Yellow color in the interior: wallpaper, furniture, nurseries, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms in yellow colors

Yellow color in the interior: wallpaper, furniture, nurseries, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms in yellow colors

You are thinking about repairing and don’t know in whichcolors to decorate your room? First, decide if you have enough sun and light in the room. And if not, then opt for yellow. Almost every modern person is familiar with the basics of color therapy, i.e. about the effect of color on our well-being and emotional perception of the world. Of the three primary colors (yellow, red and blue), it is yellow that is the lightest and most airy, affecting the brain and intelligence. According to Feng Shui, yellow is the color of eternity and glory, and in European culture it is a symbol of gold and wealth. gelt12Yellow Corner of Rest So you stopped atyellow spectrum. But, as in everything, it is necessary to observe the measure, and in the use of yellow in particular. Excessive “yellowness” in the room leads to irritability and fatigue. Content

    Yellow in the bathroom

    So small (for ordinary apartments) premisesA bathtub overflowing with yellow can cause dizziness and even cause nausea. Therefore, in the bathroom, it is better to use only yellow accessories: towels, soap dishes, curtains that would suit the style of the main color. gelt01Bathroom in yellow gelt03The combination of yellow shades in the bathroom gelt02Yellow bathroom trim

    The use of yellow in the office

    In the office, too, do not abuseyellow. Due to the abundance of the "sun" it will be difficult to focus on solving important problems and make the right decision. Here, as in the bathroom, yellow is permissible in a limited number, but with a predominance of golden tones. This indicates the solidity and respectability of the owner of the cabinet. In the working room, it is enough to put on the table a writing set in rich golden color or a separate cupboard or even draw up a niche in golden yellow tones. gelt23Work corner in yellow shades gelt22Work furniture in yellow gelt21Work cabinet in a combination of yellow and brown tones

    The use of yellow in the bedroom

    Care must be taken with yellow tobedroom decoration. This is a place of rest and peace, and yellow is the color of activity and vigor. The maximum that can be done in the bedroom from yellow is to hang day curtains from yellow organza or tulle. But at night they will have to be closed with night curtains, muffled by calm tones. Then in the morning you wake up rested and cheerful. You can still cover the bed with a bedspread or a plaid with yellow patterns. Or put a carpet with a yellow ornament on the floor. gelt26Bedroom in calm yellow tones. gelt25Yellow gamma bedroom

    Yellow kitchen for optimists

    The most acceptable yellow color in the kitchen. Here it can be represented in a variety of shades and combinations with other colors, because It carries a feeling of warmth and coziness, improves mood and improves digestion. In the kitchen, it is permissible to use yellow trim, and upholstery, napkins, towels and even appliances with utensils. The small kitchen will make the yellow color visually larger and lighter. gelt20Yellow kitchen gelt19The combination of yellow and brown in the kitchen gelt18Yellow kitchen gelt17Yellow furniture in the kitchen

    Cheerful yellow color in the nursery

    The nursery is the most “airy and sunny,” according tosensations room. For her, yellow is perfect. Here, the whole yellow gamut is quite appropriate, starting from a bright lemon color and ending with calm pastel tones. The only exception is the color of the heavy "gold" and the poisonous "electrician". Natural honey and amber shades are best suited. The yellow color is very popular with babies and contributes to their development and physical activity during wakefulness. In the children's room there can be a lot of yellow. Wallpaper, cabinets, furniture, upholstery, bedding, etc. All this can be yellow with splashes of other colors. gelt10The combination of yellow and other colors in the nursery gelt09Children with a predominance of yellow gelt08Several options for children in yellow children’sCheerful yellow in the nursery

    Aerial living room in yellow colors

    And finally - the living room. Usually this is the largest room in the house, a gathering place for the whole family. It is not advisable to solve the entire living room in yellow tones. Instead of lightness and airiness, you get a feeling of soreness and fatigue. Let the yellow color become the main or dominant. All other colors will be in addition to the main: brown, blue, purple, green. Pay attention to the location of the room. If the room faces south and there is a lot of sun, then you can only make the walls yellow and some details of the interior. If the room is northern and there is little sun, then you will have to saturate the interior with yellow colors, combining walls, furniture, upholstery, curtains, flooring and accessories. gelt16Living room, yellow gelt13Living room decorated in a combination of yellow and brown yellow in the interiorYellow in the interior What to choose - you decide. The main thing is to feel cozy and comfortable in any interior. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!