DIY Christmas wreath (25 photos)

DIY Christmas wreath (25 photos)

It’s not at all difficult to make a New Year’s wreath yourselfof cones, straw and spruce branches. We borrowed the tradition of decorating the house with a New Year’s wreath from the inhabitants of Western Europe, and in our time such decorations have become as much a symbol of the upcoming holidays as the New Year tree. Making a Christmas wreath yourself is quite simple. Using various improvised materials, you can make a very beautiful, stylish and original New Year wreath. Thus, save time on finding a holiday decoration that suits your style. Content

    Christmas tree wreath

    To make a Christmas wreath fromChristmas tree decorations you will need: - Christmas tree decorations of different sizes; - glue gun; - thick wire. Form a tight ring from the wire (the ends of the wire do not need to be fastened). Then grab the toys and thread the tape into the wire one by one. When all Christmas tree decorations are on a ring of wire, use a glue gun to connect them together, giving the wreath the desired shape. Then tightly fasten the ends of the wire and decorate the resulting wreath with beads, tinsel or bows. Christmas wreath of Christmas toysChristmas wreath of Christmas toys

    Wreath of plastic bags

    For work you will need: - transparent packages; - cardboard; - glue; - bow; - bright tape; - scissors. Cut out the base in the form of a ring from cardboard. First, cut the bags into strips approximately 7-8 cm wide. Then cut the resulting strips on both sides, leaving a place for fasteners in the center. Then collect the resulting strips with an accordion and glue to the base, uniformly forming a wreath. You can decorate such a wreath with bright ribbons and bows. New Year's wreath from plastic bagsNew Year's wreath from plastic bags

    Candy wreath

    To make a wreath you will need: - cardboard; - foam rubber; - a bandage or tape of white color; - glue; - scissors; - adhesive tape; - candies. First of all, it is necessary to cut out the base ring from cardboard. Then cut a ring of the same size as cardboard from foam rubber. Glue the foam rubber to the cardboard ring, and wait until the glue dries. After the base has dried, wrap it with a bandage or a white ribbon. For a wreath, you need to choose sweets with a bright wrapper. Truffle shaped sweets are best. From the double-sided tape, cut out small circles and stick to the flat side of the sweets. Glue the candy to the base in tight rows. Ready-made Christmas wreath of sweets can be decorated with Christmas toys, beads or tinsel. Christmas candy wreathChristmas candy wreath

    Tinsel Wreath

    To create a Christmas wreath of tinsel younecessary to prepare: - wire; - tinsel; - tape or bandage; - Christmas toys for decor. Make two rings of different diameters for the base of the wreath from the wire. Then connect the two rings with a bandage or tape. Wrap the resulting frame in lush tinsel in a spiral. Lower the remaining free ends down. You can decorate the resulting wreath to your taste. To do this, you can use Christmas toys, bows, beads or even tangerines. Fasten the decor elements with double-sided tape or glue. Christmas wreath from Christmas tinselChristmas wreath from Christmas tinsel

    A wreath of twigs

    To make a cute New Yearwreath, you should collect some flexible twigs. Willow twigs are perfect for this. To begin with, twigs should be twisted together, gradually forming a wreath. Using spray paint, paint the resulting wreath in the color you like. It is fashionable to complement the wreath with beads, tinsel or Christmas toys. . Christmas wreath of twigsChristmas wreath of twigs We also recommend viewing:

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