Winter wedding room decor (20 photos)

Winter wedding room decor (20 photos)


    Winter Wedding Room Decor

    Many couples plan their wedding for the summer orautumn. It is generally accepted that in winter, due to changeable cold weather, one cannot take good photographs, do not take a walk along the promenade and the mood from this somehow immediately disappears. A wedding is a special celebration. On such a day, everyone wants everything to go perfectly. A winter wedding is an occasion to show your creativity and individuality. Small elements of winter decor may be present in the design of the gala hall, wedding procession, and, of course, the bride’s outfit.

    Ice Palace for a winter wedding

    Banquet room for a winter wedding,can be made in the style of an ice palace. A characteristic feature for this style is a large number of interior and decor elements made in cold colors. When creating the style of the ice palace for a wedding celebration, you can use various decor elements: white snowflakes and decorative icicles hanging throughout the hall, linen napkins decorated with snowflakes for each invited guest, decorative twigs made of metal, on which glass fruits, glasses, decorated with a frosty pattern, an abundance of fabrics with a silver pattern, dishes with chrome elements, transparent crystal. Ice sculptures can become one of the most striking elements of the decor of a banquet hall in the style of an ice palace. Such sculptures with multi-colored illumination will look great. From balloons you can build not only traditional hearts and rings, but also original snowflakes. A large number of blue and white balls under the ceiling will also look beautiful. Pale pink balloons will help to dilute the cold gamut. The design of the banquet hall in the style of the ice palaceThe design of the banquet hall in the style of the ice palace

    The atmosphere of warmth and coziness at a wedding in winter

    There is an absolutely opposite optiondesign a banquet hall for a wedding in winter. You can create a cozy and warm atmosphere in the banquet hall, which will create a contrast to the frosty winter landscape. The main element in creating a warm atmosphere is the abundant lighting of the room. An additional effect of comfort can be achieved by using a variety of candles. Candles can have any texture and shape. This style of design of the banquet hall involves a large number of warm and fiery colors. It can be drapery on the walls, tablecloths and napkins on tables, bright dishes. Orange gerberas, yellow chrysanthemums, red roses, as well as lemons, tangerines and oranges will perfectly complement such an interior. An additional atmosphere of comfort and warmth to the banquet room will give a fireplace. The presence of a fireplace will give, will make even more pronounced the contrast between the warm atmosphere of the banquet hall and the winter weather outside. The atmosphere of warmth and comfort of the banquet hall for a wedding in winterThe atmosphere of warmth and comfort of the banquet hall for a wedding in winter

    New Year's style for a wedding interior

    If your wedding date falls betweenNew Year and Christmas holidays, the banquet hall for the celebration can be decorated in the New Year style. It’s easy to create such a style, it’s enough to use New Year’s paraphernalia in the decor of the room. New Year's style banquet room decorationNew Year's style banquet room decoration

    Table setting for a winter wedding

    Very important in the design of the banquetthe hall is served with festive tables. Here you need to pay attention to every little thing, starting from spare cutlery, and ending with napkins. On the tables you can put vases with elements of winter decor. It is also worthwhile to prepare the dishes for the future, because at weddings it tends to beat “for good luck”. The serving has become a winter weddingThe serving has become a winter wedding Do you like the article? Share on social networks!