Christmas soap do it yourself: master class with photos

Christmas soap do it yourself: master class with photos

Christmas soap The fact that New Year's holidays come every year,at the same time it is pleasant and troublesome, because on the background of high spirits and triumph expectations there are worries concerning the search for gifts for all close people. Difficult original souvenir is difficult, but possible, and those who know how to needlework, it is not difficult to do something unusual. We offer to your attention a master class on New Year's soap "Herringbone". This soap is made in stained glass, simple, but very interesting technique, so a newcomer to soap making will be able to repeat it. Our master class tells in detail how to make a New Year soap with your own hands from a transparent soap base.

To create a New Year's soap “Yolochka” you will need:

400 g transparent soap base; waterdyes yellow, red, blue, green; titanium dioxide; glycerol; any basic cold pressed vegetable oil; pine essential oil; cocoa powder; alcohol; plastic cups; 10 ml disposable plastic syringe; knife; cutting board; round mold for soap.

Christmas soap do it yourself: master class

A transparent soap base is ground with a knife on the board. Recipes New Year's handmade soap We measure out 250 grams of already chopped base andput in a water bath or melt in the microwave. When all the pieces melt, remove the soap mass and pour it in equal parts into five disposable plastic cups. Now add a dye to each of the glasses - blue, yellow, red, green and white. Take to work aqueous solutions of dyes, so that the base does not become turbid. White powder of titanium dioxide before adding to the soap mass should be rubbed with glycerin for homogeneity, and then add white dye to the glass with the base. Thoroughly mix the base and dyes, sprinkle alcohol into cups to get the air out, and leave our preparations in the room to harden. When they harden, we take them out of the glasses and cut them with a regular knife into layers no more than 4 mm thick. Now we have “glass” for the formation of a stained glass window. We weigh 50 g of transparent chopped base and send to melt. We are preparing a mold for soap - a plastic round container. It is lubricated inside with any oil. Soap from the basics: New Year's recipes When the transparent base is melted, add 2 drops of pine essential oil into it and mix. How to make Christmas soap do it yourself Fill in the form and sprinkle with alcohol. Christmas soap handmade: master class Give the first layer to harden. At this time, let's do a stained glass window for our New Year's soap. Spreading a Christmas tree on a working board or in an empty form. To do this, from the green layers cut 4 trapezium of different sizes; form a tree trunk from a yellow square; from white - cut the edge and pompon on the cap. From the red triangles we fold the Santa Claus hat (cap) and place it on the top of the fir tree. Soap making: New Year's soap When the transparent layer in the form is frozen, sprinkle it with alcohol and transfer the main element of the stained glass window to the soap. The idea of ​​New Year's soap Fill the remaining space around the Christmas treeblue rectangles and triangles. We place two white squares near the trunk (this will be a snowball). Do not forget to leave the gaps between the pieces of stained glass, which will be poured dark soap mass. How to make New Year's soap? We set to melt another 50 grams of chopped base. At this time, we press onto the transparent layer very strongly, but carefully all the elements of the stained glass, so that they do not move during the pouring. When the base is melted, add cocoa powder in it. We get a dark mass. Heat it regularly so that it stays hot. Dark soap to fill the stained glass window We take a disposable 10 ml syringe without needles. Syringe to fill the gaps in stained soap We type in it a little bit of brown mass,we sprinkle alcohol on the herringbone and carefully fill the space around the stained glass pieces with a pouring syringe. We give the basis on the New Year's soap to grab and clean with a knife all the flaws of work. Christmas soap do it yourself: master class Melt the remaining 50 g of the base, choppedin cubes, add 2 drops of pine essential oil into them and mix. We process with alcohol stained glass and fill the aromatic mass. Spray alcohol again and let New Year's soap harden. Christmas soap: master class Once hand madeNew Year's soap will be hard and cold, take it out of the molds. Now you can pack a souvenir and give for the holidays. Stained glass technique allows you to make any pattern in the soap, just pick a simple pattern, consisting of a small number of elements. Here is a Christmas soap "Christmas tree" we got: Christmas soap do it yourself Christmas soap handmade Anna Serebryakova specially for the site Master classes in needlework Previous article: Next article: