How to decorate the living room in the fall (29 photos)

How to decorate the living room in the fall (29 photos)


    We decorate the living room by autumn

    Very little time left before the onsetfall. Every day the air becomes more transparent and cooler. Leaves turn yellow and fall more and more. With the onset of autumn, there is a special feeling of some kind of change. So why not bring a little change and autumn mood to the interior? There are a large number of interesting, original ideas for interior decoration in the autumn style. It can be real gifts of autumn: huge pumpkins, yellowed leaves, apples, an abundance of gold and red in the interior. In order to create the atmosphere of a real autumn in the living room, it is not at all necessary to make expensive repairs, for this it is enough to change or add some details in the interior.

    Live fire in the interior of the autumn living room

    Living fire in the living room is a real harbingerthe arrival of autumn and cold weather. After all, it is by the fireplace in the living room that most nights pass until spring. A real or false fireplace is a symbol of home peace, warmth and comfort. Of course, not everyone can afford a real fireplace, in this case the interior of a city apartment can be decorated with garlands, with light bulbs of warm colors, and candles. Live fire in the interior of the autumn living room

    Dim light for the autumn living room

    Light summer curtains in the living room neededreplace with curtains made of more dense material. This will help the body relax from the annoying bright sun. In addition, the familiar interior of the living room, in dim light will look a little different. The main element of autumn light conversion are candles. The more of them in the interior of the autumn living room - the better. They can be either large or very small, decorative, arranged singly or in groups. For safety, more often in the interior instead of real candles, small lamps imitating the flame of a candle are used. Traditional Chinese aroma lamps and lanterns will perfectly fit into the autumn atmosphere. Lighting in the interior of the autumn living roomLighting in the interior of the autumn living room

    Autumn decor of lamps and candlesticks

    Since lighting playsan important role, then the decor of lamps, lamps, candlesticks and floor lamps, too, should not be forgotten. In order for luminaires, lamps and floor lamps to take on an autumn look, they just need to throw a scarf in the autumn gamut or with a suitable ornament. Candlesticks decorated with compositions of dry leaves will also look great. In the role of candlesticks, you can use ordinary small pumpkins at all. To do this, just cut out the core of the pumpkin and place a candle there. Such a candlestick will look more interesting if it is decorated with dry berries and nuts. Candlestick decor for decorating the autumn living roomCandlestick decor for decorating the autumn living room

    Autumn textile for the living room

    An excellent solution for living room decor in the fallis a textile. All transparent, light, simple, summer fabrics must be replaced with dense, warm, made of natural materials. The dense, fluffy elements of textiles and fringed textiles look great in the autumn interior of the living room. It is not necessary to use curtains, tablecloths, napkins only in red, yellow, green or orange. Geometric print textiles with elements of blue, brown and black will look great. Decorative pillows are the main active elements of textiles, which sets the mood for the entire interior of the room. Similar pillows made of warm soft fabrics, made in the autumn color gamut with interesting prints and patterns, can be put on all surfaces on which you can lie down or sit down. In the amount of these decorative elements in the interior of the living room you can not limit yourself. It is also necessary to add warm rugs, fur covers and fluffy rugs to the interior of the autumn living room. They can be scattered a little carelessly on the armrests and backs of furniture. Or vice versa, gently fold in a fun stack. You can decorate the table in the living room with a tablecloth and napkins that will support the general autumn theme of the interior. As an element of decor in the autumn interior of the living room, you can use ordinary scarves, shawls, scarves and pashmina. They will make good texture shades, if you throw their lamps. Also, the living room can be decorated with decorative bows from scarves. Decoration of the living room by autumn with textilesDecoration of the living room by autumn with textiles

    Traditional elements of autumn decor

    The simplest and most accessible elements of the autumnThe decor are various dry twigs, nuts, acorns, leaves, apples, pumpkins, compositions and bouquets of dried flowers. All these elements will make the autumn living room more comfortable and warm. But with these decor elements it’s important not to overdo it, otherwise the living room will look like a decoration for a Halloween performance. Traditional elements of a decor of a drawing room by the autumnTraditional elements of a decor of a drawing room by the autumn Do you like the article? Share on social networks!