In the wedding ceremony and at the wedding feast, the bride's hair and her veil play no less important role than the whole wedding attire as a whole.

In the wedding ceremony and at the wedding feast, the bride's hair and her veil play no less important role than the whole wedding attire as a whole.

Tips and advice for women who can notdecide on the hair on the eve of the wedding From ancient times between people there is an opinion that the veil in the wedding dress of the bride is not only an element of a festive attire or an addition to the image of a newlywed. It is believed that such an accessory has a protective effect against malevolent people, as well as evil spirits, which can harm a future married couple. In general, the veil is a kind of amulet for the bride, while symbolizing a happy entry into the new family life.

Choose a wedding hairstyle

Whatever it was, but in addition to choosing a weddingattire, any woman who marries will have to face the need to create her own hair. It is clear that the absolute majority of the fairer sex dream to see themselves on this day irresistible and, moreover, the best of all. That is why the choice of hairstyle is of the greatest importance for any bride, at whatever age she does not marry and whatever social position she occupies. Hairstyles with veil for long hair. Photo №1 There are several rules from whichstart off when choosing hairstyles in any life situations. Any styling, haircut or hairdress must necessarily correspond to the type of woman's face, because without this it is unlikely that even the most fashionable and stylish hair will look profitable. And if it is a matter of choosing a styling on such an important day as a wedding, then here you should be even more picky and scrupulous, because your hairdress should harmonize with your whole image as a whole. If you are the owner of a long head of hair, then, in principle, you can consider yourself lucky. Wedding hairstyles for long hair have so many techniques and variations of performance that it is simply impossible to describe. But, first of all, think about how this or that styling will be combined with your type of face. And if you prefer a haircut with a veil for long hair, adhere to the following recommendations: - with an oval face, in principle, you can choose different types of wedding hairstyles; - with a round type of face it is desirable to visually draw it (in such cases it is recommended to raise the hair slightly on the crown and upper part of the head, and then evenly distribute them downwards); - in case the woman's face is somewhat stretched, it is better to choose lush styling, perhaps with a lot of curls or three-dimensional curls; - with a pear-shaped face, it is preferable to mask defects with the help of extended curls; - for girls with a slightly wide and high forehead, the use of bangs is desirable, and also wavy strands will look good (in this case it is additionally recommended to use massive necklaces on the neck, distracting the view from disproportion). A short veil in the bridal gown of the bride Fata and a wedding hairstyle for long hair is chosen by the bride at her discretion. Often an accessory like a veil goes in one set with a wedding dress. Of great importance when choosing a hairstyle for a wedding is such a characteristic as the length of the veil. It, of course, depends on the style of the dress itself and should be combined with the styling that the bride wants to see on her hair. Young girls with an elegant figure preferably choose a short veil for their hair. A short veil means a product that is not less than the elbows of a woman. Next, do not lose sight of how the veil will be attached to the hair. Usually such bulky accessories are fixed on the head with the help of pins, studs or a comb. The advantage of a short veil in this sense is that it is very comfortable. Its weight at the expense of a small size will not make it too heavy for your hair, and its short length will not hold your movements. Hairstyles with veil for long hair. Photo # 2 The most common hairdress for a wedding witha short veil is the laying of hair in the tail with curled curls. Any woman can create this hairstyle with her own hands at home. To do this, you will need to thoroughly wash your hair, dry it and apply foam or mousse along the entire length of the strands. Select some of the hair in a square shape around the top of the head, tie them in the tail, fixing it with an elastic band. Then divide the created tail into three uniform parts. One of the strands should be screwed into a tourniquet and slightly inflated by just hands. The end of the harness is also fixed with an elastic band. Erasers are worth choosing the thinnest, so that they are least noticeable on the head. The formed tourniquet rises to the top and is fixed by invisibility. After this, the two remaining strands are also twisted into flagella and laid out beautifully on the head. The same hair that remains hanging in the face can be divided, using, for example, zigzag-like parting. The same part of the hair that remains untouched, curl up. Curls that remain near the face, you can curl up to your discretion. Naturally, in the end it is necessary to sprinkle the entire hair with the help of a varnish. Fat is fixed at the place where the bundles were laid. Hairstyles with veil for long hair. Picture №3 Alternatively, you can catch a short veil on the spit. Variations of the same weaving on long hair can be picked up a huge amount. On the following images, see how you can beat the kinds of weaving in combination with different types of small wedding veils. Hairstyles with veil for long hair. Photo №4 Hairstyles with veil for long hair. Photo №5 Hairstyles with veil for long hair. Photo №6 Long veil in the bride's hairstyle If you wantbe the most incredible, most desired bride with a certain amount of mystery in his image, choose a festive alongside a long veil. Although with such an accessory you can feel some inconvenience (not every day you have to wear a long veil!), However, on the most important day of your life it is the long beautiful veil that can become the main element of your image that will win the heart of your chosen one forever. The extended veil is a very romantic accessory, undoubtedly, having an advantage over short similar decorations, since the image of such a bride will definitely be unforgettable. Making your choice in the direction of a long veil, think about the proper definition of a wedding