A wise owl-toy is easy and beautiful. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

A wise owl-toy is easy and beautiful. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Owl-toy will be exactly the thing thatwill cheer you up. And the process as well as the result is interesting. A ready-made owl you can use as an element of decor in the room. Also with the help of an owl you can please your child with a gift. Or even you can make a festive owl, and give it to the birthday person. You can use this thing from a practical point of view - for example, as a pillow for needles. In any case, the owl will take a worthy place in any home.

Master class - how to make a socks from a sock

It's very easy to sew such a toy with your own hands. To get started, you will need a few simple components that are always at hand. It:

  • bright sock of any size;
  • filler;
  • Buttons;
  • elements of decor;
  • Sewing accessories - needles, threads, scissors;
  • Scotch.

For the torso of the future owl you can useBoth the upper and the lower part of the sock. From the top of the bag will easily turn out, but with the top usually drawing cheerful.We will show two options for making toys - easy and slightly more complicated. Cut our nosochek near the "heel". The part that will serve as the trunk, we leave, the rest we postpone. Do not rush to throw out too much - everything can come in handy for decorating a ready-made owl. To make a light version, you will need to designate the head of the future owl on the body. Do this by sewing the sock's circumference with threads. Next - make eyes. Take two bright buttons and sew them on the mare's head. Do not forget about the beak - you can make it from any bright fabric or accessories. We in this case chose a triangle of woolen fabric. Next - make wings to our bird. You can use the same sock for this. Choose a piece intended for fingers, cut it in half, and then make two identical triangles. Then - gently prishaite.Kogda muzzle and wings will be ready, you can fill the owl. For this purpose, chlorofiber or sintepon is suitable. You can also use husks, shavings or peas. When the body is full, you can sew it. Select the thread in tone, take a piece of the remaining fabric from the sock - and start. And all - your owl is ready! It was a light version of the making of the toy. You can slightly complicate your task, and make it a little different. For the second variant of the owl, we took a multicoloredsock, fabric for felting and dry napkins - by them we in this case will fill our sovushku.Tak, cut the sock in the "heel" triangle. Leave the bottom of the sock. From above, we got a kind of a roof. A double-sided adhesive tape and gently glue it to the edge of the triangle. Thus, we glue two sides of the nose unnoticeably for the eye. Then stick another short strip on our future beak, and bend it. To designate the beak, take a piece of fabric of a different color and paste on the edge of the folded triangle. Now, when we have the beak , you can put your eyes on him. This time we will take for this piece of cloth for felting. Cut out equivalent circles and with the same double-sided adhesive tape attach to the sides of the beak. As pupils, take two buttons and sew them on top of the fabric. Buttons can be taken in a different color. The next step is the wings and paws. We take the same fabric for felting different colors. It is best suited, because it is dense and bright. Cut out the necessary shapes and sew on to the trunk. First the wings. When the trunk is full, there will be paws. And to fill the torso, this time we collected dry napkins. When our owl is plump enough, we sew the trunk and attach the paws. You got a bright, beautiful owl. You can decorate it with extra lace, sequins or other elements at will. Look at similar master classes: