Wooden candlesticks with their own hands: photos and workshops

Wooden candlesticks with their own hands: photos and workshops

Wood is an indispensable material forcreating various original things that can decorate the interior of any apartment or house. Incredibly beautiful and stylish decor elements are wooden candlesticks, which are fairly easy to make with your own hands. Such candlesticks, even without a lit candle, always look very attractive and will attract views if placed on an open shelf or coffee table. wooden candlestick "heart" Candlestick from old wooden bracelets. Article content:

Design solutions

Designer wooden candle standsquite expensive, and the acquisition of the usual standard is not a reason for pride. The best option would be to make a candlestick made of wood with your own hands, and for this you do not need to have special skills. Root-shaped designer candlestick Horseshoe candlestick From hazelnut branches From wooden thickbranches, saw cuts, snags and even thin twigs, you can quite easily make wonderful and very original candlesticks with your own hands, such as those shown in the photo. Besides the fact that such an unusual element will be a worthy decoration of any room, a wooden candlestick, made with your own hands, can be an excellent and unique gift for loved ones.

How to make a candlestick made of wood with your own hands

One of the easiest ways to make an original candlestick made of wood is to use rather thick branches, birch branches are perfect for this option. Birch candlestick Operating procedure:

  • They need to be cut into pieces, about 10 centimeters in height.
  • Inside each of them, using a drill, you need to make a recess for the candle.
  • The edges of the candlestick should be treated with sandpaper, set the candle in the recess and you can enjoy the new decor in the apartment.
  • Making a hole with a drill In addition to this method, there are other options for how you can make a variety of candlesticks out of wood with your own hands, without having to spend a lot of time. 5-6 candlesticks of different lengths create a beautifuleffect Tree with gold coating Just like the previous version, you can make candlesticks from any tree, peeling bark from them and paint the bases of the candlesticks with golden paint. Thus, you give the candlesticks a more festive look. The base is painted with acrylic spray paint.From a thick whole branch A thick branch can not be sawn, but can be made from it a stand for several candles. To do this, put it horizontally and make several recesses for the entire length of small candles. Such a stand will be an ideal decoration for the table, and it will also look great above the fireplace. From the whole cut of the tree - looks great on the table The candlestick from the old snag looks great on the floor From an old frozen tree From a barIt is not necessary to look for a suitable branch to create a wooden candlestick; you can make it using a piece of timber. It only needs to make recesses for the candles in the cups and attach metal horseshoes to the sides, which will perform the function of the legs. The result will be a very stylish decor element. From solid timber, and the old horseshoes on the sides are attached with nails If you are unable to find thick branches, thisno reason to be upset. You can buy a candle in a glass beaker and paste around it in a circle with thin sprigs. Despite the fact that to make such a candlestick is quite simple and fast, it looks just amazing! Small branches are attached to the glass "liquid nails" It is better to glue a tree to a tree with silicone glue.old roots From wood that has lain for a long time in the water and has become very durable from this, and also has acquired an unusual shape, color and size, you can make an incredible candlestick. The principle of operation is quite simple:

  • It is only necessary to join together several of these branches with silicone glue.
  • To the top of some glue the metal base for the candles.
  • This candlestick looks very beautiful and certainly will not go unnoticed. Candlestick from old branches Peeled and processed tree roots Fastening the roots to each other using silicone glue From wood that has lain for a long time inwater Candlesticks from bark Openwork wooden candlesticks from a tree look especially beautiful and fascinating, while making them is quite simple. In a birch bark, you need to make holes of various shapes using a knife, and then insert a candle in a glass inside. A candlestick made of birch bark A candlestick made of thick branches A very original and stylish candlestick made of wood can be made quite simply with a minimum of effort.

  • To do this, you need to fasten the required number of candlesticks from the branches to the stable stand.
  • In each of which, on top you need to drive a nail and bite off the cap with pliers.
  • Then put candles on these pins, and decorate the candlestick with decorative elements.
  • This candlestick will be a stylish decoration for any holiday. Mount the candle to the spoon Mounting a candle on a regular nail With hotwaxing An unusually beautiful candlestick can be made from a small saw cut of a thick branch, making one large recess completely filling it with wax and inserting several wicks for candles. A set of candles from the tree Apple Wooden saw cut with wax Candles with colored wax besides being unusualOriginal and stylish wooden candlesticks made with your own hands look especially beautiful, they will also last a very long time delighting you with their appearance.