing and care. If the niche is located in another place, then, depending on its volume, you can store towels, or household chemicals. How to fit niches into a bathroom interiorHow to fit niches into a bathroom interior If the bathroom is large, then in the nichecan hide various household appliances. It is advantageous to place a washing machine or a boiler there. In small niches, you can hide the counters. If desired, a niche can also hide pipelines, giving the room a more well-groomed appearance. It all depends on individual preferences and the size of the room.

    Niches in the interior of the children's room

    When you design children's rooms, niches becomea real find, because thanks to them, you can profitably and conveniently design a room, especially when several children live in it. If the room is large then you can make a large niche in which to place a two-story bed for children, which will help to save space. Also in the niche you can advantageously place a wardrobe. When a family has several children, and the difference intheir age is significant, often the youngest child spoils notebooks, books and other little things dear to the heart of the older child. Niches made in the wall at a high level will help to avoid this. The youngest child will not be able to reach them, while there is no need to pile up excess furniture in the room. It is rational to use niches for zoning a children's room, having organized a playground in it. This will delight the child and help maintain order in the room. Niches in the interior of a children's room for children's thingsNiches in the interior of a nursery for childrenthings Niches are a very universal tool for solving all kinds of problems in the design of the room. In order to maximize the profitability of niches, it is important to pay special attention and choose the right lighting. Mostly used LED lights, which can be placed at the top of the niche or on the sides. It is also important to choose the right lighting intensity in order to achieve the desired effect. So soft diffused light will give comfort to the room, and warmth. Bright and excessive lighting will create a cool and dynamic atmosphere. Feel free to experiment, fantasize and equip your home, giving it personality. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!