Design of a kitchen with a balcony: more ideas for using free space (38 photos)

Design of a kitchen with a balcony: more ideas for using free space (38 photos)

What could be the design of a kitchen with a balcony and howmake good use of this free space? Not always in the apartment there is an opportunity to expand the area. But when the layout includes a balcony or a loggia - this is a great happiness, because it is precisely due to this area that you can not only make the space bigger, but also come up with an excellent design. Kitchen design with balcony. Kitchen witha balcony is one of the most successful combinations for expanding the space, as well as its design. And so, how to outline the design of a kitchen with a balcony and where to start? Content

How to combine two zones - a kitchen and a balcony together?

In order to start working on the design of the joint design of the kitchen and balcony, we will first need to decide what exactly we want to see these two zones. The idea of ​​decorating the interior of the kitchen and balconyof the options will be the complete dismantling of the partition, so we will combine the two spaces into one. This will require special permits and documents, as well as the consent of the residents of the house and consultation with professionals in this field of repair. The second option is less dramatic, and will simply include a visual union of these areas with the help of color accents and furniture arrangement. Design of a kitchen combined with a balcony In any case, which of the options you would not choose, you should initially think over the general concept of the desired interior and its individual accents.

Kitchen balcony design

Depending on the area of ​​both zones and desiredresults, you can make the design in different ways. Nowadays, they often resort to such design aspects of the interior, when the space is conditionally divided into separate zones. Speaking specifically about the kitchen with a balcony, they highlight the presence of a separate dining area, a bar (sometimes serves as a dining part), a relaxation room, a working area and a winter garden. Let's try to consider each of the zones. The dining area on the balcony is one of the necessary andthe most popular kitchen options. At the same time, the dining part can be done both in the kitchen itself and outside (i.e., on the balcony part). To do this, you need to take out a table and place chairs. From practical recommendations - buy folding chairs, which after eating can be easily folded to the side. Thus, we will free up a little space. Dining area on the balcony Another option is to make a small glass table on the balcony, where you can relax in the morning when you meet dawn with a cup of coffee. Table and chairs as a dining part of the Barcounter between the balcony and the kitchen Now its principle is quite popular in the interior design of the kitchen area. And it is not necessary to separately install such a rack. You just need to dismantle the glass, which is located between the kitchen and the balcony, and beat the "not removable" window sill directly in the form of a bar counter. Thus, you can save a lot of space and get an excellent counter where you can have a bite to eat, drink tea or even work a little for it. Compact bar counter in the area of ​​the balcony Balconylike a relaxation room It is said that after a good lunch or dinner it is not necessary to immediately run away to watch TV in the living room or bedroom. You can arrange a balcony as a relaxation area by placing a stylish sofa and a small table there. It is in such a cozy atmosphere that there is the opportunity to chat with your guests and breathe in the fresh air. Kitchen and sitting area near the window Working area -a corner next to the kitchen. It means that you came up with the option of completely dismantling the partition and the balcony will become part of the kitchen. Therefore, you can take out a few nightstands, a refrigerator and even a table. Thus, this will become one solid room, which is fully prepared to fulfill the full functions of the kitchen. The working area of ​​the kitchen on the balcony is a winter garden onbalcony in the kitchen Design of the most balcony zone, which accommodates a large number of plants and will be called a winter garden. After cooking it is always nice to go out onto the balcony and enjoy the beauty of its flowers. Winter garden decoration on the balcony

Interior Decorating Tips

Do not forget that the kitchen and the balcony become essentially one, therefore, in terms of interior design, you should beat everything so that it harmonizes with each other. The main tips for interior design will be:

    • Try to decorate both zones with the same, or fairly similar finishing materials. Then there will be no sharp changes and disharmony in the interior.

Harmonious interior of the kitchen and balcony

    • Also adhere to one style in which you will decorate the kitchen and balcony.
    • The color scheme should be similar, although here you can play on the contrasts of the same shade.

Beautiful contrast and the division of the kitchen and balcony into zones

    • Be sure to think carefully and solve the zoning issue, because you can leave the partition, completely remove it, or use the "French window".
    • The difference and threshold are not necessary to eliminate, but rather use it as a zoning. If you are concerned about its appearance - you can hide it with a small rug.

Separation of premises using a difference and a threshold

    • If you completely removed the partition, use the design approach, and make this intermediate zone between the balcony and the kitchen in the form of an arch or columns.

Combining rooms with an arch

    • Window decoration on the balcony alsovaried options. If desired, use blinds, as well as Roman, panel or roller blinds. Depending on the design style you choose, lambrequins, tulle or drapes may be appropriate.

The use of curtains in the interior design of a kitchen with a balcony

    • When the balcony is not very largequadrature - do not use massive interior objects (chairs, sofa) in it. Then, for example, it will be possible to use portable folding chairs and a folding table.

Practical furniture for the balcony in the kitchen

    • Replace closed cabinets with regular open shelves to visually create more free space.
    • A very important part in the design of a kitchen with a balconythere will be lighting. Here, the advantage, of course, is the presence of spotlights around the perimeter, as well as additional wall sconces in those places where additional lighting is required.

Spotlight in the kitchen Proper lighting of the balcony in the kitchen

Selection and design of furniture for the kitchen-balcony

Of course, in the design of the kitchen-balcony the main partthe interior will be the availability of furniture, additional fittings and accessories. It is these factors that will determine what atmosphere will be created during your stay in these areas. The important point will be that for the kitchen optionnormal standard factory furniture with modules will not work with a balcony. Here you have to sit a bit and think about what you would like to see and how it should all fit in. If you can’t come up with an option yourself, you can always use the services of experienced designers who will come to your aid. You can also use the following tips, which are definitely useful.

  • The main rule will be kept one style in furniture. Accordingly, under it, design the design of the room itself.
  • You should not buy antique "unfashionable" things, it is better to design a design in fashion trends of a modern style.
  • All colors, as well as furniture materials must be combined. For example, if you make wooden inserts, you should not sculpt new-fashioned high-tech or modern things for them.
  • The combination of kitchen and balcony

  • If you want to add some steel elements to the design - use chrome parts. It is this material that most softly and beautifully looks and combines in the kitchen.
  • You can use the balcony in the form of a pantry. Then beat him, for example, under the “wine barrel” or the cellar, while using shabby furniture made from natural materials.
  • Play in light contrast of colors (then the kitchen may be slightly darker than the balcony area).
  • To summarize, you can say that you justlucky if you have a kitchen with a balcony. It can be safely used for various purposes, starting with combining the kitchen area and continuing the working part, ending with options for a study, recreation area, and even a winter garden.

    Photo of kitchen with balcony

    Remember about the need for a kitchen andthe balcony was in harmony with each other and combined in colors and materials that are used in the design of the overall design. Pay particular attention to the partition, which does not have to be demolished. It will only be necessary to creatively beat in a chic bar counter, which all guests will appreciate. If you are still going to demolish it, be sure to get all the necessary permissions to carry out such work. Do you like the article? Share on social networks!