Workplace on the balcony: we settle in free space (35 photos)

Workplace on the balcony: we settle in free space (35 photos)

Not always in the house there is enough space where you canarrange a workplace for your needs, whether it be work, needlework or a workshop. Therefore, if you have a balcony in your apartment, this is simply wonderful, because it is there that you can create an appropriate atmosphere for the work process. Organization of a workplace on balcony BDepending on the type of activity and desire, it will be necessary to functionally decorate the balcony area. There are many options for using it. Now we will consider a few of them. Content

General recommendations for arranging work areas

  • One of the tips will be to avoid bigdimensional furniture, which will clutter up a small space, as well as interfere with work. It is best if everything is as compact and functional as possible.
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    Compact furniture for home office

  • Anyway, it is not recommended to carry out work on the balcony associated with hazardous chemical elements or fire hazard situations.
  • Think about the issue of soundproofing and room lighting.
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    Work area lighting on the balcony

  • Stock up on protective equipment or eliminate undesirable consequences after work (broom, scoops, dustbin, etc.).
  • Workplace for a student on the balcony

    Most people are used to having a workplace forLessons and other tasks should be in the room. But there is not always enough space for everything to be fully done. Therefore, the balcony can fit perfectly, only it will be necessary to properly arrange it. Designing a workplace for a student There are certain rules and requirements that make it best to do this.

  • First of all, on the balcony should beunnecessary sounds or noises are limited. Accordingly, it will be necessary to put soundproof windows and doors that can protect against external irritants.
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    Doors and windows for protection against extraneous sounds

  • The second very important point in arranging a workplace for your student is lighting. So that the child does not spoil his vision, you will need to think carefully about the lighting scheme and additional lamps.
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    Lighting and layout of the workplace

  • Next, we warm our balcony. This is also an important step, because if you spend a lot of time on the balcony, you need to have a constant average temperature there without drafts and other negative factors.
  • Since the child needs to study constantlyuse different books, notebooks and other school subjects, he will definitely need a place where they can be stored. It can be a small cabinet or a shelf. The main thing is that access to them is always open and everything is “at hand”.
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    Shelves and boxes for storing school items

  • The working area of ​​the child should not be strictlyframed, and even vice versa - to betray comfort and coziness. Of course, the workplace on the balcony should remain functional, but a little paint or bright accessories will not hurt. It’s good if you will create the interior of this zone with your child, who will be able to make his own corrections and wishes. Remember that the most important thing in the workplace is still points about a comfortable chair and table, good lighting and pleasant interior details.
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    Beautiful stylish interior design for a student on the balcony

    Workplace for creativity on the balcony

    The balcony is non-standard, but very creativea place where you can create and translate your ideas into reality. Depending on what kind of activity you are going to do, you will need to equip the premises accordingly. There you can knit, cut, sew, draw, etc. Workplace organization for creative ideas onbalcony For starters, it is recommended to take a sheet of paper and draw about the arrangement of all the necessary items for creativity. In accordance with the type of activity, it can be a sewing machine, an easel, etc. Additionally, you will need to come up with a place to store materials for work. Next, be sure to think through all the moments with lighting, because it is very important that there is a sufficient amount of light. This will protect you from problems with your eyes and eyesight. Table lamp for lighting the working areaWallpapers Another good point is the protection of children, because objects can be dangerous if your child accidentally gets on the balcony. Store cutting and piercing items in containers on the top shelves. A similar rule will apply to small fittings. Jar sorting - child protectionand order at work For convenience, get a comfortable chair that will provide you with a pleasant job. Well, if it will have wheels, it is adjustable in terms of height and tilt of the seat, and you also need to beautifully arrange it with your own hands. Remember that the selection of a chair is a very important point, because not only the quality and duration of work, but also the health of your back will depend on this. Unusual decoration of a chair for work Fromsmall but useful tips - make small pockets and decorate the armrests with them. This will create not only a beautiful cozy working atmosphere, but will also be useful in work when you need to put accessories somewhere. One of the convenient tools at hand to maintain order in the workplace are the so-called "organizers." They can be small fabric pockets, baskets, boxes, special racks with drawers, jars and other glass containers. Wall-mounted organizer for easy operationit will be very convenient for needlewomen to use precisely glass things in which it is possible to store accessories and other accessories for work. If you still use ordinary boxes - in this case, you should definitely make stickers on each of them, on which to write what is stored there. Transparent cans for storage of accessories A good solution for storing things on the wall will be a regular metal grill. It will be possible to place objects on it with the help of rails and hooks. Wall rails for trifles necessary in the work. Also, using the usual roof rails on the walls, it is possible to mount baskets, tools, and many other things that will be needed in the work.

    Workshop on the balcony

    In case your job is toworkshop products, and there is absolutely no place where to do it - you can equip a balcony area for this. It is optimal to think about the project of a workshop on a balcony plot only if it has a size of at least 1.5m * 3m. Home workshop on your balcony WorkplaceA home workshop is a very important step. First of all, from bulky items you will need to buy or build a workbench table. It must be made of a solid construction that can withstand different loads. It is best if the table is made of metal or wood. Workshop table on the balcony. Very important.come up with a place where you will store improvised tools. The main thing here is that you can easily access them at the right time, when necessary. Tool storage shelves As an option,put on the balcony shelving, where you can also save the items you need. In addition, the option of a wooden bar is appropriate on one of the shelves, where you can hang tools or objects that are used in the work. For example, you can drill several through holes for screwdrivers, and drive a few carnations to store keys. Variant of the tool cabinet There is no doubt that it will be necessary to equip the workplace in the workshop with several containers in which nuts, washers, nails and other small material will be stored.

    Home loom on the balcony

    In today's world, small portable home machines can often be found in shops or bazaars. Among them there are such options as: circular, lathe, surface gage, jointer and others. Home Workshop Machines If You Havethere was a desire and need to purchase a couple of such devices, be sure to think about the moment exactly where they will be placed on the balcony. Most often, most of them will need a strong and stable base, which can be in the form of a metal bed and other similar devices. Then, in this situation, think about options for flooring and creating safe working conditions. The surface of the floor and walls in the workshop should be easy to clean and not be in bright colors. First of all, the working area should be equipped with comfortable furniture and additional functional elements. As you can see, the balcony can be used in differentworking goals, while maintaining a certain balance between the arrangement of each of them. First of all, this is the moment of competent lighting and placement of dimensional objects (tables, drawers, shelves). Selection of a chair in which it will be comfortable and convenient to be will be of great importance. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!