Wooden blinds in the interior (25 photos)

Wooden blinds in the interior (25 photos)


    Wooden blinds in the interior

    Modern blinds can have vertical orhorizontal arrangement of plates, they can be made of plastic, fabric or wood, have different sizes and shades, are able to protect from bright sunlight and from extraneous noise. However, wooden blinds are most often used as a decorating component. Such blinds, even a room with the most ordinary design, can give a certain zest.

    Horizontal blinds made of wood

    Horizontal wooden blinds are designed the same way.as well as any other blinds with horizontal arrangement of plates. For the manufacture of horizontal blinds, many types of wood can be used. It can be oak, wenge, hornbeam, beech, mahogany and other types of wood. Wooden blinds can be harmoniously combined with any style, but most often they are used in the classic interior, as well as in the interior of the Art Nouveau style. They look good on the windows of offices, hotels and hotels. Horizontal blinds in the interiorHorizontal wooden blinds in the interior

    Vertical wood blinds

    Vertical blinds can be bamboo orwicker. Wicker blinds are wooden planks attached vertically, which are upholstered with various weaves from fabric elements. Vertical blinds will give any interior a certain charm and comfort. Most often, vertical blinds are used to create an oriental style in the interior. Vertical blinds are able to visually make the space larger, so they will look great in small rooms. Vertical wooden blinds in the interiorVertical wooden blinds in the interior

    The advantages of wooden blinds

    Wooden blinds have three main advantages. Firstly, such blinds are made of environmentally friendly materials, which means that they can not harm human health. Secondly, wood is a fairly durable material and therefore blinds can last a long time. Thirdly, wooden blinds are very simple and pleasant to use. Manufacturers produce blinds with different widths of lamellas. For offices and offices, it is worth choosing blinds with wide slats. Such blinds are able to create a business environment in the room and a perspective look. Wooden blinds with thin slats will look good in the bedroom or living room. Most advantageously, they will look on small windows. Wooden shutters in the officeWooden shutters in the office Wooden blinds go well with curtains andlambrequins. So the blinds protect the room from direct sunlight, and the curtains give the room coziness and comfort. In rooms made in a classic, modern or Japanese style, especially if the room has a lot of wooden furniture without wooden blinds, you just can not do. Such a room looks harmonious and very beautiful. Wooden blinds in the living room interiorWooden blinds in the living room interior Wooden blinds in the bedroomWooden blinds in the bedroom Due to the increased humidity, specialists do notrecommend installing wooden blinds in the kitchen and in the bathroom. However, subject to certain rules for the use of wooden blinds and proper care, you can maintain their original appearance for a long time and extend the service life. However, textile blinds can be a good alternative to wooden blinds in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Wooden shutters in the kitchenWooden shutters in the kitchen Wooden shutters in the bathroomWooden shutters in the bathroom

    Wood blinds care

    Wooden blinds do not require anycertain care. They need to be cleaned with a soft cloth or a special nozzle for a vacuum cleaner. At the same time, it is not necessary to remove the blinds from the window. It should be remembered that the tree does not like water, and excessive moisture will damage the material. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!