Unusual gifts for children

Unusual gifts for children

As the New Year holidays approach,I want to tell the readers of this category how to make original gifts by myself for the New Year. Try to make an Advent calendar yourself. In another way, it is also called the "New Year's Calendar". Especially this fun activity will appeal to children, and you will plunge into the atmosphere of magic. To make Advent calendars are accepted by Catholics. But in Russia this tradition is also gaining popularity. Traditional Christmas calendars consist of 24 cells. But in Russia, the expectation of the New Year begins on December 1, so the calendar is made of 31 cells. Do the Advent Calendar with your own hands. You can create such a calendar in various ways. Usually - it's something like a three-dimensional house with large doors, in which the numbers are arranged in different order. In the house there are already "chocolate" Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, and also delicious snowflakes, sweets, bunnies. But you can make a calendar of any shape that you like. In this case, fantasy is important. Of what to make a craft - it's also a matter of taste. You can use gloves, socks, old clothes, boxes, bags of cloth or paper pockets. Original gifts for children. Photo №1 Put in the pockets of the Christmas calendar you can do anything:

  • Biscuits or nuts;
  • Candies;
  • Ornaments for hair (for girls);
  • Bubble;
  • Christmas gifts;
  • Small chocolates;
  • Magnetics with New Year's symbols;
  • Small calendars;
  • A note with a plan for the day. For example: "Today we go to choose Christmas decorations" or "We make a New Year's menu".

For older children, you can place interesting and simple tasks in your pockets:

  • Cut out for a day 5 snowflakes;
  • Draw Santa Claus;
  • To make a fur-tree toy together with mum;
  • Learn the poem for the New Year;
  • Watch a New Year's film or a cartoon;
  • Sing a song about the Christmas tree.

Useful Tips for Calendar's Advocate Better ifyou will put small gifts in your pockets early in the morning or late at night when the baby is sleeping. In the morning he will wait for another surprise. If the gift does not fit into a pocket or a box, leave in there a note with a clue where the surprise is hidden. If the kid still does not know how to read, suggest together to look for a gift in a game form, draw a map in advance and follow its route. Also with the help of such a calendar you can develop a child. For example, together with sweets, you can put a letter or digit on the magnet in the pocket. And you can put a piece of the puzzle, by the end of the month all the parts will be gathered, and you can put it together with the whole family. Well, if it will be on the New Year theme. You can make Advent calendars of this type: Instead of pockets, we use matchboxes adorned with different stickers. We attach it with a strong rope with the help of multi-colored ribbons. As a calendar, you can use the oldPants, jeans, skirts or dresses. Pockets with ease we make from various bright pieces of fabric. They may differ in size and color. We decorate them with bows or buttons. You can make envelopes from colored paper and attach them with clothespins in a strong rope. This kind of garland will add bright colors to your house. Christmas calendar can be surprised not onlychildren, but also her husband. Appearance of the calendar's adventure is chosen by anyone, but the contents of the pockets will be different. Put there small souvenirs, a lighter, cufflinks, a small postcard, a sweet with a wish, a calendar with your photo, a disk with his favorite songs, a candle. You can buy tickets to the theater or cinema and put in a pocket. Be creative and surely your husband will appreciate such a surprise.