Yin-yang bead wood in two colors master class (photo)

Yin-yang bead wood in two colors master class (photo)


Two-colored tree Yin Yan from beads requires the masteress of assiduity and proper skill. A finished product can be safely "introduced" into the interior of a house or office or given to an expensive person.

Required inventory

  • Beads (black, opaque) - 150 grams.
  • Beads (white, opaque) - 150 grams.
  • Wire (beaded) - three coils.
  • Wire for the frame (copper or aluminum) - 1 meter.
  • Mold for stand.
  • Thread of a black mulberry.
  • Thread of white mulina.
  • Large white beads. - 20 grams.
  • Large beads of black color. - 20 grams.
  • PVA glue.
  • Colors of white and black shades.
  • gypsum.
  • Brushes.

Master-class on wood weaving Yin Yan from beads

Manufacturing of twigs "Chinese" tree, photoWhich stimulates to action, is made with the help of the technique of loop weaving. How to correctly start the work and create an unusual and touching souvenir, our master class will tell:

  • Prepare the reels with beads. In order for the tree to look more effective, and its branches seemed airy, it is better to use a thin wire of silvery or any other neutral shade;
  • Leave the edge about fifteen centimeters. Weave several loops consisting of eight beads. In total, you should get 15-17 loops;
  • Make a similar indentation from the last loop and carefully trim the wire;

  • After you finish work on loops, you canTo take up the assembly of your workpiece for Yin Yan. In the photo, which is provided by our master class, it is clear that you need to start from the central element. Twist the wire, and after the last two loops, scroll it about three to four centimeters;
  • To the tree looked beautiful and neat, spread the twigs;
  • Make 70 white and 100 black blanks.
  • Making flowers If you want your tree Yin Yan to turn out more luxurious and elegant, then you can make it blossom. In the photo, such a product looks very advantageous.
    Making the petals
    In order to make cute leaves for your Yin Yan, you will need to make the following manipulations:

  • First, make a flower of black color. To do this, dial on the wire white (exactly white) beads number eight pieces and at the base twist the loop for two or three turns;
  • Gather sixteen beads of black color, circle around the white loop and twist at the base;
  • Again, type eight beads of white color, twist into two turns;
  • Circle the black beads (15-16 pieces) around the loop of white color;
  • In exactly the same way, make three more petals, then connect all the elements and place a bead in the center;
  • Wind the wire with a florent.
  • Making leaves

  • Take seven beads, make loops;
  • Make a few things, attach them to the flower and fix it with a florente;
  • In the same way, make a leaf for a white flower.
  • Assembling twigs
    Tree Yin Yan assumes free flightFantasy of the artist. The classic option, which looks spectacularly on the photo, involves covering a lush black branch of a branch of white hue. Obi Yin branches are arranged in the form of a heart. How to fix the branches of a tree? Follow the tips that our master class offers:

  • Make several blanks for black twigs;
  • Cut a piece of wire no longer than twenty centimeters and a diameter of 1.2 millimeters;
  • Attach the black workpieces with a strong thread of a similar shade (white branches you will attach to the frame of the trunk).
  • Assembling and planting the trunk Our master class will help you quickly assemble your Yin Yang tree. The photo shows that it is desirable to use copper wire segments. The product is assembled as follows:

  • Take two wire segments, the length of which is 45-50 centimeters, and the diameter - no more than 3.5 millimeters. Form a framework of branches, at the end of which make a small loop;
  • "Arm" with a strong thread and screw the branch to the frame. To begin to fasten it is necessary from a vertex, branches to have in "spiral" relation to a trunk of a product;
  • In order for the tree not to deform, strengthen the frame with another piece of wire;
  • The trunk of the tree is attached by means of a loop into a preformed mold of an interesting configuration;
  • Prepare the gypsum mixture (its consistency should be sour-like);
  • Thoroughly dry, then clean the form.

  • Decoration of the trunk In order that the tree Yin Yan in the photo and in the "real" looked no worse than the factory exhibit, its trunk must be "ennobled". How to do this, our master class will tell:

  • Prepare the mixture from the PVA glue, water and gypsum;
  • Thoroughly lubricate each twig and bottom of the trunk;
  • Give the trunk a texture. To do this, cut the bark on the solidifying gypsum-glue mixture;
  • Allow the product to harden;
  • Using an awl or a delicate drill, make several holes to place the decor.

  • Painting
    And here came the most "creative" and interesting moment of the working process. To paint already almost finished product of Yin Yan you will also help our master class:

  • "Armed with a" brush, and using gouache (any, you can and child), paint the upper branch in black (exactly to the point where the branches intersect), and the bottom and tree trunk - in white;
  • Dry it;
  • Using a stiff dry brush, paint the bottom of the Ian Yan trunk and the roots with black paint. Movements should be horizontal;
  • Do not forget to paint the bottom of the stand.
  • The finished tree can be put in the office or on the home desktop. Stylish and surprisingly beautiful, this product will always please you and your loved ones.
    If you want your tree Yin Yan nothingDid not differ from those selling in boutiques and stores of cute souvenirs, then draw a picture of yin-yang on a plaster stand. Grease with glue first one halve and lay out the beads of black color. Then the same manipulations, only with the participation of white beads, do with the second part of the picture.

    Video: Shamrock multi-colored trees Yin-Yan