Wooden furniture in the interior (50 photos)

Wooden furniture in the interior (50 photos)


    Wooden furniture in the interior of the house and apartment

    In the modern world, wooden furniture is no lessmore popular than in past centuries. Of course, civilizations are actively developing now, introducing the latest technologies into everyday life, but it is not surprising that people strive to equip comfortable and safe living conditions. To this end, various natural materials are often used in interior design. Wood is an environmentally friendly, natural material that can bring an atmosphere of peace and comfort to a house. The useful properties and close relationship of this material and man are evidenced by countless ancient works. Therefore, wood occupies a leading position among various natural materials that designers use to decorate the interior of country houses and city apartments. At present, when decorating, people are less and less using artificially created analogies of natural materials. Therefore, the most relevant and popular is the use of wooden elements. It can be wooden parquet, furniture, accessories, floors, frames and ceilings. Another advantage of wood can be called the fact that this material goes well with elements of glass, metal and leather.

    Wooden furniture in a modern interior

    Wood, unlike various artificialmaterials that can fill any room with genuine energy of nature. One has only to touch it and you can feel the warmth, and if you look closely at the pattern of annual rings, go back to the past. Most of the world's leading designers give preference to furniture elements that are sawn from a single tree trunk, on which all knots and cracks are clearly expressed. Often the surface of such furniture is specially discolored and gives it a dilapidated appearance. Such furniture resembles the furnishings of simple peasants. Another popular modern trend in interior design is the elements of wooden furniture made from old boards, locks and hinges. Similar, crude at first glance, furniture gives the room an eccentricity. An example is ordinary stumps, from which the entire bark is removed, they are used as furniture elements in a modern interior. An unrivaled effect can be obtained if stumps are used in combination with leather upholstered furniture and some additional attributes. Wooden furniture in the interiorWooden furniture in the interior

    Wood elements and dining area

    The dining room and kitchen are not only where you canenjoy the process of eating, here a person can relax and chat with his family. In the dining area most of all I want to create an atmosphere of harmony, comfort and warmth. Better than all other materials, it is the tree that can handle this task. And you can use it for such purposes in different ways. A refined and unique interior will be obtained by combining modern, stylish pieces of furniture with a countertop made of processed, even logs. Using elements made of natural wood, you can get the interior of the kitchen and dining room in a rustic style. Such a kitchen looks more traditional, but no less stylish. In such a kitchen, the dominant role is played by wood, from the decoration of the floor and walls to various accessories. Wooden furniture in the interior of the dining roomWooden furniture in the interior of the dining room

    The combination of possibilities when creating an interior with wooden furniture

    Interior in which variouswooden elements, has a huge variety of different solutions. It all depends on personal preferences and capabilities. This can be the use of expensive author's furniture and beautiful handmade accessories, or supplement the hearth or fireplace with an additional place for storing fragrant and dry firewood. Wooden hi-tech is becoming an increasingly popular stylistic trend in interior design. The combination of natural material with the clarity of its forms and furniture elements made of modern materials will make the atmosphere of the room stylish and warm at the same time. If the preference in interior design was given to the trendy hi-tech trend, with large windows and high ceilings, then the finish of the floors, walls and ceilings with natural wood will fill the atmosphere of housing with a special touch. Wooden furniture is an integral part of the Scandinavian style of the interior. Furniture in such an interior has, for the most part, a simple rectangular design. If the interior decoration of the walls and floor is made of wood, do not overload its space with unnecessary elements or bulky furniture. It is enough to establish a small table, place a soft carpet of light shade on the floor and put a set of upholstered furniture made of natural materials. Wooden furniture in a contemporary styleWooden furniture in a contemporary style And we just have to look at examples of whichwooden furniture can be used in the interior of your apartment or house, as well as its various rooms, because for the kitchen we need one, for the living room another, and for the bedroom or bathroom - the third. Let's get it right.

    Wooden table in the interior of the kitchen

    Wooden table and log benches in the interior of a country houseWooden table and log benches in the interior of a country house In the kitchen, the king is the table, alsowhy not choose it from natural wood or not do it yourself? Buying a wooden table, like any other furniture, is not a problem - at least light, at least dark, at least painted, at least simply covered with varnish or stain, at least round or oval, at least square or rectangular. It can be either an ordinary table or some design option, for example, with a worktop made from a whole saw cut of wood or made with your own hands from an old door or wooden barrel.

    Wooden chairs in the interior of the kitchen and dining room

    White wooden chairs combined with a black table in the kitchenWhite wooden chairs combined with a black table in the kitchen If you decide to put in the dining room or onthe kitchen has a wooden table; wooden chairs are included in it. Most often, this furniture is chosen to match the color of the table, but why not take advantage of some more interesting design ideas? For example, in a set in a dark table you can pick up light chairs, for black - white, or even take multi-colored ones if you want to add bright colors to the dining area. By the way, this is how you can decorate country wooden multi-colored chairs - just paint them in one or several different colors.

    Wooden coffee tables in the living room

    Low wooden coffee table in the living room interiorLow wooden coffee table in the living room interior Another piece of furniture that is most oftenit is chosen from wood - it is a coffee table in the living room. It can also be either simple or some unusual design - in the photo below you will find a few examples. Well, for those who do not have the opportunity to purchase designer clothes, but want to get something original at home, we offer two simple master classes on how to do it yourself or with your own hands.

    Wooden worktops in the interior of the kitchen

    Scandinavian-style wooden worktop in the kitchenScandinavian-style wooden worktop in the kitchen Another thing in the kitchen, which is not quite, but allit can also be attributed to furniture - this is a countertop. For some reason, the majority chooses, but wooden countertops look more advantageous. However, it all depends on the interior style of your kitchen. Wooden tabletops are most popular in the kitchens in the Swedish or Scandinavian style - it’s the place where wooden furniture lovers live, and this idea came from there, but here is how it comes to life:

    Wooden armchairs in the living room interior

    Designer wooden armchairs in the living roomDesigner wooden armchairs in the living room In the living room, wooden furniture may be different. We have already talked about coffee tables, why not add wooden chairs to them? Of course, sitting on a tree may not be too pleasant, but here pillows with covers, which are usually already included, will come to our aid. The chair may be ordinary, or maybe something interesting. For example, why not have a rocking chair in your living room? They are most often made of wood. Or do not do it yourself with a hanging chair made of rope and boards.

    Cabinets and shelves made of wood in the interior of the house

    Large wardrobe made of solid wood in the living room in the houseLarge wardrobe made of solid wood in the living room in the house And what exactly is most often made of wood - sothese are cabinets, walls, sideboards, display cases and various racks, so such furniture is more likely the rule than the exception. But there may also be options. Say, cabinets and walls made of solid wood - it is stylish, beautiful, rich, but expensive. But simple cabinets and shelves made of pine can be bought very cheaply in the same IKEA - unpainted options are usually chosen for a summer residence, and painted or varnished for home.

    Wooden dressers in the interior of the apartment

    Chest and drawer for TV in wood in the design of the living roomChest and drawer for TV in wood in the design of the living room A chest of drawers is another thing that may bemost often it happens to be wooden. Such furniture is not in every house, but if you already have a chest of drawers in the living room or bedroom, then why not? By the way, this does not have to be an unpainted tree, although such dressers, covered with varnish, also look very stylish. But it can be - in the article by reference, we recommend looking at examples and photos.

    Wooden shelves in the interior of the house

    Smooth wooden shelves in the bedroom next to the bedSmooth wooden shelves in the bedroom next to the bed And another option is the shelves. Here fantasy can play out to the fullest. Shelves - this is such wooden furniture that is in almost every home, and with their help you can add something extraordinary to your home. Of course, for classic interiors, they usually choose strict shelves with consoles or those that are attached directly to the wall, as in the photo below. But if you decide to show imagination - why not make shelves in the house with your own hands? We already wrote about - there are options for making shelves. We also recommend reading,.

    Wooden furniture in the interior photo

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