Knitted wool socks with 5 knitting needles. Detailed diagram with description and photo for beginners

Knitted wool socks with 5 knitting needles. Detailed diagram with description and photo for beginners

"... Goose paws paws, says: "I'm afraid of winters" ... I remind myself of this character with the onset of autumn. I really do not like cold, damp. So I want to get into a comfortable armchair, legs tucked up, and hiding behind a warm blanket to watch my favorite movie. And a cup of hot chocolate - can it be something more pleasant after a busy day? Of course, this desire passes after a while - I want a stormy activity. It's a pity that you can not warm yourself with one desire. woolen socks on 5 spokes. Photo №1 The only way out, for a merzlyachki, like me -warm, woolen socks. Of course they can be bought, but they can not warm up so much as related things, they will not be any more. Therefore, if you, like me, at the end of the working day prefer a few minutes to warm up under a warm blanket, take a hank of wool and knitting needles. For watching the movie you can create great socks, in which no winter is terrible. It does not take much time, but you will like the result of the effort. woolen socks on 5 spokes. Photo # 2 For this we need:

  • Wool - 100 gr., Color any, for your taste. Yarn Javol, which consists of 75% sheep wool, 18% polyamide, 7% polyacryl;
  • set of 5 stocking knitting needles No. 2.5.

Let's start knitting our openwork socks with a lapel. A detailed description will help you:

  • The size of the finished product, approximately 37/38.
  • For the lapel, you need to collect 56 loops. On each spoke you will have 14 loops each.
  • Then we start knitting the gum. Alternately, we sew 1 front / 1 back loop. The height of the gum of our product should be 4 cm.
  • Then we sew 2 circular rows (we sew all loops with the facial ones). In this case, in the 1st circular row, we subtract 2 loops from each spoke.
  • Our knitting needles should have 48 loops
  • We send 4 circular rings with facial loops. Then we sew 1 openwork circular series. We knit by the scheme, repeating the report from 6 loops from the 1st to the 4th rows.
  • After 7 centimeters from the elastic we begin to knit a heel according to the general rules of knitting socks.
  • After we tied the heel, we continue: the loops of the 1st and 4th spokes are executed by the facial smoothness, on the knitting needles 2-4 we continue to knit an openwork pattern.
  • After 19 cm from the middle of the heel, we add 1 loop to the 2nd and 4th spokes and begin knitting the toe by the general rules of knitting socks.

woolen socks on 5 spokes. Picture №3 Favorite movie came to an end, the screen shows the final credits, and in your hands, look, brand new socks! Let them give you warmth, warming their legs at this time of year.