Winter knitted bracelets from sweater

Winter knitted bracelets from sweater

How to make knitted bracelets? Of course, you can pick up a hook or knitting needles and link yourself with a scheme found in a magazine or on the Internet. But what if you do not know how, do not want to knit or just do not have time for it? There is an excellent master class as it is simple and easy to make knitted bracelets with your own hands, using old sweaters, sweaters, scarves and other unnecessary knitting. knitted bracelets from sweater In order to make knitted bracelets, you will need:

  • ordinary plastic, wooden or metal bracelets on the arm;
  • an unnecessary knitted thing (sweater, jacket, hat, scarf, socks);
  • centimeter;
  • needle and thread.

Measure the circumference of the bracelet with a centimeter, as well as its width. Add to the measurements taken by centimeter - one and a half and boldly cut the rectangle of the knitted fabric from the old thing. master class how to make knitted bracelets from a sweater The edges must be tucked and sewn so that the hinges do not open. This can be done both manually and on a sewing machine. knitted bracelets from old sweaters We wrap the bracelet with a strip, sew it. decor bracelet knitting Then we sew from the inside. knitted bracelets Knitted bracelets by hand from old thingsready! In the cold season, such bracelets will be especially relevant and in demand! By the way, as a summer version, you can use any knitted fabric with elastane. The course of work is the same. The main task is to prevent the appearance of "arrows" on the fabric. winter knitted bracelets with own hands