We make new dresses in our wardrobe with our own hands. A pattern of elegant, gorgeous Raglan dress is easy. Instructions and photos

We make new dresses in our wardrobe with our own hands. A pattern of elegant, gorgeous Raglan dress is easy. Instructions and photos

To simulate a pattern for a dress is very easy, toIn the same way, the extended sleeve will easily be sewn into such an original dress. So, if you still decided to sew a beautiful Raglan dress, then you need to first design a pattern-base of the order according to your own parameters. Only then it is required to redraw the front half of the outfit separately, and then the back. Sleeve must be transferred to the tracing paper completely, and only then it must be cut into two equal parts vertically, but only so that the incision is located exactly at the center of the sleeve. In the end, you got the front and back elements of the sleeve. On the front half of the outfit, you need to transfer the breast tuck into the side area of ​​the dress. Let's start modeling the dress raglan. photo-instruction on the pattern. Photo №1 1. Place the front of the sleeve on the front of the dress. In this case, align the shoulder section with the upper point of the pellet. By the way, the sleeve should be placed at a small angle, which you can easily adjust yourself. It all depends on the outfit model. The greater the slope of the sleeve, the more prominent will be the shoulder pellet. However, the angle of inclination of the sleeve relative to the front of the dress should not be very large. photo-instruction on the pattern. Photo # 2 2. The neck of the dress must be divided into two parts. From the resulting point, draw 2 smooth beautiful straight lines: one to the armhole, the second - to the sleeve. In the upper area of ​​the line will repeat the form of each other, but to the bottom - they diverge. In the drawing, the green dashed line is just showing the extended sleeve, and the blue dashed line shows the cut of the dress. 3. In the same way we will construct a sleeve for the back of the dress. photo-instruction on the pattern. Picture №3 4. The pattern of the front and back parts of the future dress and the front and back halves of the sleeves must be resampled to the tracing paper along the already painted design features. photo-instruction on the pattern. Photo №4 Note: Cut out the dress and width of the sleeves, if necessary, can be changed accordingly. The second model is raglan. The Raglan dress differs from the others in that it is very comfortable to wear. Beauty and convenience in one bottle. You can sew a dress by following the instructions. Crochet and sew the dress follows from soft and elastic fabrics. For example, jersey, velvet or knitwear. On the front neck you should create a beautiful embroidery of sequins, but you can use another finish. It all depends on your desires and preferences. Matter can be purchased with a picture or a monophonic, it does not matter. All the details should be cut, taking into account allowances for the processing of seams. It will be approximately 1 centimeter, and also take into account 2 additional centimeters on the turn of the bottom of the product. photo-instruction on the pattern. Photo №5 We begin to tailor the outfit. Stick up the sleeves, and in no case, without forming a longitudinal seam, into the armholes of the back and front of the dress. Stitch the side cuts and the seam of the sleeves in one line. Sew the side sections of the lining. The cut of the bottom of the liner should be swept. Connect the neck flange to the lining armholes. Place the lining with obtachkov on the top of the fabric, while folding it with the front sides. Turn the neck, turn out, correct the seam and make a stitch at a distance of 8 millimeters from the seam. From the wrong side, sew the lining to the top allowances in the area of ​​the lower part of the armhole of the future outfit. Stitch on the underside of the allowance for twisting the bottom and sleeves with a double stitch. The throat is passed and the sleeve up to the marking line should be filled with sequins of several kinds of diameters. Arrange them in random order. Now consider the third model of raglan dress with a sleeve. This outfit is perfect for young women of fashion who know what style is. In front there will be a cut under the breast, from under it there will be folds that are fixed by a line along the waist line. The sleeves will be extended down and collected by cuffs. Such a pattern can be used for different outfits: for sewing a festive, evening, cocktail dress. If you skillfully pick up the material, then the product can be worn at business meetings or at work. The length of the dress and the length of the sleeve can be easily adjusted at will. To sew the presented model of the dress you should choose soft cloths. For example, crepe, chiffon, fine wool, light flax and others. The pattern is presented with allowances for seams measuring 1.5 centimeters, unless other values ​​are indicated on the patterns. Save the pattern, print it on the sheets, glue it with all the correspondences with the diagram and cut out the size you need. Three important notes:

  • Be sure to check the scale.
  • Before you cut a pattern usingcentimeter diligently carefully remove the measurements of your own figure or from the figure of the client you want to sew an outfit. Compare the results with the parameters of the pattern, and, if necessary, correct them and only then you can begin to cut out the patterns, taking into account all the corrections.
  • During cutting, make allowances a little more in those places where there may be some refinement after fitting.
  • photo-instruction on the pattern. Photo №6 It should be borne in mind that the patterns are designed for"Standard" shape, so the best option is to test it on the mock-up fabric, and only after trying on and adjusting it, you can start working with the "clean". Details of the cut of the future dress:

    • Upper half - 1 element;
    • The lower half of the transmission is 1 element;
    • Perforation of the neck - 1 element;
    • Puffing the neck of the back - 2 elements;
    • Backrest - 2 elements;
    • The front of the sleeve - 2 elements;
    • Back of the sleeve - 2 elements;
    • Cuff - 2 elements;

    We begin to tailor the outfit:

    • Absolutely all seams after grinding should be swept and ironed.
    • Make a dash on the front half of the bodice.
    • On the lower half of the transfer, create wrinkles along the markings, and after stitching and ironing.
    • Connect the upper and lower half transmission.
    • Sew a dart on the back of the product.
    • Perform the middle seam of the backrest to the mark.
    • Sew a zipper in your outfit.
    • Stitch the side sections, as well as the upper and lower sections of the sleeves.
    • Distribute the lower sections of the sleeves into 2 parallel lines, and then evenly arrange the assemblies.
    • Sew cross-sections of the cuffs into the so-called ring.
    • Sew the cuffs to the lower sections of the sleeves.
    • Sleeves sew in armholes.
    • Punch the edges with adhesive gasket.
    • Create a neckline for the dress.
    • Turn the bottom of the outfit.

    If you wish, then you can complete the imagebeautiful and elegant girdle. Raglan dress is an excellent combination of fashion trends and style, which is so lacking for women in this hurried world. This outfit can be worn in the cold season of the year, and this is another opportunity for women to look spectacular at any time. The outfit can be decorated with various accessories, so that the dress does not look "poor". An excellent option will be a wide belt, which will be tied at the back. The Raglan dress perfectly hides the shortcomings of the figure, and skilfully emphasizes the dignity, without vulgarity and vulgarity - all is sustained and elegant. The presented models will become irreplaceable things in the wardrobe, as there are never any dresses, and women always want to look attractive and stylish.