We make new clothes in our summer wardrobe with our own hands. Pattern elegant festive dress without difficulty. Instructions and photos

We make new clothes in our summer wardrobe with our own hands. Pattern elegant festive dress without difficulty. Instructions and photos

A beautiful fluffy dress will be beautifullook at the girl. Especially if you choose the right material and the subsequent decorative materials. We advise for the tailoring to take a gentle coral fabric. A beautiful dress style and beautiful fabric will create a favorable impression. The "Winter Rose" dress is based on the "Polished Platinum Dress" model from the brand "Anthropologie". By downloading the illustrations below, you can download the pattern of the bodice of the dress, as well as the sleeves. Pattern corresponds to the fifth American size (5 years old child). The dress skirt is represented by an ordinary rectangular cut of matter, in which there is no pattern, since the final result depends on your preferences of length and splendor. photoinstruction for the pattern. Photo №1 For making a dress in other sizes, to youIt will only be necessary to slightly increase the basic pattern of the bodice and sleeves by several centimeters over the entire volume. Also, you can change the neckline of your neck at your discretion. Use the suggested picture as a template. What materials will be needed when sewing this outfit?

  • 1.8 - 2.3 meters of the canvas (all dimensions are given for 5 sizes);
  • 45 centimeters of fabric on the lining (you can use the main fabric as a lining);
  • 4.6 - 5.5 meters of finishing tape;
  • a small amount of non-woven fabric;
  • secret lightning;
  • beautiful buttons;
  • scissors;
  • thread in tone;
  • sewing pins;
  • meter;
  • sewing machine.

When you have decided on the materials, andpreparatory work is over, then you can proceed directly to tailoring the dress. First you need to cut out the necessary details of the dress on the attached pattern. To start sewing a skirt, measure either the finished skirt that you like the length, and add 8 centimeters, or decide with the length and desired pomp in the thighs. Cut out 2 rectangles of the necessary length and width. Cut one of the rectangles into two equal cuts. In the end, you have 3 rectangles made of fabric for sewing a skirt. photoinstruction for the pattern. Photo # 2 About 20 centimeters of fabric leave for the girdle. Fix the sides of the 3 parts of the bodice and connect the shoulder seams, not forgetting the allowance of 1.25 centimeters. Perform similar actions with a lining. In advance at the top of the element of the main material, glue small strips of non-woven fabric with an iron. This will give the necessary shape to the decollete zone. Before sizing it is better to practice a little on a separate piece of cloth. So you can determine the desired temperature of the iron, so as not to spoil the product. During the gluing of the base fabric and nonwoven fabric, the iron should be moved evenly over each area of ​​the material, lagging along the path and pressing the iron in the desired area firmly for 8-10 seconds. Connect the stitched bodily elements on the sides to the sides and make the seams on the lining, and then on the main fabric. photoinstruction for the pattern. Picture №3 Lining and the main fabric connect facialsides inside and secure them with sewing pins. Sew the parts together, making special indents on the seams of 1.25 centimeters in a circle, in other words along the perimeter of the decollete. Cut off excess tissue to 3-4 millimeters. The remaining fabric with a cut is sewn to the lining, making a straight seam with a short stitch. Now turn the bodily elements out and stitch the seams. Align the cut parts for the sleeves with the inside sides and sew them on the sides, not forgetting about an indentation of 1.25 centimeters. Stitch the stitches. Fold 4-5 millimeters of matter inside out and iron the fabric. Do the same with the other sleeve. Secure the sewing pins with the selected ribbon (use a tint of contrasting shade better) from the wrong side of the sleeve and stitch them together. photoinstruction for the pattern. Photo №4 Add about 4 centimeters of matterIn the middle of the shoulder line, to create "flashlights". For this action, make a straight stitch with a wide stitch. Then tighten the thread. Controlling the degree of fluffiness of matter. The finished sleeves are placed in the holes for the armhole, which are located between the 2 layers - the lining and the main cloth. Gently fasten the parts with pins, and then stitch them together. After that, cover the bottom cut with a seam "zigzag" or execute the overlock, not forgetting the indentations of 4-8 millimeters. Repeat the zigzag stitch or trim with an overlock, but now on the top of the skirt. Then perform three assembly seams below the trim, and pull the threads to attach the girdle to the skirt. When the skirt is assembled to the desired degree of splendor (it is best to constantly try on a girl's outfit), connect it to the bodice at the beginning with pins, and then stitch it indented into 1.25 centimeters. photoinstruction for the pattern. Photo №5 Combine the grooved zigzag or overlockedge of the skirt and secure with pins, leave a free zone for the secret zipper and draw a straight seam. Connect the zipper with the corsage dress, and then perform two seams on the sides. Turn the hem of the skirt 1.25 centimeters inward and press this place. then repeat the process with tucking one more time by 2.5 centimeters and perform a seam stitch with a closed cut. Measure the waist measurement on the attire. Now add to the resulting value of about 8 centimeters, and then cut the belt about 10 centimeters wide. Connect the girdle by half, and sew the seam across the entire volume. Do not forget to leave a small open area to turn the product out. photoinstruction for the pattern. Photo №6 Now turn out the belt, finish the seam, cutThread and iron over the entire perimeter. Wrap the button with the main fabric, sew the sections of the fabric at the base and sew the resulting button to the end of the belt. On the other side, make a desired size loop and cut it. Sew a ribbon over the entire area of ​​the girdle, attaching it from the wrong side. Connect the waistband with the dress with the usual pins. The button should be located behind, like a loop. In the middle, postpone the distance of 6.4 centimeters in the form of points that are located in the middle of the belt. Now draw 2 more points at a distance of 1.25 centimeters from the others, but in the direction inward. Multiply the measurements by 2 and cut two strips of matter, whose width will be about 10 centimeters. For the heart of the bow must be cut from the canvas square of 10x10 centimeters. Fold the elements of the bow in half with faces inward. Iron the parts, and then make a side seam. We turn outward, and then merge into a circle with slices in the center. For each element, sew a ribbon, and connect them all with side seams. Turn outward, and iron everything in such a way that the seam is placed in the middle. Two large items add up in descending order, and then sew them to the waistband. Attach the center of the heart of the bow, tuck the edges inward under the belt. Carefully, preferably manually, sew. photoinstruction for the pattern. Photo №7 Sew a belt with a machine in the necessaryplaces that were marked with pins: under the bow, by the already existing seams, so that they become invisible. Close the button. That's all, the dress is ready! You can dress up your little daughter or yourself in a fashionable and feminine dress, created according to a well-known brand.