Wooden lamps with own hands

Wooden lamps with own hands

luminaireThe tree is quite specific finishingmaterial, not rarely used in the creation of interior in country houses, as well as in restaurants and cafes. In the wood-trimmed rooms, most of the luminaires on the market are inappropriate. Particularly disgusting are products made of plastic and other artificial materials. Optimum is the use of steel and wood lamps, made by own hands or to order. A combination of steel and wood, or several grades of wood, also looks good. In this article, we'll look at how you can make wooden lamps yourself, and also introduce you to interesting ideas that are used in production, but can also be used for self-production. Let's start with a simple desk or floor wooden lamp made from wooden cone-shaped boards. The luminaire has a very simple shape, is created in an elementary way and at the same time it looks impressive enough and when it is turned on and when it is off. Wooden lamps with own hands You can read a little about the manufacture of the lamp here. I would to an existing design would add another decorative wooden cover.

Lamps from clothes pegs

Wooden lamps with their own hands from pegscan have a different shape and size, but the design is almost the same everywhere - the usual wire clips are attached to the wire frame in a certain sequence, which can be glued for greater strength, and varnished, painted or exposed to other exterior finish for greater decorative effect. You can experiment with the appearance of lamps from clothespins, or try to do something from the already existing options. homemade lamp from pegs The basis is a metal grid with a shallow cell ofthin wire. You can use the finished mesh, bending it in the form of a cylinder and connecting the ends together, or you can weave the mesh yourself, if you do not have a ready-made option. The clothespins are attached to the grid, you can pre-apply a little glue on them, so that they stick better. homemade lamp from pegs Homemade table lamp from clothespins with a wooden frame and a base in the form of a wooden plaque. The clothespins appear to be clinging to each other, after which they are glued to the frame. homemade lamp from pegs Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful optionswooden lamp, made by hands of clothespins. The round shape makes it possible not to use the frame, but the base is still necessary, as is the sizing of the structure. homemade lamp from pegs Wooden ceiling lamp. It is very difficult to see how it was made, but it is possible to sort it out if desired. homemade lamp from pegs Original, but not very beautiful lamp (too simple at first glance). homemade lamp from pegs And the last option is a very simple wooden ceiling light from clothespins. Probably even too simple. He does not look very much.

Wooden chandeliers with their own hands

Wooden chandeliers are an imitation of antiquity andluxury. They are made for all sorts of rooms, decorated in an old style with the use of too bulky and rugged objects that allow you to create a unique atmosphere. We will start with products that are professionally manufactured to order. These products are quite realistic to do with their own hands, the main thing is that they (the hands) were skillful enough. wooden chandeliers Very simple chandelier made from a wooden block. All you need for the manufacture of components, you can buy in stores. wooden chandeliers A similar option, but instead of pots, decorative lights are used. wooden chandeliers Another chandelier with pots, but with a much more complicated design. wooden chandeliers Very beautiful wooden chandelier. It will be extremely difficult to manufacture this yourself, as metal components are likely to have to be ordered somewhere or carried out by hand. wooden chandeliers The chandelier is a luminaire made from a half log, the internal part of which is equipped with lighting devices, and on the outside, fastening devices. wooden chandeliers One of the most popular options for making a wooden chandelier. Old wheels are used by many craftsmen, the difference is only in the selection and arrangement of not them lighting elements. wooden chandeliers This chandelier is made of pieces of wood,glued together. This is easy to do on your own, and the required material can be found in any forest. It is important (!), Making wooden chandeliers with their own hands to remember that they are quite heavy, and accordingly they need reliable fastenings and powerful ceilings. Otherwise the chandelier can fall at the most inopportune moment and cripple someone. Luminaire from branches Luminaire from branches of various trees is a great idea for decoration of premises. They are easily manufactured, have a minimal cost and, most importantly, they have an original and attractive appearance. Several options for finished fixtures are presented below. You can invent something of your own, the imagination is limited only by the shape and size of the branches available at your disposal. luminaire luminaire luminaire luminaire luminaire