Winter cross-stitch in snowy scenes (diagrams)

Winter cross-stitch in snowy scenes (diagrams)


Dear gifts to date, no oneYou will surprise, therefore the majority of people have ceased to throw away money in vain. Those who can afford it, make an individual order from the best masters of our time. Handmade is not only very beautiful: it carries in itself a piece of the master who made it.
Today every person has the opportunity to becomeSuch creator: not only to make gifts to friends and relatives, but also to distribute their work among other people. You can draw pictures, perform artistic forging for metal, embroider a cross, knit clothes and lace napkins, deal with decoupage, scarpbuking, etc. - it all depends on the desire of man.

Cross-stitch embroidery is very popular andEasily accessible way of self-expression. All necessary materials and tools can be purchased at specialized stores. Many needlewomen prefer to buy whole sets at once, where besides threads and canvas there will be a ready-made scheme for embroidery. Themes for work can be very diverse - these are animals, landscapes, seasons, flower bouquets, love letters, etc.

Embroidery "Winter memories"

The combination of black and white, cold and hot- this is a natural harmony, which is reflected in yin and yang. Probably, that's why the things that are not combined at first sight look next to each other best. Near the fireplace it will be appropriate to look at the picture where winter is depicted. Such embroidery carries like a fairy tale, telling stories that seem to have been, and maybe never happened. So you want to capture a piece of this magic time for your memory. A single glance at this work will be enough to distract from ordinary vanity.
The process of embroidering this work can take a lotTime: an abundance of small elements and warm-gentle shades of the setting sun will force the foreman to change threads in a needle more than once. The scheme clearly defines the contours of all the objects represented in the picture - it is impossible to make a mistake.
How to get started: it's up to you. You can first embroider a house in the background, work out all the details: from the stone walls to the curtains in each of the windows. The main thing is not to rush and carefully choose the color of the thread, otherwise work and winter on it will lose its unrivaled color. Basically, it consists of their soft white and blue hues, diluted with bright and warm colors: feathers of birds in the foreground and background, as well as the walls of the house with brown impregnations in the form of bricks.

Not all schemes contain so much carefullyWorked details like here: even a snowman and he is worth several stitches. Particular attention should be paid to the embroidery of the sky, which from several shades merges into a single whole and forms a light haze, hovering above the earth.

Painting "Window in Christmas"

Winter for many people personifies timeLong holidays, family gatherings, pleasant gifts and a fun celebration. A time when any fairy tale can come true. So, children look in the windows of shops, make presents at Santa Claus and look forward to the long-awaited holiday.
Two friends with admiration are looking at something atThe shop window, while their shaggy friend waits, when they continue their little trip. Despite the fact that the winter is coming, all work seems to be filled with warm light and even snow gray and unattractive this evening does not affect the temperature of the embroidery.
With some elements of the scheme will have to tinker: There are snowflakes falling from the skies, patterns on children's clothes, and bizarre shapes on the shop window. What is remarkable about such works is the fact that you can embroider any detail of the picture with a cross.

In work, you can move from top to bottom, anddown up. Some wizards prefer to first choose a single thread color and work through all the elements of this shade. However, in this case, the work loses its integrity until it is completed. A diagram that is attached to each set and gives a clear understanding of which threads to use in any given case. The technique of embroidering with a cross makes it possible to realize even the most complex paintings with a lot of details and a scatter of color shades.
They say that the best gift is the one thatPresented with all my heart. Actually this is not true. The ideal gift is a work done by oneself, one that arouses admiration even after a few years, and also makes you remember with warmth about the donor and marvel at his skill.

Schemes of embroidery of winter plots