Buying and selling self-made hand-made ones

Buying and selling self-made hand-made ones

Purchase and sale of homemade productsPortal « »provides an opportunity to sell self-made handcrafts. To do this, you need to add a description of the homemade, as well as her photos, using a special form. In the description, in addition to the characteristics of the homemade thing, you need to specify your contact information, payment method and delivery. All added homemade items will be placed in the handmade product catalog, where they can be viewed by visitors to the site. Keep in mind:

  • Homemade products that do not represent value in the eyes of editors and do not have a correct description will not be placed!
  • Authors who hand out factory products for handicrafts lose the opportunity to be placed on our site without the possibility of rehabilitation.

Please also note that the site "" is not an intermediary and hosts homemade articles for free.

The order of purchase / sale of homemade products:

We do not guarantee the quality of the items presented andtheir timely payment. The buyer and the seller agree among themselves without our participation, we only help them find each other. That is, to buy a homemade that you liked, you need to contact their salesperson and discuss the details of the purchase with him. And to make it much easier than you think. Dare! Pamper yourself with original souvenirs and other homemade things.