Crafts from polystyrene foam for giving: we make figures from polystyrene foam with our own hands (30 photos)

Crafts from polystyrene foam for giving: we make figures from polystyrene foam with our own hands (30 photos)

Cottage is a place where people not only work,caring for the beds, but also resting, going on picnics in the summer and spending a lot of time there with family. That is why most owners of summer cottages seek to improve its territory so that everything looks cozy and aesthetically pleasing. With the goal of embellishing your garden or garden, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on it, it will be enough to stock up on free time and be creative. We will see how to make crafts - figures made of polystyrene foam to decorate the cottage and garden. Crafts from polystyrene for givingCrafts from polystyrene for giving Sometimes people makemagnificent sculptures from materials at hand such as plastic bottles, old car tires, wooden blocks and much more. A wonderful place among the decorations of a summer cottage, along with the above methods, can take wonderful polystyrene crafts. Therefore, if you bought new household appliances or equipment, do not rush to throw polystyrene. After all, using it you can create truly amazing masterpieces of country decor. Content

    Features of polystyrene for crafts in the country

    Before you start making crafts frompolystyrene foam, should carefully study its properties. The foam is very light, so it will not be difficult to process it. Styrofoam figures are either firmly fixed in the place where they are planned to be placed in the garden, or they make their weight heavier with cement. Polyfoam does not give a reaction when interacting with cement, gypsum, asphalt, roofing material. Also, it is almost not exposed to ammonia, mineral and organic acids. Foam figures are easy to fasten together. However, choosing paints, one should take into account the fact that many technical fluids, such as acetone, benzene, dichloroethane, can destroy the foam.

    How to make foam figures with your own hands

    Crafts for decorating a summer house can be likeflat and voluminous. Therefore, any piece of foam can be found worthy of use. For the manufacture of figures from polystyrene foam, it is necessary to prepare the polystyrene itself in advance, a picture of the object to be recreated, or a stencil. Also need putty, glue or screws, paint, color, tools. Sometimes cement or foam is used. Craft foam in the form of a cat for the decor of a summer cottageCraft foam in the form of a cat for the decor of a summer cottage

    Craft foam in the form of a bird for decorating trees in the country

    To decorate tree branches, you can withoutspecial efforts to make birds with your own hands To do this, you need to take a small flat piece of foam. Using a stencil, draw a bird shape on it. Cut it with a sharp clerical knife. Apply a layer of facade finish putty on all sides. Leave to dry for several hours. Then, after the first layer of putty dries, apply another 2-3 layers. After final drying, sand all roughnesses with sandpaper. Next, you can begin to apply the drawing to the finished bird shape with a facade water-dispersion paint with the desired color tint. This paint will protect the foam frame from the effects of varnish. As a result, after the drawing has completely dried, the finished craft is varnished in several layers. The finished bird is firmly fixed on the tree. Bird for a decor of a tree made of a flat piece of polystyreneBird for a decor of a tree made of a flat piece of polystyrene

    Foam Craft in the Form of Mushrooms for Garden Decor

    Such crafts are particularly popular. It can be either a large enough and voluminous mushroom with eyes, a nose and a mouth, which will occupy a separate place in a summer cottage, or many small mushrooms that will decorate flower beds or places under trees. In this case, a voluminous mushroom figure is cut out of the foam. You can also cut the hat separately from the legs and then fix it with putty using a toothpick or screws, if the mushroom is large. For further painting, you can apply acrylic paint using the desired color with a tint. Ready mushrooms are coated with oil varnish to avoid destruction of the foam.

    Peacock figurine for a foam cottage

    Beautiful bright peacock fits perfectly intodesign of any garden or summer cottage. In this case, it is made on the same principle as the previous crafts. The peculiarity is that a bulk piece of polystyrene is used for the body shape, and a flat one is used to create the tail. Next, the tail is firmly fixed to the body, putty is applied in 3 layers, polished, painted with paint and covered with acrylic varnish. Peacock is ready to decorate a summer cottage. Styrofoam Peacock Styrofoam peacock To create stronger, heavier and bulkier shapes, the foam frame can be coated with cement or foam. Polyfoam is truly a wonderful material formaking country crafts. If, for example, crafts from automobile tires require physical effort and can only be done with the use of male force, then women's hands can easily cope with the production of foam plastic crafts. Polyfoam, along with ease of processing, has another important advantage. It is considered environmentally friendly and safe for children. Elvira Goleva for

    Crafts and figures from polystyrene photos for the garden

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