10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


    10 gift ideas for February 14th

    The most romantic holiday is approaching - DaySaint Valentine's. Many begin to think about what to give their soulmate. There are some interesting gift ideas that will help create a romantic holiday atmosphere and will be remembered for a long time by a loved one.

    1. Valentine's Day Balloon Box

    In order to present such a romanticgift, you need a cardboard box of a large enough size. Make sure that the box lid can open one side. To do this, cut off part of the top cover from the box wall and stick it to the second part of the top cover. The box can be pasted over with gift paper or colored red paper. It is necessary to attach a handle to the resulting door or hang a small weight on it. When the box is completely ready, you need to place gel balls in it, it is desirable that they be small in size. The gift will be given a heart-shaped balloons. Box with balloons as a gift for Valentine's DayBox with balloons as a gift for Valentine's Day

    2. Pillow-heart by February 14

    A very original and lovely gift for the DaySt. Valentine can become a heart-shaped pillow with the image of your soulmate. To do this, you need to buy or order an interesting pillow made in the shape of a heart. Choose your favorite photo and print the image from the photo on the pillow in the workshop. You can complement the image with a lace frame or embroider a pillow with beads and sequins. Valentine's Day Heart PillowValentine's Day Heart Pillow

    3. Gift quest for the day of all lovers

    For such an unusual gift you need to buy10 envelopes. In each envelope, attach a note with a note where to look for the next envelope-tip. Put envelopes with notes all over the apartment. In the last note, you can write approximately the following: “Your most beloved and coveted present at the moment lies on the sofa, and waits for you to find it. It's me!". When your soulmate finds the last envelope, quickly put a pre-prepared gift on your lap and hand it in. An example of envelopes for notesAn example of envelopes for notes

    4. A bouquet of roses on February 14

    Of course, this gift is suitable for a girl. The guy will need to buy a bouquet of live roses and one artificial rose. Insert a fake rose, and the middle of the bouquet. Attach a note with the words of eternal love to the bouquet. A note may contain approximately the following text: “My love for you will be as strong until the last rose of this bouquet withers!” Only roses are suitable for such a gift, since this flower is a symbol of love and passion. Bouquet of roses for Valentine's DayBouquet of roses for Valentine's Day

    5. A disc with music for Valentine's Day

    A good gift for Valentine's Day canbecome a drive with romantic music. You can also record music on a disc that your beloved or beloved associates with you. On the cover of the disc you can put a joint photo with the inscription: “Listen to this music and remember me!”

    6. Valentine's Day DIY

    The easiest and most common gift for St. Valentine's DayValentine is a Valentine card. But even a Valentine can be presented very unusual. First you need to prepare a text of wishes, declarations of love, or some kind of verse of romantic content. Then do it yourself or buy a lot of valentines. Enter a part of the message in each valentine and number all the valentines so that as a result you can collect all the parts of the message in the right order. Place valentines in a prominent place. Valentine - a simple gift on Valentine's DayValentine - a simple gift on Valentine's Day

    7. Wish game on Valentine's Day

    You can arrange a game for your loved one, meaningwhich will be the fulfillment of desires. To do this, you need to buy a gift box in the shape of a heart and many small valentines. In each valentine write one wish and put it in a box. On the top of the box, you will need to make a hole through which you will need to get valentines with wishes. You can use cards for the game. Anyone who loses the cards will have to draw out a Valentine card and fulfill the desire written in it.

    8. Certificate by February 14

    Such a gift as a letter does not require specialfinancial investments. It is very simple to do it yourself, although in our time a large number of such letters can be purchased at any specialized store. You can indicate any reason for the award: “To the best guy / girl”, “letter of love”, “for the best kisses / hugs”. Diploma - an original gift to a loved oneDiploma - an original gift to a loved one

    9. Vitamins of love for Valentine's Day

    For this gift you will need an empty onea small transparent jar and any candy-dragee. Pour the sweets into a jar and write on it: “Vitamins of love!” Such a gift will especially please sweet tooth. unusual gift for Valentine's Dayunusual gift for Valentine's Day

    10. Marriage proposal on February 14

    Valentine's Day - the most romanticcelebration. And the most unforgettable gift for any girl on this day will be a marriage proposal. Of course, a romantic atmosphere should contribute to this. Take a walk in the evening city, then you can bring the girl to a restaurant or to your home, where candles, dinner, flowers will be prepared in advance, and make your favorite the most unforgettable and romantic gift in her life. Valentine's Day OfferValentine's Day Offer We also recommend viewing:

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