Crafts from light bulbs with your own hands

Crafts from light bulbs with your own hands

With the advent of energy-saving light bulbs, the oldIncandescent lamps are used less and less often. If you still use incandescent bulbs, do not rush to throw out burned. Try to make original crafts from light bulbs for interior decor!

Vase from a light bulb

From burned bulbs you can make gentleMiniature vases for flowers. To do this, you need to know how to disassemble the light bulb. Using tools - a screwdriver, pliers or a penknife, you should remove all the elements - contact, insulator and a glass tube inside. In principle, to disassemble a light bulb is simple, but you need to be extremely careful, as careless and harsh actions can damage the glass ceiling. Disassembled lamp - ready-made vase. You can make pendant vases on a fork, tabletops on a stand, terrariums for moss, succulents or aerophytes. There are a lot of design options. Vases of light bulbs will be an original decoration of the interior of the house and villa.

Vase - crafts from a light bulb Vases - crafts from a light bulb Vase from a light bulb on a stand Hanging vases of incandescent bulbs Hanging vases - crafts from light bulbs Terrarium of light bulb Vase for moss from a light bulb

Lamp of light bulbs

Lamp from bulbs To make a lamp from bulbs, you needAccumulate two dozen burned copies. You will also need: a working light bulb, a cartridge, a braid and a cord, a felt-tip pen, scissors, a velcro or glue. Put five bulbs so that an isosceles pentagon is formed. In places of contact, mark the bulbs with a felt-tip pen. At these points, glue the bulbs with glue or round Velcro. Continuing in this way, glue all the bulbs to make a ball. In a similar way, you can create other shapes, such as a cube. In the center of such a plafond, insert a working light bulb in the cartridge. Master class lamp from light bulbs The second way to make a lamp from bulbs is simpler. Hang around a light bulb burned on a rope or fishing line. Acoustical lamp Chandelier of light bulbs

Crafts from light bulbs - toys and Christmas decorations

Most often there are such articles made of light bulbsAs a Christmas tree. The pear-shaped shape of the light bulb is great for creating with your own hands snowmen, penguins, balloons, muzzles of different animals and fairy-tale heroes. The surface of the light bulb can be painted with acrylic paints, painted with contours for glass, it is possible to cover with paper in the technique of decoupage. Hats, scarves and other accessories - tie or cut out of felt, fabric. Give vent to your imagination - and your Christmas toys from light bulbs will be absolutely unique and unique crafts for the New Year holidays! Penguins of light bulbs Master class penguin from a light bulb A snowman and a penguin from a light bulb New Year's toys made of light bulbs Christmas toys - crafts from light bulbs Crafts from light bulbs - penguins of light bulbs with their own hands Christmas toys from incandescent lamps Christmas decorations from light bulbs