hairstyle. Here the decisive role, perhaps, will be the weight of the veil, which should not "pull" the hairstyle back. There are several types of basic hairstyles that can hold a rather massive veil without much effort. Among them: - seashell; - bow; - a bunch; - babette. As for the hair that will be in the back of the head, they can be done, both smooth and voluminous. By and large, a long accessory in the form of a veil will hide them. Hairstyles with veil for long hair. Photo №7 It should be noted that when using a longveils look very beautiful all kinds of weaving, a large number of braids. If such a style is combined with the imagined image of the bride, it is these wedding hairstyles for long hair and veil that are very appropriate and charming. Do not forget that if you use a long veil at the wedding ceremony, you still have to take it off during the wedding event. Therefore, your laying under the veil should in any case be ideal. A win-win option in this case will be the so-called "French" braid. Look at the following pictures, how you can perform such strikingly fascinating weave. Hairstyles with veil for long hair. Photo №8 Hairstyles with veil for long hair. Photo Number 9 What is surprising, in order to create yourselfweaving in the form of a French braid, does not necessarily refer to specialists from beauty salons. After a little training, such a weaving can be done with your own hands. Combing all the shock of hair back, select from them a fairly wide strand from the very base of the hair. This strand in the next stage must be divided into three equal parts. Begin to weave an ordinary braid, laying strands under the bottom. Then, separating again over the strands on the sides of the head, put them into the weaving. Thus, you will get an interesting openwork braid, which will look under the veil and without it is very beautiful. It is interesting that such a weaving fits almost all girls who wear long hair. In the presented photo-instructions you can see how you can make a "French" scythe yourself. Wedding hairstyles in combination with a multi-tiered wedding veil Wedding veil is a very lightweight product, sometimes almost "weightless", but in modern accessories in the form of veils can be quite complex and have more than one tier, and two or even more. If you choose a laconic single-tiered veil for the wedding, then it is better to use it with a simple hairstyle, for example, in retro style. On the other hand, you can use a smooth high styling. In the case of using a two-tier veil, it is appropriate to make curvy locks, which can be elegantly selected on the back of the head. If you want to apply a high styling, then such an accessory should be attached to the hairdress behind, directly behind the hair. Hairstyles with veil for long hair. Picture №10 To date, quite popular inCombination with a two-tiered veil is considered a hairstyle in the form of a beam, which can be created with a roller. For this, the hair must be divided by a part from one ear to the second into two identical parts. In this case, the hair gathers in a tight tail in the nape of the neck. The tail must be combed in the direction of the face. And in order that the strands do not crumble, fix them with the help of invisible. Take the roller and lay it on the tail on top. At the same time, it should be fixed tightly enough with its studs. The strands from the tail are moved to the roller and distributed along it. The ends of hair behind are fixed by invisible. After that, the hair above the roller should be spread out to the side, so that they cover the device. Strands of hair that remained on the front of the head from the right and left side, gently lay, hiding their ends under the roller. At the very end of the hairstyle, the veil is attached directly under the roller. As for her tiers, one of them will go back to her hair, going down on her shoulders and neck, the second tier will be thrown in the opposite direction, that is, in front. Sometimes such tiers of veils can cover the bride's face. In a situation if the bride chooses a multi-tiered veil, the choice of the hairstyle is somewhat complicated. Certainly, it can be noted only that under such an accessory haircuts fit perfectly in the fashionable "Greek" style today. all sorts of imaginative and unusual styling, elements of weaving using real flowers, rhinestones, pearl threads, crystals, and the like will be beneficial. At the same time it is better to fasten the veil approximately in the center of the head, so that the accessory itself does not become just an addition. It's also good to use different diadems, hoops, wreaths. Sometimes, by correctly picking up different decorations and a suitable veil, you can create a truly unique perfect image. Hairstyles with veil for long hair. Photo Number 11 Fata bandana or veil in the wedding hairstylesNot all modern brides prefer classic versions of wedding accessories. In this case, fashion trends suggest that we use a veil in the form of veillets or even bandanas. With the help of such fashionable and stylish accessories your wedding image will be not only stylish, but also bright, impressive and very even worthy. Wedding veillets are small elegant hats with the addition in the form of transparent mesh. But these hats have a characteristic feature: they fit tight enough to the head. This means that the choice of hairstyle in this case will be somewhat limited. For example, voluminous curls or a large number of braids with a veil will not look very well. Under the veil, smooth laying, asymmetrical tails, and many variations of retro style hairstyles, for example, the installation of the "Cold Wave" look original. Hairstyles with veil for long hair. Photo number 12 As for the veil in the form of a bandana,decorations look pretty nice, but using such an accessory, you should understand that the hairstyle under the bandana should be absolutely smooth and by and large unremarkable. It can be a simple tail, tied on the back of the head. Here, the main element of the hairstyle will be the fata-bandana itself. Hairstyles with veil for long hair. Photo №13 In general, the choice is always for the bride. Today's fashionable world offers an absolutely amazing number of original solutions for using veils in hairstyles on long hair. The only thing that should not be forgotten is the harmonious combination of all the elements in one wedding image. Read our articles, follow our recommendations, and your image is beautiful, spectacular and unique.