Useful and entertaining children's toys with their own hands

Useful and entertaining children's toys with their own hands

That number and variety of children's toys,which lies on the shelves of supermarkets, completely repulsed the desire to make a toy for your child yourself, with your own hands from improvised materials. However, sometimes our desires and opportunities differ from the assortment, which is presented on the shelves of shops. Not all toys that are sold to us, meet the quality standards, are made of environmentally friendly materials and are safe for children's health. Naturally, to refuse factory toys, of course, is not worth it, but if there is a desire and extra time, it will be good to spend it on making store analogs. We make toys for kids with their own hands. Toys are helpers for children in the perception of the world around them. Those toys that are made by themselves, are able to convey the love and warmth of their parents. You can indulge them even from birth. Newborns better make such homemade products:

  • Various scores (soft - crocheted or sewn from colored fabric, hard - wooden or plastic). Beads are necessarily large, and the string is dense.

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  • Rattle will be easy to make out of plasticbottles, boxes, inside you need to pour any croup. Peas knocking louder, and rice - quieter Hanging toys in the form of mobile phones. Chopsticks are replaced by a hoop large size, and colorful beasts can be tied or sewed from soft fabric.
  • Developing arch can be done with a hulaHupa, which needs to be divided into halves and set crosswise. The resulting dome is to be girdled with rags and various bright toys. Baby put inside such an arch on a warm blanket.

The main task of these toys is the development ofsight and hearing of the baby, and touching toys of different shapes, the child is getting closer to the outside world. Even modern pediatricians advise hanging colored pictures, various bright objects, toys, photographs. It's not difficult to make one's own hands out of cardboard, colored fabric and other improvised materials. The kids themselves for children from one year After a year the development of the child is much higher. He starts walking, talking. Already consciously fingering and grabbing toys with toys. Such children are already recommended for developing toys. Easy to perform are balls. They can be sewn from whole fabric or flaps. Also, they can be of different sizes: small, such that they can fit all in one handle and large, which can be grasped and transmitted with both hands. As a filler, you can use a hank thread, sintepon, trimming fabric, cereals and other safe materials. For small artists who try theirskill on wallpaper and tables, you can make a board for artistic drawing. To do this, take a clean sheet of chipboard. We paint it with some dark paint (green, brown). When the paint dries, it is desirable to wipe the board with a sheet of soft sandpaper. For an aesthetic appearance, we insert this board into a beautiful frame or decorate the edges with colored film, pictures, stickers. Your child will be pleased and interesting to draw on this board colored crayons. For children of preschool age, you can make (both independently and in company with them) toys-models of various fruits, vegetables and other products that can be used in different games - a shop, daughter-mother. However, do not try hard, because tooa similar fruit the child will want to bite, that will ruin your toy - or a child's teeth. Such models can be made from special plastic clay (keroplast) or ordinary salted dough. After your product dries, you need to paint it with colored paints, and then open it with varnish. Connect your imagination. Do dolls-motanki, furniture for dolls from matchboxes, etc. Remember, any toy that you make with your own hands can become a real amulet for your child.