With our own hands, we create an original casket for Victory Day

With our own hands, we create an original casket for Victory Day

One of the main holidays in the year is approaching -May 9, Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War, and we, as always, asked the question: "What can you give our dear grandfathers and grandmothers who defended their Motherland without regretting themselves?" Since we prefer to make gifts with our own hands, this time the choice fell on a compact box, decorated in the style typical for Victory Day. Below we will tell you how we managed to make such a casket (maybe someone will want to make their veterans the same gift). Prepare all the necessary materials for work:

  • thick paper,
  • cardboard,
  • scissors,
  • glue and thematic pictures with images of soldiers, battles and other symbols of wartime.

On cardboard (the size of a cardboard sheet depends on thethe size of the future box - if you want to make a large box, then take a large sheet of cardboard, if you want to make a small box, then it will be enough and the usual cardboard sheet). Put on the cardboard the development of the future box (it is better to do it to an adult, because the work is very precise and responsible) and carefully cut out the contour (this can already be done by the child). How to make a casket for Victory Day with your own hands. Photo №1 Take glue and glue unattached to each other.friend details of the box (they should not be very many, but they will in any case remain). For gluing, take small pieces of paper of the same color as the cardboard, spread them with glue and gently attach them at the points of joining the unattached sides of the box. After completing the gluing, leave the layout on the table until it dries completely. After the box has dried completely, proceed to thedecoration of crafts. To do this, take the pictures you prepared on a military theme and glue them to different sides of the box. By the way, you can decorate not only the outer, but also the inside of the box - for example, we have pasted to the bottom of the craft an image of one of the highest state awards of that period. As a result, we have got such an article: After completing the decoration of the craft, put inbox some nice souvenir and present it to your veterans on Victory Day - they will be pleasantly surprised not only by the gift found in the box, but also by the box itself (or, more precisely, by the fact that you did it completely on your own, putting your whole soul). Another option may be this box-gift to veterans of the Second World War.