Master class of children's crafts for the New Year - a collection and master classes of works

Master class of children's crafts for the New Year - a collection and master classes of works

Children are the flowers of life! And every parent wants to invest in his child a maximum of knowledge, so that he had the opportunity to realize himself from many different areas. But, babies are also very moody and harmful, especially when it comes to any painstaking work. Little rascals do not want to work on serious crafts to improve their skills in needlework, develop imagination and improve motor skills. It's not surprising, because any child needs to give a goal, with the help of which his work will make sense!

Master class of children's crafts for the New Year - a collection and master classes of works

New Year's Eve is the best occasion for a babycreate something new and unique that will help make his craft an interesting and really special experiment in the field of needlework. Each kid expects a holiday with special trepidation and often seeks to help parents to decorate the house, help in creating new decorations or prepare small gifts for loved ones. Let's look at examples of popular and interesting products, with which it is very easy to decorate the house and teach the child something new! The first variant of the work from the salted dough How to decorate a craft for the New Year to a child ?. Photo №1 What is the most favorite occupation of a child in the periodNew Year? Specific can not be named, but there are the most loved ones. Among them there is also a modeling of a snowman, thanks to which the child can express his creativity and just have fun with children! And what if the snow falls this year in the wrong amount to sculpt such "natural crafts"? Of course, you can use the services of a special material - a salt test. With the help of a special instruction and a set of necessary materials, we will make a snowman who will not melt.

  • Prepare flour for processing
  • Also need salt
  • Take the water
  • For decoration you will need blue gouache
  • Garlic press for processing
  • Toothpick for fastening
  • Acrylic lacquer

Initially, you should prepare a saltedtest. Therefore, we take salt, water and flour in order to mix our material. The first part of the test we paint with blue gouache. Also, to work on the product you may need a garlic press. Particular attention should be given to the design of the snowman's face elements. To do this, you need to use the toothpick service. How to decorate a craft for the New Year to a child ?. Photo # 2 We continue to work on the hand-made articles.The help of the white test element is two variants of small cakes in different sizes. We do one for the trunk, the other we form for the head of the future snowman. The snowman's face is formed immediately, as the head was glued together. With the help of a toothpick, as in the picture, we squeeze the mouth. Then, use the notches to make the eye elements. We form from the pieces of dough elements of cakes for hands and feet! How to decorate a craft for the New Year to a child ?. Picture №3 Also, we will also be decorating our snowman. For this, using a blue dough, we form the cap in the desired shape, and then use the toothpick to apply the required pattern. Then, roll out the blue dough material into the shape of a rectangle in order to make a scarf. Form the notches on one side of the scarf to make the fringe. This is a piece of scarf. Also, using the test, we form buttons. Then, in the hand of the snowman, you need to fix the toothpick. With the help of garlic crusher, we need to press the dough in a blue tint. Using the strips that will form from this manipulation, you need to make a broom. Then, wait for the elements to dry up and put the broom on the toothpick. Then, we deform the scarf to the shape we need. Then, dry the hand-made and cover with acrylic lacquer, so that the colors of the product are bright! That's all, our work on the snowman is completed. How to decorate a craft for the New Year to a child ?. Photo №4 Gingerbread house Making a gingerbread house isa task that will require from you a little ingenuity and a desire to create impromptu. Relatives and loved ones should be pleased with colorful New Year souvenirs. Just think, what can be more pleasant than a gift, which is organized by own hands and contains a little warmth and love from your hands? Thanks to the organization of a suspension bracket made of polymer clay in the form of a house-carrot, we will try to please loved ones. And, as it is possible to detail the details of our work!

  • Prepare polymer clay: red, chocolate, brown, green, white
  • Cutter square (large diameter)
  • Stationery knife, blade
  • Clay in liquid form (gel)
  • Needle
  • Fimo stick, strawberry pattern
  • Roller for acrylic or machine paste
  • Connector ring
  • Castle-carbine

With the help of hands it is necessary to make elasticmaterial of sand or brown clay. We use the maximum mode of the paste machine in order to make a very thin layer (5 millimeters and below). Then, the layer needs to be rolled out. With the help of a blade, we cut off not even edges and cut the base of the house, using a rectangular shape to a width of 30 millimeters. With the help of a square cutter in a large diameter (not less than 40 millimeters), we cut out the shape of the roof of the house. If you do not have such a cutter, cut out the roof with a blade. For the average mode of the paste machine at a rate of 2.5 millimeters, we roll out a layer of dark-brown clay that looks like a chocolate shade. Foundation and candy! We cut off a thin strip and lay at the base of the house, forming a foundation. We use the blunt side of the knife to press the longitudinal type of furrows, using the entire length of the foundation, having the same interval. Using any smaller diameter cutter with a rounded part, cut out the shape of the half of the oval using a layer of clay chocolate. Then, we lay our workpiece on the middle of the foundation, and with the help of the needle needle form the surface of the door, we make longitudinal stripes. Similarly to the process of creating a foundation when drawing, we form the edging for each wall of a house made of plastic of chocolate. Next, take a fruity set of fimo sticks (any variant of fruit will do), for example, strawberries and cut off from it three pieces in a thin form. They will decorate the house windows and be part of the product. On the surface of the house it is necessary to lay two windows that will be parallel to each other. Also, we form one loft-window using strawberry slices. With the help of white plastic, you need to roll a thin strip, and then - wrap it with her strawberry windows. We use polymer clay in white colors in order to make a small ball, and then decorate the door. Then, take the strips in the same values ​​for the length, as well as the diameter of the plastic. It will take a red and white shade. We twist with the help of a bundle of sticks among ourselves, we roll out the flagellum, so that it is even. From the striped bundle it is necessary to cut off small elements that need to be folded in one of the ends of the strip to form a candy element. We lay them to the upper side of the house. With the help of polymer clay in green, we form droplets of oblong species, we lay them with candies and form a longitudinal version of the furrows with the help of a toothpick rib, using the entire length.