Coffee toys with their own hands, bear, dog, patterns / Toys with their hands, patterns, video, MK

Coffee toys with their own hands, bear, dog, patterns / Toys with their hands, patterns, video, MK

Unusual, but such cute coffee toysare able to spread a pleasant aroma in the surrounding space and decorate the interior of the apartment. You can make such a toy with your own hands from the usual linen or ligature fabric, adding some coffee to its texture. coffee toys For production you will need:

  • piece of cloth,
  • coffee,
  • cinnamon,
  • vanilla,
  • ribbons, buttons,
  • sintepon,
  • rouge,
  • pins,
  • scissors,
  • paper,
  • pencil,
  • brush,
  • thread, needle,
  • cotton buds.

Instead of synthepone, you can take any otherfiller, for example, holofayber balls. The fabric needs to be taken white, as this will give a better coloration with the help of coffee. It can be flax, coarse calico and any other fabric with a dense texture.

Master class: coffee bear

The coffee bear is one of the easiest in the performance of attic toys. A pattern for him can be drawn without the use of templates. coffee bear-6The approximate order of work is as follows.

  • Cut out a pattern from paper, pin it to the fabric with the help of pins and circle.
  • We cut the fabric along the contour of the future loft toy taking into account the allowances for the seams.
  • We make a solution for making coffeehue. To do this, pour 2 teaspoons of coffee, cinnamon and vanillin into the cup. Fill the mixture with boiling water and put the solution to cook on the stove (if the coffee is natural). In the case of instant coffee, you can immediately start painting.
  • With the resulting solution, we color the patterns in several layers.
  • We make the patterns even, smoothing them with an iron, and fold them face-to-face.
  • We sweep the patterns along the perimeter.
  • Sew the parts on the machine, leaving a small hole on the side.
  • Remove the threads from the mark and process the pattern with a zigzag.
  • To smooth the seams, we make incisions in the corner places marked on the diagram.
  • We turn the toy out and fill it evenly with a pencil.
  • Sew the hole with a hidden seam.
  • We decorate the muzzle, for which we make several stitches in place of the eyes and nose.
  • Make cheeks with the help of blush and tie a bow on the neck.
  • coffee bear-10 Our master class gives only an approximate appearanceattic toys. The dyeing solution can also be applied after stitching the parts. To do this, use a wide brush or sponge. Dry the parts after applying the solution by any of the methods: a hair dryer, in the oven or if there is a lot of time, just spread out on the windowsill.

    Master-class: fragrant doggy

    Making a dog is a bit harder than a teddy bear. To create it, you must first sew all the parts together, and only then you can proceed to painting and drawing the pattern. A multicolored color is obtained by applying a different number of layers of the solution. The fewer layers, the lighter the plot. coffee dogEars can not be stuffed with a sintepon, and a wire can be inserted into the tail. The eyes, nose and mouth of the dog are drawn with a thin brush or gel pens.

    Master class: coffee geranium

    Drawing a picture on a giraffe is more tedious. coffee giraffeTo work, you need a thin brush, whichwill be applied a more saturated pattern on the created a soft coffee tone. Spots of a giraffe are conveniently marked with a pencil first, and then draw them with a brush moistened in coffee solution.

    Coffee seals

    Read more about creating coffee cats .

    Volumetric staining

    Make the toy more voluminous with the help of toning will help the next option.

    • Using a thick hard brush, apply a brown acrylic paint to the fabric on the surface of the sewn toy along the side seam.
    • On top of the brown paint, apply a less dense gold paint.
    • Alternating colors can be done surprisingly volumetric toning.

    Ideas of inscriptions-wishes

    Such coffee toys become realmasterpieces, because they look very unusual and almost edible. And if you have a fantasy, you can always implement the most extraordinary ideas for creating positives.

    Full-Length Patterns