Features and disadvantages of shower rooms in the bathroom

Features and disadvantages of shower rooms in the bathroom

Nisha-s-polkamiThe niche is a fenced threeWalls part of the bathroom. As a rule, a niche is created in the corner of the room, so that only one partition is needed to build in addition. The partition is made of bricks, foam blocks or glass blocks. Sometimes moisture resistant gypsum board and other materials are used, but the capital wall with ceramic tiles is still much more practical. The niche is closed with doors with a swinging, sliding or folding opening system. Most often used special shower doors in a niche, made of tempered glass. You can buy them for 10-15 thousand rubles in sanitary ware shops, for example, here. # Gallery-1 {margin: auto; } # Gallery-1 .gallery-item {float: left; Margin-top: 10px; Text-align: center; Width: 25%; } # Gallery-1 img {border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } # Gallery-1 .gallery-caption {margin-left: 0; } / * See gallery_shortcode () in wp-includes / media.php * / To replace glass doors in a niche it is possible andPlastic, but the plastic must be transparent. Otherwise it is necessary to do in a niche a separate lighting with a moisture resistant lamp, and this is extra costs and risks. Draining of water in niches is carried out with the help of acrylic or PVC pallet. You can also implement a slight elevation with a slope and installation of the ladder, using all the same brick and ceramic tiles. But the variant with the pallet is more interesting, as acrylic and PVC have an optimal level of thermal conductivity, and the tile will be cold. S-poddonom Bez-poddona

Advantages of shower niches

Shower niches with a door by and largeAre analogues of shower enclosures (see examples in the same store). The only difference is that the fence does not require the construction of a partition in the bathroom (instead of it a glass panel is used). This difference can be attributed to the shortcomings of niches, but this is not entirely correct. The presence of three walls, on the contrary, makes the niches more practical, comfortable and cozy than the shower fences. In addition, the functional shower area is effectively allocated. Preimugestva Another advantage over the shower corner -The capital partition can be used as a full-fledged wall, and the glass panel does not. On the partition is often installed shelves, mounted cabinets and pencil cases, mounted towel warmers, etc. Well, the most important thing is maximum reliability and simple cleaning. Glass shower door into the niche and tiled walls are washed very easily and do not lose the original appearance in due course. And with accurate use can serve up to 20, not requiring even a cosmetic repair. Are there any shortcomings? Having analyzed a lot of feedback from people who use shower niches in cottages and apartments, and also received professional advice from the SanSmail Sanitary ware shop's employees (links to the catalog are given for an example), we came to the conclusion that there are simply no serious drawbacks for shower niches . The only drawback is the need for additional construction work. Well, not every room is suitable for a niche. Otherwise, this way of implementing a shower is ideal.

A few recommendations

Shower niches are made for decades, so do not save on them, as the savings will necessarily come sideways. Our recommendations:

  • Do a partition of brick, it does not absorbMoisture and is great for a bathroom. Plus has a high strength, which allows the use of a partition for the installation of suspended furniture or for other purposes.
  • Install only glass doors in the shower area, since they pass the maximum of light and are easy to clean. With plastic everything will not be so optimistic.
  • Use warm pallets made of acrylic, or from tiles, but with heating. Cold tiles in the shower is a nightmare, and it's not convenient to use a rubber mat.

Well, the last and most obvious recommendation -Before building a partition, find out the possible sizes of pallets and doors. Otherwise, it may turn out that under the dimensions of a niche you can not pick up a pallet or shower door and have to make them to order, and this is expensive.