We do ornaments and patterns, stencils for ornaments and patterns of a tile and a tile - a lesson

We do ornaments and patterns, stencils for ornaments and patterns of a tile and a tile - a lesson

It often happens that certain nuancesinterior in the apartment can get bored or lose its pristine appearance. I would like the apartment to look more expressive, juicy, bright. Then we begin to search for obvious solutions, through which we can get what we want and do the most that will help us improve the appearance of the apartment. In the range of solutions there are a variety of options.

We do ornaments and patterns, stencils for ornaments and patterns of a tile and a tile - a lesson

Stencils for ornaments and patterns. Photo №1 Someone will use the services of professionalstheir business - designers. Someone will simply pay for the services of workers and pick up the tiles themselves. This article offers a different solution. What if we try to understand this problem and improve the appearance of our home? For example, take a bathroom tile in the kitchen, or in the bathroom. With the help of special patterns and expressive stencils, you can add brightness to your own rooms. Stencils for ornaments and patterns. Photo # 2 We use the services of ornament patterns, usingwhich can be emphasized the individuality of the apartment (the pattern is selected independently and the usual tiles it will not be sold). To do this, we need to use floristic ornaments of a florid appearance. To apply these patterns, special tools are used - stencils. They will be the puzzle of the future picture of our patterns. By duplicating the same version of the picture, we get a complete pattern for the house.

What subjects will we need in our work?

  • It is a special lining with dense properties.
  • You will need a film for the lamination. Paper can also come off thin paper. These materials should match the size of the stencil in size.
  • Tile treatment with a primer.
  • Glue in the form of an aerosol can, or an adhesive tape in a paper version.
  • Pencil for sketches
  • Kalka
  • Paint for tiling
  • Sponges
  • Stationery knife for cardboard.

Preparation of glue and stencil Stencils for ornaments and patterns. Picture №3 We need to draw a picture of the future tile withmaximum concentration of attention, accuracy. The tile has a very smooth and smooth surface. If the stencil is not tightly adhered, the paint will leak. In order to get rid of this defect, we will need a sticky substance in the aerosol, or an adhesive tape. Next, we must turn the stencil on the wrong side from above and put the paper to cover an even layer of glue from the can. The same with the tape. Next, wait 5-10 minutes, before attaching and attach our stencil to the product. Remains of glue are washed off with alcohol, or with gasoline. Preparation of tiles Stencils for ornaments and patterns. Photo №4 In order to prepare the tile, it is necessary toprocess our workspace. The tile is washed away from dirt and then, degreased with alcohol, or other means. Then, this element needs to be covered with the usual primer of the desired color. Then, carefully apply the pattern pictures in order to consolidate our illustration. Repeat the stencil until you cover the desired plane and its area. after that, wait for the drying.