Stoles with knitting needles and diagrams with a description of knitting

Stoles with knitting needles and diagrams with a description of knitting


To tie a tippet with own hands dreams, probably,Every woman. This is very simple, since the knitting pattern itself is a rectangle. There are no complicated subtractions and additions for loops. To make a thing more interesting will help drawing, the complexity of which depends on the skill of the master. We offer the most simple schemes for knitting.

Tippet "blue waves"

Knit stoles will be needles number 7, although you canReplace them with a higher number. Imitation of waves is perfect for yarns that are soft blue. It will take 3 skeins. Additionally, pins and locking pins are required.

The abbreviations are as follows:

  • 2LP together, tilt to the left - remove 2 LP, return them back to the left spoke, tie both at the rear wall;
  • 3LP together, tilt to the left - remove 3 LP, return back, tie simultaneously behind the rear walls;
  • Remove 2 loops - 1 LP - throw - take off 2p., We sew 1 LP, we put 2 removed on the knitted eyelet.

In accordance with this description, we knit the bulk of the thing. The length of it may vary, depending on your preferences.
We type on knitting needles 96 st. 1P.- all eyelets. 2P. - 3 LP, 90 IP, 3 LP. From 1 to 24 rubles. We tie the bulk of the thing. Rapport of 14 points is repeated 6 times in a row. After this, repeat 1-8 r.
Pattern the edging by the pattern below. The method is called Cable cast on. We start with a set of 25-121 p. Rows 1 to 16 are tied according to a drawing. Each series ends with the fact that we connect the loop of the rim with the loop of the shawl. We close all the loops at the end of the last row.

A preliminary set of 96 items is transferred to the spoke. The reverse side of the rim is similar to the previous side.
The product ends simply: it is necessary to fill the ends of the threads. To form a wavy edge, through 5-6 nakid we extend the locking spokes.

Tippet for a summer walk

An interesting pattern for any cape is presented in the following scheme. If it's cool, you can tie this stole to your head. He will give your image style and charm.
The size of the finished product is 157 * 30 or 156 * 56 cm. The density of the mating is medium. We need needles of 8 mm and from 3 to 6 coils of yarn, depending on the width of the tippet.
Even for beginner needlewomen, it will not be difficult to make a tippet with knitting needles according to the attached drawing.
We collect 39/71 items. Firstly we perform a dress code - only 14 rubles. Next - the main pattern:

  • 1P. - 4ЛП, / 4ЛП, 1НК, 2ЛП together, 1НК, 1 shoot, 2ЛП together and stretch through the step taken in the previous step, 1 NK, 2 LP together (slope to the left), 1НК, 5 ЛП /. Everything that is between / ... / - we repeat, while on a spoke there will be no 3 p. They are tied with facial;
  • 2P. Is the wrong side of the product. The pattern of the scheme is as follows: 3 LP, the rest are IP, until there is no 3p left on the spoke. We knit them with facial.

Continue to knit a stole, repeating these steps in turn. Then repeat 14 r. Costume design.

White tippet - the very charm

Another interesting pattern for a stole would be worth considering in more detail. Unlike the previous scheme, it is more dense and will warm you during the hours of autumn rains.
For a product that measures 140-37 cm, approximately 240 grams will be required. Yarn of white color.
On the spokes № 4 we collect 87 items. From 1 to 5 rubles. We carry out a handkerchief. In row 6 (it will be purl), it is necessary to add 17n. It is easy to do this - over the entire length of the row, we evenly make the capes at approximately equal intervals.
Starting with the 7 r. Execute the pattern according to the scheme. Dedicated rapport will have to be repeated 3 times. The work will go fast, as the drawing is not very complicated. When the length of the product will be equal to 138 cm, again we repeat the dress code - only 3 rows. Now you can close the loop. The product is ready.

Light and airy

A tie can be fastened with knitting needles quickly enough for another pattern. It is wide enough, so it takes about 10 skeins of yarn.
We will start with 137 p. First, there is garter stitching - only 7 r. After that you can proceed to the simple scheme presented in the photo.

When approximately 175 cm canvas is knitted, it is possible to go over again to a dress code. At the end, the eyelets close.

Video: How to knit an openwork tippet with knitting needles

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