Wolves cross stitch in charts

Wolves cross stitch in charts


The wolf is one of the most formidable predators in Europe. For many centuries he had been a fear to people. Many fairy tales and legends are associated with them. The most famous of them is about the Little Red Riding Hood. Observation of wolves in the twentieth century changed the view of them in the bud. Dangerous predators turned out to be faithful family men and devoted parents. All this did not hinder the perception of the wolf as a beautiful and noble animal. Therefore they often became a source of inspiration for needlewomen.
Cross-stitch embroidery with wolves is one of the mostPopular today. With their participation, designers create a wide variety of subjects. There are so many that it's very difficult to choose any one. However, breaking them into topics, you can significantly simplify your task. So, what are the sets for embroidery wolves offered to needlewomen?

Selection schemes

lone wolf

Embroidery, which depicts a lone wolf,Looks very attractive. Schemes with it are very popular. However, it is worth noting that the execution of such works is very laborious. In order for the wolf to look naturalistic, a large number of colors are used. Often the shades are difficult to distinguish, and the embroidery itself is made with a very small cross. Obviously, it is better to choose such work for handicraftsmen with experience.

For example, the above scheme assumesUse of 70 colors. In this case, the embroidery will be performed on the canvas Aida 14 with a filament of 2 additions. Obviously, this work will take a lot of time and effort. If there is such an opportunity, then it is desirable to perform it on tapestry hoops. Fans of diagonal and parallel "parking" can use this technique.

The following scheme, while assuming the use ofFewer colors (44 to 70), still require no less effort. The fact is that all the threads used by the mule are close shades. Such cross-stitch embroidery is recommended in natural light.


It has already been said about which wolves are trueFamily members and caring parents. These qualities of a formidable predator are reflected in numerous cross-stitch embroideries. The scheme "Happy couple" developed by DyanAllaire enjoys well-deserved popularity all over the world. However, it can not be called easy. To perform the work, the author recommends using the canvas of beige or cream color # 14 and embroidering the thread in 2 additions. In total, 38 colors of similar shades are used, so that the transitions are as smooth as possible, and the wolves are realistic. The size of the finished embroidery is medium - 40 by 30 cm.

Another original idea for embroidering wolves -This is the "Family Idyll" scheme. It depicts not easy pair, but a whole family of wolves. True, its implementation will take quite a long time. One hundred and twenty colors used and a size of 300 by 203 cross are parameters for time-consuming and voluminous work. To make the finished embroidery look dignified, it must be performed only on tapestry hoops and decorated in a beautiful baguette.

Wolves from cartoons However, wolves are alsoFrequent cartoon characters. So, you can always find options for simple embroideries for children. For example, it may be the most famous wolf from the cartoon "Well, wait!".

Or another famous wolf from the cartoon "Once upon a time there was a dog." True, this work is done in a large number of colors. However, the colors are bright and contrasting, which greatly simplifies the embroidery.

What scheme was chosen - a lone wolf,A married couple or an animated character, the main thing is that the work was a pleasure. Only one rule is important - calculate your strength and do not undertake too complicated embroidery.
A few more examples of interesting schemes: