Zephyrki Kanzashi master class from satin ribbons (photo)

Zephyrki Kanzashi master class from satin ribbons (photo)


In needlework there are many interesting andEntertaining techniques. From the countries of the rising sun, the art of creating marshmallows of Kanzas came to us. They can be seen in the hair, on wedding dresses in the form of jewelry and other everyday things. Our master class, will teach you how to make such a product, not being a professional in such crafts.
Basically, in such a case use a naturalSilk fabric. For not having such a fabric, fine organza or reps, as well as satin ribbons, will work fine. If you are new to this business, it is better to start training with satin ribbons. They are easily amenable to fire, practical and supple. To them, you can add decorative material, such as beads, sequins and beads.

Let's try to make a master-class (m) marshmallows kanzash. Our lesson will consist of photos and videos that will help novice masters in mastering this entertaining process.

Master class on creating marshmallows

Zephyrka Kanzashi, is a flower,Which has an airy shape and is similar to a cake. Our master class (m), will show in detail how to make petals of satin ribbons, for a lush marshmallow. At the end of the lesson, we will demonstrate a training video.
Now we will determine what hardware we need, namely:

  • Satin ribbon of any colors;
  • Fire lighters or candles;
  • needle;
  • thread;
  • Sharp scissors.

You can take a few tapes, with a length of 1 or1.5 m or other length, for example, 2 or 2.5 m. The length depends on how well you twist the tape to create a marshmallow kanzashi. If desired, you can not cut the satin ribbon into segments, but simply unwind it in the course of work.
The master class (m) begins with the fact that we unwind the two colored ribbons and attach them to each other from the wrong side, using the fire of a lighter or a candle.

Decide for yourself on which side you want the drawing to be. It depends on this, where the pattern will be located.
Place the tape on the right side of theSpike. The main material, which has a width of 2.5 cm, measure it, so that the extent was somewhere 5.5 cm. Of tapes having a width of 5 cm, you need to measure 10.5 cm. Begin to bend the right corner, approximately 90 degrees. Once again, bend it and get an isosceles triangle from satin ribbons. Look at the photo gallery below the text. The remaining tail, wrap back.
We do not stop, but continue to work and make marshmallow kanzash. Take the needle with the thread and sew the corner that is on the right side.
Take a piece of tape that is in the left side and start bending, adhering to ninety degrees. Our material is folded closer to the top, and the bottom is leveled.

With your right hand, wrap the tape from the left side to the opposite side, keeping the same ninety degrees.

We come to the completion of the work on the petal. Take the tape and wrap it with the right side, pass between the petals. We have to leave such a composition, as in the photo.
Thread the other triangle, created from the tapes, in the same way as the previous one did.

Our actions go to the left side of the petal. Bend it at an angle of 90 degrees, and wrap the main part to the top. Again ninety degrees, this way, you go to the opposite side of the tape.

To achieve the shape of an isosceles triangle, bend the ribbon so that it appears near the created petal. After that, you will get this form shown in the photo.

Fix this accordion with a thread. And continue to do the actions described above in the text. There should be 16 such bends. Having made a smaller number than indicated, you run the risk of not making such a marshmallow as you need.

You can cut off not the right tape left afterWork and fire. Pull the thread, made petals. Collect all the pieces together that you have got and you can consider the master class (μ) complete. Turn the craft on the front edge and straighten the petals. At you left, marshmallow kanzashi, necessary volume.

This marshmallow, suitable for both hair decoration, and for clothing decor. On the video, you can see the detailed process.

Bow in the form of marshmallow kanzashi

This master class (m), will teach you to do a little, a different marshmallow, which is used mainly for gums and hairpins. Take, both satin and reps tape. They should be a width of 2.5 cm.

To carry out the work, you need such accessories:

  • tape;
  • Setochka;
  • material for decoration;
  • clasp;
  • A bezel or an elastic band;
  • Fire from a candle or lighters;
  • sharp scissors;
  • Needle with a thread;
  • glue.

We start wrapping the material. And then all this with a fire from a cigarette lighter or a candle.

Turn it to the wrong side, and wrap the acting onematerial. In the photo, you can see how to do it. Leave the end of the future petal untouched, so that some elements can be hidden in it. Keep your fingers on the tape.

Unbend the end and sew, so that he does not interfere with doing kanzash. Bend the ribbon and sew a few stitches, its edges.

In addition, make another turn. We put the tape on the right side and bend it at an angle of 45 degrees. See that the line coincides with the first turn. Unscrew the tape down and again into the left side.

Continue to bend the base material like thisShown in the photo of our master class. Your tapes should go to the right side. Red stripe, marked clamp. Now, it turned out a new bend, which we brought to the right side.
We begin to sew the corners. This is done in the form of an accordion, the next edge is attached to the previous one.
Look at how it looks on the photo with four bends and just a few.

After you have done all the steps correctly, you need to leave a small edge, and stitch it with the last curl. We got such a ring.

The edges must be hidden, using glue. Formed the wrong side with an end closed from the eyes. Unfold the marshmallow
. In the center, attach the decoration in the form of a grid and sew the marshmallow to the hoop, barrette or elastic. At your discretion.

This cognitive master class is completely completed. Such a product, created by own hands, will please your daughter, because it will look great on the hair.
To consolidate the material we have covered, we offer a preview video, which will please both beginners and experienced needlewomen.

Video: The lesson of creating marshmallows in Kansas technique