Wood cuts in the interior for home decor (39 photos)

Wood cuts in the interior for home decor (39 photos)

One design option indoorscarried out using a saw cut tree. It is mainly used for country houses or cottages, but you can use this option to decorate the premises in the apartment. There are many types in design with the help of cuts, and we will try to get acquainted with some of them. Saws in the interior of the houseSaws in the interior of the house Content

Wall made of wood cuts

This part of the room is the most popular in terms of design, so it is the wall that is finished with wallpaper, whitewash or wooden material. Wood cut decorationThe decoration made of wood cutseven transverse layer of wood, which is often used in design decisions. Each of the elements is distinguished by its uniqueness, because it is simply impossible to cut exactly one into one perfectly. On each of the plates there are tree rings of trees, none of which can be repeated in others. In order to decorate the wall, we needdirectly cuts themselves, glue, varnish, paint or stain. To bring the saw to normal, you need to remove the upper part (bark), while the thickness of the layer will not have a strong value. Alternatively, you can leave the bark and that will betray a great effect for interiors in a rural or ethnic style. Recommendations for decorating with wooden saws

  • The first and most important point is the perfectly even walls on which we will glue the saw cuts. They must be pre-prepared and cleaned.
  • Consider the options for laying wood, because you can lay the entire wall, or make a small fragment or accent.
  • By the way, partial styling is sometimes used to design the head of the bed, or the area above it.
  • The cuts are best suited for lovers of a rustic or hunting style, who will be able to appreciate every element and design accessory.

Types of wood that is used for sawing indecor In principle, different tree species are used for log cabins, but the most popular are still: pine, spruce, ash, fir, oak and birch. After finishing work with wood and sticking, it will be necessary to cover everything with varnish and fixing agent. Types of woodTypes of wood for home decor

Do-it-yourself panel

The second popular use case(after finishing the walls). The very meaning of the panel is a certain composition, which is most often performed from several species of trees and their individual fragments. Simply put - this is a form of art in the form of a picture, which is made from log cabins with or without bark. PanelPanel of wooden saw cuts on the wall MostlyIt displays a certain abstraction, which emphasizes the atmosphere of the room. It can also be made from untreated wood, then only the part that is glued to the wall is processed. Fragments that can be additionally applied are stumps, branches and wood remains. You can create anything, the main thing would bedesire and inspiration. In addition, such a picture can be left untouched in the form in which it is or painted with paints, giving dynamism and brightness to your work of art. Additionally, some people apply ornaments, carvings, or other designs to the end part. A similar design can also be used to frame family photos, other paintings or objects.

Wood cut flooring

Because wood is often used asthe material used to cover the floor, log cabins here also found a place of application. The idea is quite interesting, the appearance of the final result will also not leave anyone indifferent. It is important to note that the branches for log cabins, which cover the floor, are absolutely not suitable. Here, the design will be carried out using larger wood elements. Saw flooringSaw flooring Please notethat the thickness of the cut for the floor will play a significant role, because the constant load in terms of furniture and other factors must be calculated. Another point - do not use a softwood tree, because it simply may not withstand a constant load. ` The process of finishing the floor will be a little more complicatedthan, for example, walls. It reveals itself in the likeness of ceramic tiles, and during installation they use a special solution. After the elements are installed, the workers perform grinding so that in the end we can get a perfectly smooth and beautiful surface. The final stage is varnishing, which in the future will prevent floor contamination.

A variety of options for using saw cuts in the interior

In fact, from wooden saw cuts you cancreate anything you want. This is not only the decoration of walls and floors, but also the creation of individual elements and accessories for interior decoration in the house. Designers have long used in their work such elements of wooden things from a saw as:

  • Flower pots. It would seem that everyone is used to seeing them exclusively ceramic. But no, the development of ideas in this direction did not stop at this material. Therefore, you can safely meet a wooden pot made of saw cut. PotPot + decor from saw cuts To create such a pot, not very thick branches are used, from which small circles are cut. Of these, the pot itself is actually made later.
  • Shelves. An integral part of any interior, without which you just can not do. They are made from a saw cut from a thick trunk, which is first polished and then varnished. Installation of the finished product takes place using brackets.
  • A shelfThick saw cut wood shelf

  • From a saw cut of a large tree, stands forhot plates and cups. The manufacturing process looks something like this: first they take a saw cut of a larger diameter, and from it take out the middle, in place of which a saw cut of a smaller diameter is installed. The result is a rather interesting intricate pattern, which in the future can be painted at will.
  • StandWooden Stand

  • A watch is another useful functional thing, withoutwhich is simply unrealistic to do. First you need to get the watch mechanism. Then, in a pre-prepared saw cut of wood, a middle is hollowed out, from which the holder of the arrows is withdrawn. After that, the arrows and numbers themselves are mounted (optional).
  • ClockWatches from a saw

  • Framework. Great decor for your favorite photos, made of cuts of small branches in diameter.
  • FrameFrame - makes it easy and simple

  • Hanger. Probably one of the most used items in the house. It is made of cuts of medium thickness, which are then inserted into a rectangular frame.
  • HangerDIY hanger

This is not the whole list of what can be made and how to apply it in the interior. But we can already conclude that quite a lot of useful, and most importantly necessary items in everyday life.

Stages of work with a cut

It’s logical that when an item is executed withsawing wood, it has not only its uniqueness, but also the nuances associated with the care of the material. Cross cuts open gaps that make the wood and the future item to which it will be applied vulnerable. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out initial, and then carpentry, in order to avoid unwanted nuances in the future. In case of restoration of such a tree,Bay method with special resin. The process takes several steps, the first of which is gluing the cracks with paper tape, then the resin is poured in layers. Each of the layers should dry thoroughly, only then you can fill in the next. The final step will be the milling of the saw cut and the removal of excess residues. Then the product can already be polished. The second step is polishing and oiling, after which the saw cut becomes even and smooth. At this stage, transitions of natural colors and coloring of the tree itself are already clearly distinguished. At the same time, oil impregnation allows you to see the structure and pattern of the saw. It will also protect against the negative effects of the surrounding space. In the end, we can summarize that wood saw cutsare an indispensable material both for the design of floors and walls, and for the manufacture of other household items we need. The main advantage will be that all this is made of natural and environmentally friendly materials that positively affect our health. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!